Run Away With The Fair

So this title of course is one of those Romanticised ideas that many a youth adopts having enjoyed going on the various and assorted rides and of course it can be extended to the running away with the Circus and let’s Elope so we can be together type storylines.

The reason I mention the Fair is of course that each and every year groups of small travelling Fairs converge on Hereford to become one seemingly larger entity-anyone who lives in some of the smaller Towns in the County will understand as the smaller versions often pass through them on the way to the larger convergence or gathering.

So why mention something that happens year after year that all the locals know of and is taken for granted in many ways?

Well you might say that when you are witnessing you do have to go back and give yourself some ah-ha’s on some of these seemingly taken for granted areas of life-I think I said previously how I lived a short drive from the Coast a few years back and whenever the Sun popped its head up-we could often go into “lets go the beach” mode the short 10 minute drive making such an activity cheap and affordable.

I just said DRIVE AH_HA Now one story that I have heard over and over again is this story that a guy took up a challenge to sell more cars from the local dealership than anyone thought possible and that he in fact was so good at selling cars that he outsold all the other sales people and he used none of the usual car sales selling techniques and all the rest of it.

I have heard this story countless times and indeed even had a name associated with the story in some versions-it is usually one of those I know someone who did this kind of stories.

WHAT IF the story is told in such a way that you do not realise that the guy RAN AWAY WITH THE FAIR and was in fact a worker on THE DODGEMS.

I give that as an example of course and not to deride the multiple peoples who tell this story-I find when I do the like for like kind of comparisons they very often fit the framework of the story.  Many dodgem type rides have cars that are painted and given the looks of so-called super-cars and all the rest of it-and you can of course extend that to many a fairground ride whether it’s the WALTZERS or the CAROUSSEL and so on.

So how good are you are taking any amazing and inspiring story you have heard and then going lateral or sideways and having an AH-HA he is not lying he is merely allowing you to put two and two together to think Ferrari or Lamborghini dealership and you are swallowing hook line and sinker without even considering the far more obvious conclusions that you may be able to draw upon.  I at times where I have enjoyed going to Fairs have always made a beeline for Dodgems and so on and it is of course a great shame these days that where once we used to enjoy  going bumper to bumper they very often now really do reinforce a limited or none contact set of rules.

So anyway I am not saying that the folks who tell this story did not go to a local dealership and sell many a vehicle and so on I am merely suggesting that where we like to fill in the blanks and gaps of such stories with one set of storyline the truth could well be something very different.

As I am on the subject of Fairs I should perhaps wonder what other Fairs have I been to in my life and of course when I do these it does strain the mental cogs somewhat-as a youngster I went all the usual kinds of places popular with the youth of my generation-Alton Towers-Barry Island-Blackpool and so on.  As someone still in contact with relative’s up North as a youngster I also went to a number of Fairs when I was visiting relatives up North and so on. Events such-as the Nottingham Goose Fair.  In fact when I think about it I have been to Fairs in just about every corner of the UK and a FAIR IS A FAIR yes they may given the assorted cork-screws and rides differing names yet very often again that often does not do justice to the fact that many of the most enjoyable rides are not in fact those that you would necessarily think are going to be.

I should of course mention Hook-a-Duck as a colleague did ask myself if I was going to the Fair to Hook-a-Duck although in truth it simply reminds myself of a sign I saw in a local pub with a low wall divide many years ago Duck or Grouse being that phrase.  What else well there is usually a shoot the star out of the paper and knock the tin cans down and so on-so many a simplest of ideas the folks can make a good living at-and I am sure that they probably have a similar kind of business type model whereby you might start out on a food stand then go to ring-the-can and work your way up the affordability scale until you become King of The Fair with your Megaride on a Lorry and so on.

So yes I wrote this piece because I seemingly had that story of a guy who sold many a car rolling and sloshing around in the noggin and I thought it a good opportunity to air a theory of potential truth and reality and as I say-I have heard the story many times from multiple sources so have challenged myself to look at the gaps and see what assumptions I was making and what were the facts as they were given by the Story teller.

Enough from myself today-I think I am going to be doing some more Compass work and refining and retuning until I feel somewhat more optimised than I have been for many years.

Another subject that I may come back to that I have repeatedly heard about is the Napolean’s Hill’s 12 Great Riches of Life-he placing Money in the last position and so on-I think perhaps like many a person that it is easy to place money in the last position when you have money or are a taken care of child with zero money management skills-you might say for myself at least-I have some very serious IS IT TRUE questioning to do-yes any of us could set up services of one sort or another yet success is again a differing set of questions.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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