Mayday Mayday, Houston We Have Incoming

Mayday, Mayday, Houston we have incoming, Fairground at 11’o’clock

Houston: Hold Steady Bongo, Sending Galactica to intercept

Yes being one of those workers blessed with always working the Holidays does have it’s benefits of course when we look to take the seeds of opportunity out of any crisis.  Assuming of course that you regard these day as crisis days. 

What have I noticed in the wider World-well Barbie springs to my own mind of course-having a daughter and having seen a number of Barbie as… Movies when she was younger I did find myself noticing many a character name references.  Gerry Adams being held for questioning and his wife being a Collete-likewise some activity in a place named Odessa caused Odette to spring to mind-so those who have daughters of there own may well like to Brush up on there Barbie knowledge.

Of course when I look back through my own life I have of course mentioned having worked with a real life Barbie at one time-what I did not mention were the names of some of the other characters from that particular time period-and in truth I am unsure as to relevance-on a personal note I should of course thank one or two of those individuals for giving myself employment and being of support in other aspects of life.  So the guy who gave myself a job was by the name of Tom and the person that most helped myself in terms of support was by the name of Claire.

There were multiple other employees of course as there always are in many work environments yet those are the names that I feel appropriate to mention at the present moment-Claire another name that has seemingly been highlighted in my witnessing and observations of the wider World in recent weeks.

So what else-well as always there does seem to be a continuous stream of bombardment of emails related to this course or that course and because the choices are so diverse-I do find myself having to become more discerning in the allocation of time and diligence that I give to any particular sector of teaching/learning and courses.

So we do all of course tend to have favourites and eye-rollers-and choosing tends (In my opinion) tends to reflect where I felt I gained most in the past-so for instance even though I look at many a book and information from all areas-I do tend to bias towards those individuals who are recommended and referred by peoples I feel I have reason to trust or have benefitted most from previously-sometimes the recommendation’s or reasoning’s are not obvious and in those scenario’s an individual will get an opportunity to sell to myself based on initial thoughts feelings triggered by there initial contact presentation.

Is it that simple well the expansive universe theorem does of course mean that all and everything has a message that we can learn from-whether we regard that as good or bad the opportunity is always there-and once we have made appropriate decisions or been discerning and paid due diligence to the information we are perhaps better equipped for future issues of a similar nature-if we believe in the like attract likes stories for instance then (as an example) you can all but guarantee that whilst progress has been made in many an environment you are always going to get those small pockets of resistance to change or small pockets of trouble makers or small pockets of experts or small pockets of any kind of ego really man or women really-and of course we always have those issues of who monitors the monitors-that is why feedback is so important.

The problem of course for many of us in the past has been that we have not liked the feedback we are hearing-myself as an example (with mixed race daughter) got sick and tired of constantly hearing racist drivel spouted at every opportunity by work colleagues-and folks unaware that they were dictating or talking on the wrong subject to the wrong person.

Likewise I am sure that I say and do things that have affected others adversely-so the trick is to always seek to look for the benefit (easier said than done for non-meditators) and perhaps retune realign your self with a more prosperous set of beliefs teachings and upwardly mobile ness.

So of course many a course does usually take going through it multiple times to feel that you are getting true deep and long lasting benefits and to that end I do tend to be somewhat of a return to the basic learnings and ideas and so on.

So I think I will leave it there for now as I am currently reconfiguring the current mind set for a more prosperous and flexible set of pathways to the future.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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