So Like Waves In The Ocean

So like waves in the ocean differing peoples and teams and business’ are going to have peaks and troughs and we all desire getting to that state whereby we are more akin to an expert surfer who can read waters weight the appropriate judgement and then set of on death defying man/women against the elements feats of adventure.

So it is simply no good saying that women are more intuitive and therefore I will only listen to women’s intuition-in sport English Football (Soccer) we saw Everton (Feminine) defeated by Manchester City (Masculine) so these things are never absolutes and this is another potential way of separating wheat from chaff information at any given time and cycle-I know for instance that we can look at many a sport and identify teams as being masculine or feminine or again as a differing kind of animal-the US and Americas in general have many a team associated with particular animals and you can again look at the real life cycle of those animals to assess how that team may be about to do at any given time period. 

Perhaps all these things are a bit like tic-tac-toe whereby you do enough combinations and learning of the game you will always result in a draw unless you get confused of choose to lose.  Or maybe that is a bad example maybe it is always going to be like rock paper scissors whereby the ability of each is set in stone and nothing can change.  You only get the understandings from asking the questions and watching the appropriate elements.

So the problem with staffing for many a business is that you can only work with the materials you have at your disposal and very often you end up in situations whereby (for example) all training and learning gets thrown out of the window in favour of PIG HEADEDNESS (not wanting to lose face) and once pig headedness of any given individual has won out we can very often end up in the continuous realms of “getting away with it” style management philosophy being seen as how many a manager (man or women) operates.  These things are of course easy when doing courses and difficult when you have showing off oppositional contra-dictorial trouble maker who has been around the block standing in front of you.

So again meditation (from my own experience) enables you to slow down in the thought process and use of higher function critical thinking can enable you to think about the multitude of potential outcomes that may or may not be about to happen.

So I have done so much releasing in recent years (that even if this blog appears RANT LIKE) that is a falsehood and if you yourself are triggered then you yourself perhaps have an issue in identifying the trigger and issues and perhaps letting them go.

So I said a while back that I read a cryptography type book by David Kahn related to this idea that as a youngster I had decided that “I WAS GOING TO CRACK THE CODE” what I failed to mention at that time was that I got a very differing reality to that which my bodily ego based thoughts and processes were running.

What does that mean Dave?

Well the ACCIDENT that I was involved in aged 17 came about when the two manoeuvrable wheels of the 4 wheeled stock cage that was been unloaded from a lorry became trapped in CRACKED paving/concrete.  The combination of the accelerated motion of the cage being wheeled down a ramp caused the cage to continue in its motion when the two front wheels became locked up in the cracked concrete paving/floor. I went to assist the colleague and got to bite the dust, when I ran out of strength and could no longer hold the cage up or leap far enough out of the way to enable it to fall safely. So I got my cracking alright.

Of course as I say I having done huge quantities of releasing on a lifetimes worth of WHAT WE RESIST PERSISTS-I don’t want to live life as a cripple perhaps being my main thoughts from that time period.

So what are our own detrimental elements and what are those that we have merely caught/captured taken in from those around us?

The difference perhaps being in the when I look in the mirror I cannot relate to this label or that label and my meditative body knows of not ever having had that particular experience or this particular experience that is linked to that label or identity.  So we can be our own congruence detectives.

Hmmn That is a pretty cool idea methinks [INSERT YOUR NAME] Congruence Detective

What is this person in front of myself saying or doing to cause myself these feelings of incongruence?

As I say I have explored many angles and many perspectives and many courses and many disciplines and I do find that when used in integrative combination there is very little that cannot be released whether a trauma is long lost from childhood or recently from stepping on sharp stones in water pools and so on.

I think one of the biggest mistakes that any of us can perhaps make is playing ULTIMATE DEVILS ADVOCATE-if you cannot relate or know of an experience do not pretend that you can-walking a mile in another persons shoes is all well and good when you choose positive rewarding uplifting identities to do that with-when you seek to do those things from identities that you yourself hold in distaste (whether conscious or otherwise) you are likely going to find yourself on a hiding to nothing.

Stay honest and true irrespective of mud and eventually the mud will dry and you can shake it from your personage (perhaps) if like myself you are those principled disciplined quality attributes at your core-I know I can identify people from all quarters who are decent at there core given the opportunity-yet all to often the WHAT YOU YOURSELF RESISTED at some stage in your own life can come back to haunt you- keep on meditating and using those modalities that best express what is truly true to you and then perhaps one day you will be able to say this is my truth now tell myself yours with a simple honest shrug of the shoulders.

I have now idea why I keep returning to some subject matters and not others yet I guess the pathways and learnings are not yet complete or some other aspect requires study that I have yet to acknowledge in some fashion-perhaps I need to wonder what would it be like to be a step within the beyond the beyond within the chain of command.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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