A Little Piece On Heating And Cooling

So I spoke earlier about heating and cooling in computers and thought I would write a little piece on Humans. 

When you get hot your body’s biofeedback system informs your heart to speed up and release particular chemicals in your body’s system to cool you down.

When you get cold your body’s biofeedback system informs your heart to speed up and release particular chemicals in your body’s system to heat you up.

These might be regarded as the cause of many a persons flushes or issues-where I work for instance in cool chilled areas it can be exceptionally easy to go into that environment from a hot sunny day and your body gets confused as to what it is supposed to be doing

I am heating you up or cooling you down, when we are generally healthy it is not so much of a problem-yet I have had colleagues go home to indigenously Hot climate Countries who have returned and then had issues early on in there return to the cold work environment.  We also see the same issues in some of our Hot work environments where you leave the hot area and are then in cooler areas and if you are toing and froing you can again experience dizziness and palpitations because your body is simply getting confused as to which environmental parameters you are supposed to be using.

So whilst I have read up a great deal on these kinds of materials through medical literature that is as bout as basic as I can make the information to the average person in the street who wants the simplest of facts.


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