Is There Anything You Cannot Catch A Bad Dose Of

So of course some might be wondering if the pre-order book was worth the weight and well I think anyone who followed myself over the last couple of years knows that one of my biggest criticisms was the lack of promotion of Meditation.  The book itself was fairly average (in my opinion) nothing stand-out for myself yet it did seem like an encouraging in the right direction material.  You might say well that is of know surprise because you can repeat and repeat on some issues and feel as though you are speaking to a brick wall.

So is there anything you cannot catch a bad dose of? I found this question popping to mind just prior to sitting down to write this today’s blog post-well you might say that everything revolves around our beliefs and we as individuals and meditators have choice in what we choose to believe-you can of course meet 2 people with exactly the same name or indeed initials and think of one as Hitler and the other as the Second Coming dependent of course on your own experience of dealing or having been around these individuals.

So I say this because I have been of the belief that the minor bells palsy stroke that I had a few years ago now was caused by being around a particular individual and that view was reinforced for myself a few years later when another person had a similar stronger version of the same condition.  Once bitten twice shy type thinking perhaps.  Many a person who does not meditate and so on rarely believes that any ailment they have was caused by so-and-so who they love dearly and so on-so is it possible to remedy these kinds of events?

Well for myself as I progressed with meditation the best remedy for myself was to isolate myself and thing long hard and deep about all and any issues that have raised themselves since my return to Hereford.  Obviously as I think I previously stated I pretty much got off the train or boat and found a job and worked in the same environment ever since.  The problem being of course that the environment has high infestation rates of some terrible conditions and many a colleague even in the face of truth and enlightenment seemingly refuses to give up the ghost on clinging to some highly unhealthy thought processes and activities.

So the question then becomes do I involve myself in these issues knowing what has gone before?  For myself I have generally adopted a go to work do the job go home again attitude of keeping myself to myself-the only sniggers and childishness comes from non-users of the technologies I promote occasionally sneaking a peak at this blog and then seeking to actively mistake the map for the territory-I am only responsible for my own mind and what comes out of the mouths and minds of others is there own responsibility and thought process.

So the issue for myself is layered in a sense that many folks on days and elsewhere in the Organisation I work for adopted or took up meditation and I believe folks from all walks of life and attitudes have benefitted-likewise the issue of Vampirism whether you regard that as spiritual or happening through lack of awareness is a major company problem and no I am not referring to some of the weird folks who may like to think of themselves as creatures of the night or however-no I am referring to your average day-to-day person that you can meet and greet and work alongside and projects Mr or Ms 100% NORMAL who is potentially or actively a COSMIC/PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL VAMPIRE.

We do of course read in magazines the idea of energy vampires and that is usually people whose very presence causes your own energy level to drop a notch-I am not referring to that-I am as I have moved into the ENERGY studies and so on referring to a LACK OF FLOW that is perhaps made worse by some of those kinds of individuals-so you for example have no flow and all and every malignant energy is looking or seeking to be manifest in the World and they very often can come through as our ailments very often triggered by being around Mr/Ms Normal who likely has deeply ingrained unconscious denials or incongruences going back a lifetime or however you wish to describe such things based in your own current level of awareness and so on.  Some might liken it to our young baby Prince George who will as a person with G in his name spent a lifetime buggering all around in private whilst publically promoting all other folks as gay-that is an extreme jokey example yet many a TRUTH is found in these there is no smoke without bullshit claims.  Again such things are all individualised and dependant on high and how far you as an individual have progressed and why I as a D S titled person could only ever be a lesbian from the feminine perspective of my own name-so the further you explore the further you realise just how fucked up some folks are and why it really is not worth getting involved or trapped in the sex issues because you can often see the truth in the next generation or the hard ball players kids.  A male heterophobic work colleague a few years ago once sneered that my daughter might grow up to be gay-my view is that she can be whatever she wants to be-he was mistaking my dislike for him as a person as a dislike of his “QUOTE UNQUOTE” GROUP.  I say that because you cannot go through life and not encounter folks of all description and some you will like and others not.  I get tired of hearing how I hate gays-that is false I have always maintained peoples rights to choose and reinforced my own choice in the face of heterophobic grooming fascism which is often akin to the cause of incongruence and ill health.  The only person anyone is ever running from is themselves and when you go into the dark depths of your own thoughts feelings attitudes and upbringing and so on you often find that any fears that the fascists (FROM ANY ASPECT OR POLARITY) are playing on-are unfounded. 

So you can recognise the patterns as they cycle through the year and very often unless you feel deeply about some issues or are scarred and slandered (As I have been in the past) it really can be better to turn away and live your life and take solace in the fact that just about everyone is going to get a comeuppance or suffering of some description so the level and choice of yours is your very own.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well and yes I am still awaiting a multitude of outstanding invites (drums fingers impatiently  whilst plotting)  🙂

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