Who Framed Konrad Lorenz:Animal Fascist

So I wake up early for some unbeknown reason and thinking once again about some of my youthful aspirations.  I recalled how as a teenager I had been really excited about technology and one of the aspects of that technology was self creating computer chips-I could not recall the exact specifics so decided to look the material up for myself based on what I could recall.  What had I recalled?  Well many a computer chip was effectively this is the design and layout and we stamp impress that design and layout onto silicon.  That is ever so straight forward yet one of the issues was that silicon is a composite kind of rock or material and can have so-called impurities and those impurities when you try to stamp your this is how it must be design onto it effectively renders your chip useless-so for example mathematics plucked out of the air for every one good Pentium processor you get 10 duffers.

The idea in relation to self modifying or creating chips was that you could create a more basic or simplistic pattern and then with appropriate stimulus the chip would design itself circuitry and logic gates and all http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic_gate working around any blocks and impurities in the base material.

So anyone who has bought or paid for particular Learning Strategies Courses may well recall of hearing the difference between a LABYRINTH and a MAZE and that difference is perhaps what is being utilised in these kinds of design patterns-and that again can also be related to my 4° area of density that I recently spoke of AH-HA.

So anyway my research began with recalling Sir Clive Sinclair developer of Sinclair Computers many years ago and several kinds of bikes.  He I remembered was involved with the development of this particular kind of research-so I wiki Sir Clive and was highly disappointed with the information found on wiki as it does not really seem to do the guy justice-he being a Genius of a generation.  And further to that I could not locate the information I was looking for-if I had some of my old stored in the attic magazine collections I could no doubt look that material up-I think it was going on around the time that the home computer market was very much the battle between the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST (for those that know or want such historical information the years were around 1984-1994).  Anyway I am quite convinced that the ARM processors that we now take for granted in all our mobile devices and other gadgets were as a result of much of that research-you might say it is the difference between RISC processors and CISC processors-most home users and computer providers opted for RISC operating systems (think Motorola 68000 based computers Apple, Amiga, Atari) whilst Business and then later home users opted for CISC operating systems (think anything Intel really).  I should of course say that that is merely the story of what we regard as icing on the cake home computers and whilst 68000 systems generally disappeared from the Home Computer Market they have always been tried and trusted MICRO PROCESSOR CHIPS and used in many consumer products under the hood-everything from washing machines to aircraft real time systems.

The philosophy  was one of multiple processes versus single processes running at any given time-the Motorola was designed for multiple whilst the Intel’s were generally single-they (Intel) got popular and around these limitations by simply upping the speed yet they have nearly always only ever emulated real time operating systems that other processor users take for granted and the upping the speed strategy inherently caused overheating problems within the processors AH-HA some of you might now be getting some better understanding’s of all the heating and cooling related issues.

So anyway I could not find what I was looking for-though interestingly my research inadvertently led myself upon Mr Konrad Lorenz and he now finds himself most definitely on my future reading list as I have a belief that some of his works and teachings and writings may well hold some highly interesting knowledge-the title above as always is an embellishment and as today’s headlines are seemingly about Bob Hoskins I thought I would bring the triggers together-NEVER WORK WITH CHILDREN OR ANIMALS is a popular hand-me-down MOTTO in some circles and that is where the patterns are perhaps at for those of us who have persevered with the trials and tribulations of Dave S Perkins.

So an appropriate attitude towards learning and integrating and self-mapping and self reorganizing (See the Holosync version of chaos and reorganization) yet the Konrad Lorenz material suggests that that is not the whole story-Konrad Lorenz highly outraged society with some interesting theories of his own based on his research into animal behaviours and how human behaviour patterns were perhaps prophesized or recognizably seen when you do the appropriate studies-he was regarded as the Pioneer and developer of ETHOLOGY another area of Science now taken for granted and also a Nobel Prize winner irrespective of his many a critic.

Well I think that is enough to be going on with today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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