Are Saturdays Absolutely Necessary

Well Duh! is of course the cry that can be heard upon reading that statement from many a Bongo and Mona-however the reason of course to ask any question is to track IDEAS back to origin and source-I think once you have established communications between brain hemispheres and raised your head upwards and spiralled outwards in your investigations as to why life is as it is-you can of course feel more free to set your own course and action.

I recently mentioned Steven Covey and I happened to notice that a book of his “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” is literally a bargain on Amazon at the moment-whilst his material is somewhat Management Oriented his was actually one of the early books that I read after my early Hypnosis investigations however many years ago that was now and the series that he continued to write were very straight forward and understandable-I liked them.

Nutjobs and La-Di-Da’s might find the work of Esther Hicks interesting-she is one of those folks who sits on stage and drops into another character named Abraham and she is actually very good (I watched an interview she did with Wayne Dyer for the Hay House Summit) and in the interests of fairness I decided I could have a look at what she writes in her books.  I bought “Ask and It Is Given” again for an exceptionally cheap price and the book does contain a huge number of so-called Law of Attraction materials for folks who have dived into the realms of weirdness surrounding Rhonda Byrnes “The Secret” and so on-the book also contains many PROCESSES that I thought quite interesting-so anyone interested in light reading version of so-called processes might find those in that book handy-you might say that these kinds of things are as difficult or as simple as you make them for yourself.

By that I personally explore the Heavy Duty materials such-as Alfred North Whitehead’s as well as look at the mainstream populist materials though in truth you do not need to do any of that-those that meditate will likely find the mainstream stuff quite interesting and useful and quite easy to implement-again choice is choice and I think much of my investigations and so on came about because I invested in Photo-reading so wanted to get the best out of that product-likewise I have also pretty much purchased and integrated a full ensemble of suite of products since then and when you use them regularly you do start getting the assorted benefits and so on as I am sure those who opted for similar products are aware.

So I can probably go on for ever and ever seeking for answers outside of myself and so on yet in truth I simply wanted to get to states of awareness whereby I no longer need or have a desire for continued investigation-I think the nature of the Universe and expansion and so on is what happens when you get yourself centered and operating and thinking from the so-called Zone and of course as I said on the questions page of the Silvertoe website pretty much all the answer have already been provided for anyone willing to investigate a little-or indeed a lot-why limit yourself he says to know one in particular.

So yes the other thing about the Steven Covey book is that is the book that best explains ideas such-as WIN/WIN and so on and may very well have been where I first picked up that idea-he also relates such thinking to maturity and self development levels-so nothing that you are unlikely to have heard previously yet as I say I have gone back to that book many times-so it is one of those kinds of What Would Covey Do-he really did set a standard in many ways in the so-called Business Sector reading market yet that should not put people of as I think in UK Terms he is perhaps at the middle-class type of level nothing difficult

woops battery dying

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Your Turning Into Captain Jack

This the observation of the not so little one upon seeing dad marching around with a compass in hand-one does have to actually seek to test out some of the multifarious courses one has purchased doesn’t one-well this weekend seems to be one of further bombardment of super-duper life saving deals-of course some do seem quite worth while yet they very often depend upon where your own focus has been placed.

Early on of course I was very much interested in the so-called healing kinds of modalities-yet in truth the further I have progressed there does not seem to be much that is not classified in ALL IS LOVE fashion-having said that you do very often have to work through all your own layers of truths and beliefs and so on and the speed at which you progress is of course personal choice-I went pretty rapidly through some courses in a lets get this over with mentality yet you do very often reach a plateau here or a plateau there where you have a catch-a-breath moment to ask yourself whether it is worth it-I guess those things depend on how much you feel you have already progressed-I am quite sure judging from what I have seen that the early adopters generally followed my “just keep going” mantra’s and have been rewarded in there own life’s when they take those pauses to take stock-likewise I am also convinced that many were able to do the modalities and so on unimpeded by the seemingly huge level of responsibility / stupidity I took upon myself-I guess in truth I think it was WINSTON CHURHILL who said-when your marching through hell-keep going.

I know one of the biggies for many people especially in the earlier levels are those YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY YOU feelings if such thoughts can exist-or rather perhaps put a better way-it is easy to confuse “How the hell does that person know that” when talking about there own life and triggering some paranoia relating to your own-as I have repeatedly said-as you progress all those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on do generally leave you or fall away-usually when you begin to lighten up and see just how stupid and ridiculous many of the STORIES we keep a tight grip on-we really are very often better off letting go.

I think when you look to some of the Zen type modalities and SATORI you do come to understand that we are dominated by layer upon layer of story’s and as has been repeated over and again and again you have to let the good stuff go as well as the bad stuff-that does not mean you are losing precious memories and so on so much as you are letting go of all the associated baggage-so for instance when my great grandmother died up in Cheshire-I was just out of Hospital and unable to travel to the Funeral-my grandfather Jack died during that week straight after his mother (my grandmother had died a few years previous and he spent his life looking after his 100 year old or so mum) and I was unable to travel to his funeral either-so you might say that I had long associated feelings of guilt and shame and so on at being unable to travel and the obvious thought that the worry or stress about myself being in hospital indirectly led to both of them dying.

I still have fond memories of visiting both though if I am honest great gran was like how those sweet old witches are portrayed-and she did indeed seemingly live on sweets and biscuits and so on-my grandfather lived not to far away so we used to stay at his house and visit assorted northern relatives from that location-as I have said I think my mother is still in touch with one or two relatives yet us younger generations would not know each other if we bumped into each other in the street.

So what else-well as I said many courses available and I’ll be continuing in my “when I have the funds available” attitude until I turn the financial corner myself-having said that several offers do seem to good to refuse-I fancied that Mary Morrisey course-yet did not have the funds so did the next best thing and bought a couple of her books.  Likewise Hay house this weekend does have some great speakers and again I have assorted books from several of them-many are people who started the awakening journey using ACIM and that is why I always recommend that book because it really can help accelerate progress-these folks were not always the grand and magnificent teachers and preachers that they now appear to be of course.  Likewise I do like the LS courses and once you have them they do seem to grown on you as you progress in making the various links and filling in gaps in knowledge.

I have just had the next photo-reading book recommendation and it was THINKING FAST AND SLOW (Daniel Kahnman) and thankfully that is one I already have so know purchasing for myself this month though of course I can return to it and see what I missed the first time round-he is another of those ECONOMIC NOBEL prize winners and I think I may have mentioned the book previously so you too may already have that one in your collection.

What else well because I do my sometimes cramming mode I do sometimes return to books and find a particular name or historical work standing out-this happened today when I suddenly found myself desperately rushing to buy a book by Alfred North Whitehead entitled PROCESS AND REALITY he is one of those ancient philosophers that inspired most of the present crop of philosophers-not for the faint of Heart in reading terms yet the book does have some interesting knowledge that to my mind is far more valuable than many modern philosophical works-in fact you might say the modern stuff is highly watered down in comparison and maybe that is how the elites like it yet it does demonstrate to myself that many of the works that can be picked up for free or at pretty low prices on Kindle re well worth making those little investments for-at least knowledge wise.

Does that mean I have progressed-well no-I think it merely means I have a better foundation of understanding as to how the modern World came into being-of course at one time the Universities and so on really were the preserves of the Elite and so-called Establishment-where now for all the complaining that we have seen since the 60’s the average commoner has been able to go into these preserves of the old Establishment given the desire and opportunity.

Well very late blog from myself today and I see England have just beaten Peru 3-0 at home perhaps they should have played in a hotter climate where they would have probably been more tested-acclimatisation works both ways for both teams and I think I actually concur with a work colleague who recently suggested that Spain were likely the best European team to back given the recent history-of course one should never rule out the Germanz though I think Brazil as the home nation are of course the team to beat-though whether they return to the style and passion of classic teams is of course debatable-I think the Italian league set standards of not lose defensive obsessions for many years and the rest of Europe adopted those kinds of tactics-the shadow of the ultra defensive attitudes tends to be cast of of course by those one or two individuals who are ignoring managers and wanting to win and I think we may just see several of those types of players at this World cup-whether we have any on the England squad is of course highly debatable.

Anyway who wants to talk sport

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

A Message In A Bottle

So I decide to practice some of the visualization stuff from one of the multifarious courses that I have purchased and of course they do often involve letting your imagination go and so on and the best that I seemingly managed when going through a sequence of key discoveries was A message in a bottle found on a beach followed by a sailing ship that transformed into so kind of alien like space craft followed by a cave of fire and within the cave of fire there lay a black shadow engulfed by the fire and as I looked on the shadow sat up and walked around a burning pit and then another shadow sat up and jumped down and ran around the burning pit-eventually the pit was surrounded by these humanesque type shadow creatures and the cave continued to burn-I am supposed to come up with meanings for these things of course yet it can of course like all imagery be transferable to all and any aspect of life that I choose to look.

So yes another day another dollar for those that do not earn pounds like us folks here in the UK and it has been an intermittent showers kind of day here in Hereford and the sun has peeked out from time to time though do not tell anyone as that is likely tempting fate.

What else well of course I am still adjusting to the new blog styling though how long I stick with it as is I am unsure-I do see all these guru’s with super-duper kind of websites and webpages of course and I have tended to keep my pretty simple.  I guess I will likely put extra effort into my next site just so as to be sure that it meets the bells and whistles criteria expected of someone who studied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Uni-I guess all that studying actually went to waste in many ways yet theory of all the various aspects and design and so on does actually gear you towards the MAKING THINGS LOOK EASY AND EFFORTLESS despite many sites having huge engines and design criteria and so on running them in the background.

I guess humans are the same in many ways all those various aspects that folks like to hide about themselves whilst always seeking to put on the best public face and so on-how far and what you make of various kinds of thinking strategies and actually learning to think in strategies that are life enhancing and so on can actually take time and sorting through and digging down to the deeper regions of space and time that you hold in your noggin can also take time yet I think there is a benefit to doing many of the courses that I have tried and tested for myself.

So some folks of course wonder why I repeat particular stories and quite simply for example with the meditation-something you see read or relate to with awakening prologue can be opened up further for you when you step up to the awakening levels-and again when you go up to the purification levels further opening up and realisations can happen-so myself never knowing where any particular reader might be in the assorted teachings and learnings always recommend going back through your own journal or blog writings (as opposed to mine) and likewise any other resources that you have seen interaction on and take another look-I recommended folks go read the old Holosync blog material and it really was because each time you read some of that material you can gain new realizations and new understandings and so on and likewise you can gain from visiting a number of partner sites or indeed purchasing some of the products-though I myself resisted that until I had done the LPIP courses and so on-the onslaught of super-duper product emails can be tough to resist yet in many ways had I had the funds available I am sure I would have invested in far more than I initially did-I guess I have long had a tough on myself discipline as to the purse strings and getting to a place where I am not in deep resistance to living costs and expenditure and so on does seem to be taking time.  I think it really depends on how bad a past you have had in relation to debt and finance companies harassing you by phone when you lost your source of income and bailiffs showing up when the credit card company sold your debt to some sleezeball debt collecting agency and so on-I unfortunately have experienced all of these things so do not tend to trust banks moneylenders and so-called financial business’ in general-far to easy when you are young to get sucked in by all the cheap APR rates and then get stiffed when or if your life happens to take a turn for the worse-they say they deal with debt and loan defaulters in a fair manner yet my own genuine life experience says that is a MAJOR lie-they simply sell defaulter debts on to collection agencies and huge numbers of those types of companies are not run using what most of us would call law abiding methods and tactics-they probably think that everyone they collect from is of a criminal nature and treat people in highly disrespectful and harassing manners from the off.

So of course my bad experience does tend to sour any relations I have with the financial service type industries in general-I think a comparison that many might relate to is that one of clampers-anyone who remembers the dodgy clamper outrages-you are likely dealing with the same kinds of tricksters, cheats and so on and so forth.

Again it is for these kinds of reasons that I really do recommend folks work through the Holosync levels and put the regular work and practice in-I know many do anyway-yet I do write these repetitions for folks who might want to get to the good or better stuff-you can experience good things of course from the off-yet in releasing life’s less savoury type hazards and traps that many of us have fallen into you really do need to think about using combinatorial approaches-do some tapping-get yourself into a total la-di-da type course-yes most of them do cost money yet the truth is that most of the triggers and so on that used to really trigger and get to me these days are often met with shrugs of the shoulder.

What else-well I was thinking a great deal about something I heard from one teacher which was that some people live the same year in repetition for 60 years whithout ever realizing they are stuck in a loop whilst others seek to break out of such recursive patterns and so on-in truth I have found that studying most of the master material recommendations bookwise can get most folks at any level to a state of greater awareness of the opportunities available-I know WHY THE WEST RULES FOR NOW was a popular choice and Harry Brown HOW I FOUND FREEDOM IN AN UNFREE WORLD yet there are many recommendations that have good patterns to return to depending of course where your own interest lies-many history books are somewhat hit and miss-yet the title when you have progressed with these technologies can often be a good indication of where the author is coming from.

Anyway enough from myself I have to go and diagnose what my message in a bottle and sailing ship transformer and burning shadow means?  The problem of course is knowing where to do the witnessing from-when you advance it really can be best to turn of the NEWS NOOSE-unfortunately it can also be the best place to do your witnessing during the first year or two of meditation-just ensure that you have plenty of other more uplifting viewing or activities and so on to compensate for the drear and political crap and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Never A Super-Dull Moment

So as you may or may not be able to see Dave S Perkins had one of those “How Can I” type moments where after a year or more of blogging I felt somewhat compelled to make some minor changes-how long they will last I am unsure as I will simply decide whether the minor changes were all that worthwhile.

There are of course many things I could do yet I opted for the very simplest of rotating headers and a new font and colour scheme-I will likely during the course of the coming days, weeks and months alter these features until I find a combination that I feel better reflects the image or style that I wish to present.

The bland and boring look that I stayed with for so long has to go because it was of course beginning to lower my own vibration rather than as I recently suggested want to raise-however having said that one of the interesting things is of course the error of raising vibration when in reality you want to raise your power and lower your frequency and those that say I want need higher vibes etc-have not really thought through or studied the related science to understanding how such things are brought about-I myself of course have benefitted from studying the works of assorted masters in these matters and feel that the longer term rewards are retention of such knowledge and of course the progress made through understanding the terminologies in a greater detail than perhaps the generalizations that I do use quite often-whilst having a knowledge of the detailed workings.

So yes when you have studied any subject matter well you do tend to talk and speak very often in terms that goes over the heads of many a person-you then seek to simplify what you are saying and that of course can lead you into trouble when the so-called gaps in knowledge are assumed rather than actually known.

What else-well I did add a small Holosync affiliate link to the website though of course most people encountering that website are generally viewing it from the Holosync blog and I am therefore unlikely to profit in anyway shape or form unless of course folks decide to take pity on my poor ass and purchase Holosync Awakening Prologue via the provided link (strange but true)-I should have cashed in early like everyone else so now of course I do feel free to develop a new site of some description that will perhaps be a dull and bland Zen site of some description-I am of course still exploring the options as to how I can best link in the meditation with other Worldly activities that folks might do searches for-of course they do say that you can come up with anything and folks somewhere among the 7 billion worldwide population will of course be interested and make that link and purchase that brings you an income.

So yes I will continue with this blog and see what other sites or interests I have that may bring myself a more prosperous and successful future than the future that I presently seemingly have.

So things to do, people to see, life to live and so on and so forth

Well I just wanted to see what the new front end blog screen looks like so here goes

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

How Can I Know The Very Best Metaphysical Path To Follow

So of course this is one of those questions that few if any of us ask-the reason being that we were generally born into the World as a fully functioning metaphysical supercomputer and then we encountered family and school and so on and so forth and pretty much had all our metaphysical supercomputer style abilities fashioned out of us.

Some of us stumble onto particular paths and very often some paths work for some folks better than others-for instance if you were brought up atheist and then later in life start attending church you can very often go through processes of self realizations based in assorted religious teachings-likewise that does not necessarily work well for others such-as your kids who you are responsible for and may well take along with yourselves-I gave myself as an example of that whereby the religious indoctrination very much worked against my young and developing mind and so on and so forth.

So this week I find myself receiving notice of Hay House World Summit and if I am honest I have already read a number of books by the assorted teachers and am unsure as to whether any further benefit can be found by myself in continuing down that lane-likewise I receive email about all new Marie Diamond course and whilst it does peek my interest I do wonder how much I already know if not consciously then non-consciously-I should write here of course for those that want a giggle that I pretty much now have a routine of EFT Tapping many an email that I receive from particular sources-my view being that whilst I tapped regularly early on with ACIM and so on I did grow tired of sitting and tapping away for an hour or however long I found myself doing that-so once I was well into the meditative groove I reduced my tapping to when reading some mail and watching the odd online lesson from this teacher or that teacher.

I think one of the issues for many of us is of course that we have to learn to take the lesson being given from any source whether we regard someone as our dearest friend or very worse enemy we are always supposed to be asking those kinds of questions as to how can I benefit from this hero worship or onslaught of hatred-one of the interesting issues is of course that very often behaviours that we find upsetting from others are actions and behaviours that we ourselves have carried out in some fashion to others.  These things can often blind us or keep us stuck in some fashion until we give up the so-called ghost in defending the criticism that we may or may not of ourselves once carried out.

The reality is not necessarily like that TV program My Name Is Earl (I think) where he spent each episode seeking to correct all the wrongs he had carried out during his lifetime-I think it is more about realising that we are really all interconnected within the Worldesphere and that you always have opportunity to let go of the past and ask the better questions that can move you into a more prosperous set of thinking strategies and self fulfilment and so on.

I have not heard any thing so far this week relating to this inside-outside issue yet it is perhaps one to always be aware of and how you going about integrating and rectifying or improving your own inner salvation-if indeed you come to realise that you can be your very own hero/heroine should you so choose to do so.

Yes I do not know where that word Worldeshere popped up from yet maybe it is something that needs exploring if not by others then at least by myself.

So relatively short and sweet today with little to say that has not been said already and so on-I think most teachers do say that we are all of us Holy and that we can call upon that awareness of our own divinity at any time and of course whilst that is easy for myself to say I know that one I saw many preachers saying that as a youngster and two that I have meditated and worked through a mass of courses simply to get to a state where I can think and feel and accept such thinking from the core of my own inner being as opposed to being told such information from an external source-so perhaps the real benefit for anyone is gravitating towards levels and states of awareness whereby you can experience the truth of such teachings and genuinely know and learn to trust your own inner compass and bodily knowledge (in metaphysical terms).

I have myself also been gravitating toward the integral type practices hence my speaking of Wilbur again so many choices and paths some perhaps better studied and others less so and there is always more to learn and develop irrespective of where you feel you are presently at-how can I raise my current vibration to higher levels is also another desire I seem to be thinking about-I spoke yesterday about the basics of musical notation yet did not relate it to frequency as that again is an area where progress can be made by many folks-when they choose to put the personal work in.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So You Are In A Dire Strait And

So you are in a dire strait and make some weird rationalization as to how you are going to escape from aforementioned dire strait and your brain/body/spirit not knowing any different simply decides to follow the process or command that you have given yourself and in order to carry out the instruction your brain/body/spirit seeks out knowledge held within your own personal database or collection of thoughts.

~Why am I saying this-well as you recall I declared I would rescue the Princess and of course being relatively young and so on and having had a long history of playing video games what springs to my mind now is that my brain/body/spirit latched on to the example I held somewhere in my mind of Donkey Kong whereby Mario has to climb the assorted scaffoldings to rescue Princess Daisy from Kong and his throwing down of barrels and other assorted obstacles.

Further to that I found myself waking up this morning thinking about another game that I had as a teenager which was a simple three lane car racing game on my wristwatch that I generally wore on my left wrist.  The game was a top down move left and right avoiding on coming traffic obstacles game, very basic and simple yet also reminiscent of the TIME LINE kinds of process we see from some experts, you the player looking down from your forth path at the three paths below perhaps.

I played far to many assorted games to list them all as I was simply of that generation and the video games market was growing rapidly starting with classics such-as Pac-Man eating cherries in a maze whilst avoiding ghosts and space invaders descending to earth and yes well there are plenty of places where the history of such games can be uncovered-yet I was someone who did enjoy those kinds of challenges and activities as an indoor pursuit and was pretty damned good at them, though I can now say that I have not really been into video games for a few years and generally die quite quickly or lose easily to the young un when challenged to have a go-having said that I do find that many of the gameswhen I do try them have generally been targeted for age groups and are not in the one size fits all category that existed when I were a lad.

So anyway I mention the story above so that we can see that often desperation and dire straits does produce results just not necessarily in a fashion whereby the links and so on are obvious-and I think that continue learning and meditation can bring such links into consciousness so they can be released and let go of. 

The other issue is of course the so-called map that you are operating from and I have found that most of us have multiple maps that generally have not been thought through or are incomplete or are not maps that allow for growth and self-development.  My own study suggests that your average person in the street has a Gaia variant kind of map and usually operates within that map from a position of fear of some description-my own study has demonstrated to myself that there is a place beyond that position or developmental stage and model whereby the chaos and reorganization happens and dissolution of that map for a new map happens.  Of course you very often find yourself going through the same cycle and stages from a differing set of aspects in a new model yet know matter you are exploring all possibilities and as you go through the levels you once again find chaos and reorganization and dissolution of the old map when you move past the Gaia position.

So if we are talking musical notation then you have A B C D E F G, A B C D E F G

When we place that in terms of alphabet A B C D E F G H we can see that H=HEAVEN/HELL is on the other side of the G=GAIA that most folks operate from, I am in know way knocking folks within that model merely saying that when you do the study and put the work in you get choice and that working from a place of choice is better than working from a place of fear-you do also as I have said previously often have past behaviours and actions and statements of intent coming back to bite you in the arse-yet it can be quite fun working your way through these things should you so choose to do so-as many an advanced person has said there is little value in clinging to the past apart from taking out the learnings and moving on.

So whilst I have looked and studied many of these maps and teachers and teachings including those that are considered la-di-da I have progressed from the very worst kinds of maps to improved map after improved map taking the integrative kind of approach from a “books are resources” point of logic rather than a “men are resources” Gaia model.

Is that write well we all have decisions to make in our own lives as to issues such as sexuality and so on yet I have found that free choice is best for all parties when you put the work in and study such matters.

The other issue for most folks not just myself is of course FILTERS and I have read some works that explain these things better than others I think you simply have to follow your own path in many ways-I know my own are terrible and that is perhaps because I spread interest and given meaning far to thinly and have not sought to narrow down the areas that I relate information to.

You might say that most of us suffer from watched kettle syndrome-the theory being that a watched kettle never boils-you might say that if I go to my Coral account and decide that I am going to bet on X sport and then come here and write about anything-I have given myself an interest in an outcome much like the watched kettle-and many a scientific research shows that when you take interest in anything whether it is the missing Higgs Boson particle or whatever you are influencing or changing the outcome merely through the act of observation.

how much this theory has been explored I am unsure yet I do think that as a youngster I heard the kettle metaphor quite often-so one of the premises with any of these things is of course to aske IS IT TRUE? well a kettle when operating correctly and plugged in and containing water usually does eventually boil so I can say that the statement is FALSE irrespective of the quantity or repetitions claiming otherwise.

So repetition does not a truth make!

is perhaps also another statement that needs exploring-I think it was Joseph Goebbels (Adolph Hitler’s spin doctor) who said IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIE TELL BIGGER LIES, THE BIGGER THE BETTER and so on and so forth.

Strangely many guru’s also follow this model until it seemingly (from an outsiders perspective) has come true for themselves.

So maybe the “God u all” statement in my silvertoevelocity poem will work itself out into my life and map and so on and so forth,

Well enough from myself for today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So Yesterday Being A travel Day

So yesterday being a travel day I decided to take my pad with myself on the train and simply spend the journey reviewing a number of the books that I have ploughed through in recent times and further to that I wanted to answer one or two questions as to the alleged incompatibility of different teachers works.

Having reviewed and studied much of the same recommended material as others on such life paths and journey’s I do have seeming difficulty in actually understanding where the so-called conflicts are happening-perhaps some folks are far more advanced than myself and can see these things that I cannot or perhaps I am more advanced and am simply not understanding that others see something as not being a case of CHAOS INTO CONGRUENCE.

CHAOS INTO CONGRUENCE was actually one of the titles that I was going to write about at some stage yet again it really is better for myself to simply refer others to the well worn path of the Holosync Blog and so on as I am not actually selling anything merely giving current views and  so on an airing.

So I am of the belief that we all suffer a certain amount of mental chaos in our lives and how we react to that chaos can of course have a great bearing on how the courses of our respective lives have been.  I as a bloke for instance have never been one to shed a tear whilst many women will often go into the overwhelm and shedding of the odd tear.  however as someone a little older and wiser and of course knowing that what we resist persists etc-I am now perhaps more open to having those odd moments of overwhelm on occasion myself and not suffering or thinking in any particularly negative terms when those occasions arise.

Likewise it has been suggested that conflict arises because on the Eastern Learning side of things you do not need to do anything particular to meditate and go into your own inner being and awareness and so on and develop those greater capacities of mind and so on-whilst we in the West have always sought to study such phenomena as an intellectual pursuit and that has perhaps led to writing and books and all these thinks have developed over several centuries into forms of Human Programming.

So you can be like an Eastern Meditation Guru who has sought to gain enlightenment through releasing everything or you can take the attitude of Western guru’s and say well this programming system is what is already in place so I might as well seek to integrate it into an empowering form of enlightenment and of course we all have our own ideas on symbols and interpretations and all the rest of those things.

My study of the Delai Lama kinds of teachings and materials is mostly a return to many of the basic teachings that Bill Harris gives and likewise I have studied Ken Wilbur materials and thought them to be somewhat highly intellectual and not for the feign Hearted though having said that he has perhaps become an easier read over the years than when he first began-if you do not believe myself have a look at the early Intellectual work “Sex, Ecology and Spirituality” and then compare that to more recent Integral Writings that developed out of the earlier works.  Likewise I spoke of Robert Prechter and he again is actually far more consistent though actually from a quite narrow bandwidth of thinking and strategy (In My Opinion) I as always see the usual mini review write-ups in some books and will often think at the end whether they so much as looked at these works that they are so gracious about.

It is one thing to be polite and perhaps another to be sycophantic-or perhaps that again is dependant on our own particular lifestyles and likes and loathing’s and so on and so forth.  The further I have put in the so-called work and done the necessary study and so on the less ego-centric I feel I have become though obviously for anyone not doing the meditation it could well likely seem the opposite.

I think the recommendations I made to folks have been good ones all-round and I hope folks can see that once you start getting your so-called star rising (per individual) you really can just keep on seeking to continue in the same fashion.  Whilst I have made little to zero progress in real World terms in mental World terms I know longer feel like I am surrounded or trapped in a cage in a brick cell ten foot under concrete beneath some secret ocean location.  I HAVE SPACE AND TIME TO THINK AND AM ABLE TO CHOOSE (IF ANY) DRAMA THAT I GET INVOLVED IN.

So returning to the meditation-there is this seeming constant quest for a place called EMPTYNESS and NO_MIND and this is the place before anything if you like and whilst I did not have that early on in meditation I think I have gone through enough enlightenment tools to say that I certainly no longer suffer any mind chatter or confusions and so on or indeed keep on repeating unwanted materials-likewise I always say that this blog really is for folks on similar journey’s because you can easily mistake the map for the territory especially when I have one of my writing rant days such as the Victor Meldrew type piece I wrote yesterday.

What else-well I did actually find myself dreaming again and remembering it so that is again a step up from not recalling dreams at all-though I was in somewhat of a rush and have since forgotten that particular content-if it is important I am sure the same dream or material of similar nature or interpretation will once again push itself into my conscious awareness until I seek to deal or resolve the matter in some fashion.

I was delighted that my daughter had been to her Home Economics type cookery class at her local college the day prior to my fetching her and she is developing some excellent cookery skills-the Belgium Pastries she brought to Hereford were particularly tasty and it was all she could do to stop myself from eating them all on the train-some were meant for other relatives apparently humph.

So Holiday in rainy Hereford and no getting up or being woken up by a daily alarm call of any kind this week-what to do-well got to check out the new Cinema that has opened apparently-only noticed the commercial Road Odeon was shut yesterday.  Yes she only ever wants to shop and Dave is usually an online shopper-yes I can enjoy going around shops yet it is something that can be overwhelming when you want to buy and have no cash to spend-that is why perhaps so many of us stop going into towns during our lifetimes-far easier sometimes to go into HIBERNATION modes and type thinking strategies until the next payday or job and so on.

So of course things such as river walks and enjoying parks can be free and fun yet I have often found myself preferring to escape all the trappings of a society thinking they are achieving anything when lists can quite clearly be produced demonstrating that the status quo always seems to win over the longer term.

well enough from Dave On Sunday

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Dear Dave

Dear Dave

I still feel you have not explained whether you are dead or alive and that what you keep repeating about the past makes no sense-please can you put the World to rights and explain it better for me as though you are explaining it to a beginner with these matters!

yours sincerely

Mona Mauritius

Hi Mona

Well you can only ever relate to the awareness level you are at-so from my present level all I can say is that I was there crushed by a ton of pickles and the blood pouring out of my limp and lifeless body and then a thought appeared-how the fuck are you going to survive this one Dave?  Then another thought appeared-Okay okay, I’ll rescue the fucking princess argghhh lights go out.

So if ever you are lying on your death bed all you gotta do is remember that all is now and that whatever stage of life you are at or in it is always now and that the map is not the territory and that once you get yourself clear on all of the history of your own life now-you can better plan your next now and the now after that one and of course always seeking to take the seed of opportunity out of any adversity that you face in your own life.

hope that helps


One Foot In The Dream

So I should Of Course Point Out

So I should of course point out that the mini-poll I conducted was among workers who have long worked with immigrants and not people ranting and raving from the comfort of never having lived among the lower ranks of society and-or worked with the immigrant population-likewise one does have to question the media’s influence in these issues and matters.

Whilst many a newspaper owner has often claimed to stay out of the editorial side of things one cannot help to think that UKIP like other alleged minorities before them has been given a somewhat larger percentage of news space than they deserve-of course newspapers are business’ as are the TV companies and business’ have to make money-so the argument is perhaps given or often heard that were sales dramatically going down then the media outlet would likely have to change editorial stances and so on-does that work in general-well it has in the past where the traditional Tory press all swung behind Tony Blair’s Labour a few years ago (in political terms) the press had done such a job on the Labour Party over the years that it was a big shift that was needed-we some of us remember perhaps the Tory John Major years where he won the election because everyone was so psychologically against Labour-that better the devil you know would likely keep them in power forever.

The other factor from the quick overview I took was that it was pretty much government lose seats, opposition gain so from that respect quite typical of mid-term type election results-having said that the general election is of course predicted for next year so not all that great a distance to wait.

The other issue is of course that some folks think I am against wars and am some kind of wimpy pacifist -in general that is a falsehood I have long thought it time to reintroduce conscription and get all the youngsters of the estates and on planes to warzones-they win they get a pat on the back.  They lose well that’s just one less estate doley type to have my taxes wasted on.  Of course I would not limit it to so-called kids from estates as it is quite obvious that the colleges and universities and so on are crawling with wasters who we could do better without-so many of that lot can be rounded up and sent packing as well. 

Then we can of course turn our attention to the older generation-is it not time to take euthenasia  seriously I mean that is not the generation that fought in a war-that is the children of that generation all useless Beatles/Stones fans who kept Maggie in power for to long and said lets fuck over the next generation and those after that one-well they achieved there aim and know it is up to those of us with awareness and knowledge to say-LET IT BE when the euthanasia vote comes a crawling into view.

So you can see that it is useless to have political views unless you have the most basic of needs met such as food in your belly and a roof over your head and those are actually difficult to focus on when you get sucked into all the bullshit that we see in the media.  It really is better to invest in meditation and take a walk into your own intended sunset that go with the one that media moguls want you to have-and yes that includes all the other little weird things like studying ACIM and tapping and so-on, I promote those things because I found them helpful in speeding up the processes and that is called pragmatism rather than intrinsic religious sensibilities-having said that I did find myself looking at work relating to rituals recently so that could well be the next step for those who started around the same time as myself-develop some ideas and rituals of your own that work for yourself and explore.

Yes I have done plenty of all round study on many subjects yet in truth the very most basic things seem to work best rather than some of the strange complications that we see from time to time.  So whilst the first year or two of meditation and these kinds of courses can be somewhat mentally painful (for some of us) longer term you really can feel like you are free from many of the long-held thorns and feelings and so on.

So I have decided that the silvertoevelocity website and name is pretty much a busted flush in usefulness terms so need to create a new site and project for myself of some description-that I can use as an affiliate of Centerpointe and make some cash of and so on.  The other issue is of course the direction to head in as there are so many possibilities yet I really have found that the last couple of years of interaction to have not been spent in waste or vain despite it being easy to imagine otherwise.

Time has to be filled by all of us in our respective Worlds and how we do that is of course up to us and having a level of awareness and real knowledge and enlightenment is surely better than some of the alternatives that many of us have found ourselves seemingly stuck with in our lives.

Well I am on Holiday now and also have to fetch the not so little one. so I will leave you with that weirdness and say

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So Will You Be Exercising Your Right To Vote/Reply

So I asked a colleague if he was intending to vote today and the response was:

Never voted, never will

I asked a second colleague if he would be voting and the response was:

I’ll not be voting

A third colleague interjected that they are all lying Politicians who could not be trusted blah blah blah

So out of the four of us in that mini-poll I am the only person exercising my right to vote-A right that we are all too often reminded that people fought and lost lives in wars for.

Okay so European elections aside it this this blaise attitude towards European elections that lands us with the Extremists and as always-the ability to show popularity in one set of results usually leads to greater headway when it comes to other kinds of elections.  This has often been the route that many a Hitler type has taken to becoming the legitimate leader of Nations Worldwide.

So I have already been and cast my vote-it may only be one among millions yet it puts my own mind at ease that I took an appropriate action and will later be able to say “I told you so” when Prime Minister Farage is leading us into multiple unwanted Wars and our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are dying at his blood thirsty hands.

So what else-well I had a very nice Email from Bill Harris explaining how he had spent the year rejuvenating the Holosync Website and was going to restart blogging-I went and had a look and had another listen to the Mary Morrisey interview in the context of the blog and thought it was an excellent way to get the ball rolling again for him.

Of course I cannot hear talk of 25 years ago without mentioning the fact that 25 years ago was the time at aged 17 that I died (Actual Death Experience) and then awakened in an all new World and so on being told by some bleary faced individual that I had battled and fought throughout the operation-the anaesthetic had not fully worn of at that time.  In the accompanying bed was a lad who was a motorcyclist-he had been going along the Country lanes when he found himself in a head-on collision with a car overtaking and in the wrong lane-he hit that car and flew through the windscreen of the other car-and had not long himself come out of coma when I arrived.  In the bed opposite was some old geezer who had dementia of some description and spend his time wondering around in a haze and trying to get in the wrong beds occupied or otherwise.  The window of the ward from my bed was memorable for the fact that it had a brick wall as the view-some other building had taken place in the meantime and the hospital like many older Hospitals/and buildings was somewhat piecemeal having had various additions made when new medical practices and facilities could be afforded and so on.

So the obvious question for myself to ask Bill is if he has an opinion on the difference between an Actual Death Experience (ADE) and A Near Death Experience (NDE) as I am somewhat perplexed as to all these guru’s who speak of NDE’s.  I have no idea if others are currently responding with himself though it would be nice to take part once again should some juicy dialogue be started from others elsewhere that I can sink my opinion into.

Yes I also noticed that he has given each comment a REPLY button on it so perhaps people will begin discussion with those commentators that they themselves relate with and so on.  It will be interesting to see if those of us who have made historical comments get any email notifying us of aforementioned comments should they occur.

I have also finally read my Soul Signature book it being released today apparently-so I have quite a selection of reading materials and ideas to sort through and see what WISDOM’s can be extracted and paid attention to in my own life-I do seem to keep falling into the most ridiculous of thinking strategies and real need to loosen some of the grip that the past reconstructions seemingly hold over my present intended future constructions-maybe I will do the Mary Morrisey course and see if she holds the secret key that I often feel lacking in-I have also read some of her work so she may well be that elusive difference I have been looking for in my own life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂