Strategy & Diplomacy

So I get this email from Learning Strategies with a suggested reading book “Its complicated: The Social Lives Of Networked Teens” and as you know I am very much about identifying patterns and so on at any given time cycle and period throughout the year and of course I have been following my own path in choosing my own reading material and so on.  So we are potentially in a time of TEEN ANGST and maybe that accounts for my FASCISM type references as we all know teenage years are very often extremist like time periods in most of our lives in finding and ascertaining the likes and loathing’s and INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY/IDENTITY/CHARACTER.TRAITS.

I spoke about my recently happening on the work of Konrad Lorenz and further to that I thought I would perhaps go into this area a little as I think it is one of those highly underutilised at least by myself areas.  So we can of course take any animal characteristic and identify an individual with some association.  Gary Lineker former professional footballer might be described as having African Elephant ears (as an example) and of course we very often when we are young take these kinds of HIGHLIGHTED BY OTHERS blemishes and physical imperfections to heart.  Yes we have some nations that like or seek to strongly associate themselves with particular animals yet my own research suggests that is not very helpful.  Far better when we see an identified Blemish or FLAW in this Blog for instance to look around the wider World and have an AH-HA of some description. 

So for instance with the HISTORY knowledge you might think that everytime I use the word FASCIST Benito Mussolini might spring to mind and that could lead to an AH HA the Italians are going to win the football and so on.  Or if you follow any given sports have a closer look at these silly things that we all of us latch on to whether it is that so and so has teeth like a horse or this other person has cheeks like a gerbil and so on.  The amount of study you put in is of course your own yet you can only get the results by always seeking to turn any information into an AH-HA, whether it is simply folks you walk past in the street or family friends etc.  you can all but guarantee that we can all have these kinds of associated linkages and when we pay attention in our own life and mental World we often see these things reflected in the WIDER ARENA (so to speak).  think of those fractal type zooms and mathematical 6° OF SEPARATION. ALWAYS REMINDING YOURSELF THAT IF ALL IS NOW THEN ALL DATA THAT YOU TAKE IN IS POTENTIAL MONEY, when we look to those arena’s such-as sports gambling where money can be easily made.

Of course I say this yet I am someone who does have trouble making the necessary mental linkages yes I am better than I was yet I think I still have to many of those areas of unresolved mental density and am still rushing to the wrong conclusion or interpretation, these things can take time and the progress of myself and many others has been quite breath taking when we look back just a few short years.

So the title STRATEGY and DIPLOMACY could resolve the issue for myself perhaps-maybe I have spent a lifetime being diplomatic and that nature has not worked-instead continuously allowing others to take the piss-walk over myself and so on. 

So these are actually the names of books by Henry Kissinger and Lawrence Freedman, I know few are that interested in what I photoread yet many a title does come with a useful background or history.

So my lifetime of diplomacy has failed and WHAT WE RESIST PERSISTS so instead of SCREENING and USING THE WRONG FILTERS I am if you like unplugging from the MATRIX and the process and strategy I adopted began prior to meditation.  I say that because I recently mentioned stopping seeking help from local authorities or gaining advancement at work and quite simply it was the best thing for myself to have done.  I was too deep in the matrix STORY (so to speak) to see how I was being adversely affected by everything.  So you might say that when you get those minor realisations they can take you of on those lateral paths to where my longer term followers now find ourselves (perhaps) at.

So at this point I have not yet looked at the 2 books yet I do have them in my library so I will be viewing them with interest-we all to often use DIPLOMACY with co-workers or friends and family when some greater home truths might sometimes be more useful in refusing to be treated in the manner that many folks seeks to use.  Of course again it is all to easy to get sucked into ridiculous issues and nonsenses and all the rest of it yet I do feel that unplugging from the assorted matrixes and reacquainting oneself with a more prosperous set of filters is the way to go.

I do repeat the rule of KISS quite regular Keep it simple sweetheart yet recently found myself thinking that someone was using an over simplification with myself.  For instance where I work we have re-organised working shift patterns whereby a couple of days during the week there is only one shift running and someone informed myself that that meant my cleaning work should only take half the time on those days and that is WAY TO MUCH OF AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION.  That is clearly the accountancy attitude of someone who has not done the job or not studied FRACTIONS and PERCENTAGES at maths-akin to saying that a vehicle travelling at 60 miles an hour will arrive at exactly half the time of a vehicle travelling at 30 miles an hour.  When you do the appropriate mathematics you will find that is COMPLETELY WRONG because for each minute that passes the calculation has to be recalculated-and when you do as per second or as per minute calculations you will get very differing results to the GENERALISATION SIMPLIFICATION I WAS GIVEN, yes I concur with managers that we can fulfil more tasks or work accordingly for improvement yet some of these plucked out of the air manager targets simply place undue stress on some workers and especially annoys those such-as myself who have done the drill learned the ropes and-or can do mathematics. 

So here we are Saturday already.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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