So Why Might I Be Interested In The Animal Factor

Well when you look through many of my writings you will find very little about animals-you might in fact think that I am not particularly keen on animals though that is in truth a Fallacy.

The first issue that I found myself thinking about was that like many a person my folks had pets when I was knee high to a grasshopper and as we all know energy is energy and transferable and all the rest of it-then it can be very easy to start thinking OMG That’s what’s wrong with myself I got a bad dose of mum/dad’s pet [INSERT PET LABEL] when I was to young to be able to do anything about it.

That again is not a very life enhancing strategy or path to fall into and as those who meditate know Holosync can pretty much take care of just about any long lost or deeply engrained vibrations and so on within your personage irrespective of original source.  As a thinking strategy we then perhaps need to be asking the questions as to attitude towards animals and so on.

I personally have always had an attitude of liking pets when they are other peoples and I personally do not have to take responsibility for them.  You might say that is selfish yet in truth as a youngster I often found myself looking after parents dogs-likewise later as a parent I found myself having to look after children’s and related families assorted pets everything from rescuing the gold fish fed with coffee to having to regularly muck out cages of assorted pet rats, gerbils, chickens, pigs, goats and whilst some of those activites can be therapeutic there is that factor that they have to be done and when you have not personally made that investment to have pets it evoke feelings of being a burden.

My daughter for instance has pets she refers to at home and has often asked to have pets in Hereford and I have always said no simply for the fact that the 80% of the year that she is not with myself-muggins here would be the one having to do all the caring and petting and so on and if muggins here had a house a car and all and sundry then I perhaps would do those things yet in truth I have none of those things and all prior attempts to gain those things were constantly foiled by other persons/organisation’s out of my control (for lack of a better description) when you have no money you are at the kicking end of societies trampling under footage-all requests for help, social assistance housing fell on deaf ears.

So when you meditate for a year or two and clear out all the flotsam and jetsam you often can see how many a jobs worth in all aspects of life simply plays the string them along game-whether its social workers or health care professionals or housing enquiries they all play the string you along game that is of zero help or assistance yet gets to make them feel great about having studied and qualified to dispense stringing folks along attitudinal USELESSNESS.

So the animal issues are not really a biggie and I have always liked pets when have I personally made decisions in having them and making the so-called commitment in investing my own time and energy in the taking of responsibility for them-that has seemingly been a rare occurrence when I go through the historical record where more often than not I would find myself taking responsibility through other folks lack of responsibility family or otherwise.

So I stopped allowing myself to be strung along and in many ways I did exactly the same at work where after a multitude of job interviews I simply stopped seeking to make an investment of any kind in the place.  There you go its all yours you have it-became the new mantra and likewise many a work colleague seemingly fancied themselves as top dog Alpha male-the only bloke whose good with the ladies and so on and again I adopted an attitude of there you go you have them-strangely enough many of the young ladies I work with are seemingly oblivious to 1. What has gone on in the past, 2.  That they are actually the property of these raging egotists.

So ALL STORIES ARE JUST THAT SIMPLY STORIES and we always have the choice as to how we think & feel about many of these issues and aspects of life-I took the isolate myself approach to clear out all the garbage faster than I could catch it and for myself with the meditation that has worked-I will unlikely return to Facebook in any significant manner because the same EGOTISTS even though not on my so-called friends list  were constantly engaging in smear campaigns based on 2nd and 3rd hand information against anyone who threatened them with reality and truth-something many have later had to concede after taking up meditation.

So what is to be done once you feel that you are mentally stable, have a level of threshold, have a level of awareness and knowledge?

Well the choice is of course a personal one yet the extremism really does not serve anyone from any quarter though many at first like to think that it still does-many folks do not want association with myself for instance because that might lead to them being smeared as a real heterosexual instead of the lifelong fakes that many a person has been.

So we step back from the ABYS, we step back from rushing to the worst thoughts feelings that can possibly exist-OMG does he mean me? 

Of course there are many areas of life where people can make a difference-I know for instance some folks are passionate about saving the local football club and that is a worthwhile venture that they can put there energies into-likewise for someone such-as myself there is no value in doing those things because when we look at the ~MASLOW hierarchy of needs

I have been very much through the actions of society as a whole been trampled and kept in the lower base elements-it is hard to have self esteem, self actualization levels when you have no food (as an example) or are being suffocated by raging racist fascists and egotists in your pace of work (as an historical example (the place has overall improved through more aware colleagues) from all quarters).

So even if you cannot afford Holosync right now through similar difficulties to those that I have experienced I really would recommend that anyone from any quarter go and use the freely available meditative materials on Youtube (those with Binaurial Beats/Isochronic tones and so on)  You might say that they can at the very least cut through many of the stories related to that Maslow hierarchy of needs giving you a booster if you like to having those higher elements of self esteem self actualization and so on.

So when you have awareness at the very least you can start seeing incoming sports results and when you do the drawing type activities to visualize or transfer into a visual for the written word you can better see the signposts.

Are SIGNPOSTS the way forward?  well many a person from my own experience of going through many courses is not greatly interested in giving the best of signposts-the integrative using a little bit of this and a little bit of that RECIPE for ENLIGHTENMENT really does seem the optimum course or attitude that anyone can take early on,

So I could write a course teaching meditation or this or that yet I am still unsure as to where my HEART lays with many an issue-SELF ACTUALIZATION is of course where folks want to be at yet when you have spoken to the brick wall and failed you have little to be gained in competing or investing time in getting involved in many a person’s delusions of how reality is.

Why pretend or comply with things that do not serve you when those folks who have learned and changed and invested in being the difference are living more satisfactory and empowering lives et al-or are they? maybe that’s what hey want me to think? rubbing my nose in it?  grrr lol, so no rushing to conclusions, no jumping into the worst assumptions, cut through the mental nonsenses that we many of us have and ask the empowering questions

How can I make best usage of this blog post NOW, How can I create an new income stream that does not involve petty childish squabbles? and on and on

Thank you for reading what came to my mind, let it all go and you’ll be in flow, no need for ranting from which I need rest maybe the screening of thoughts is for the best.

God Bless and Be SELF ACTUALIZED in an uplifting rewarding manner or not AT ALL 🙂

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