For Every Headline You Read

For every headline you read there were multiple stories created. 

Now this will perhaps sound strange to some and not so strange to others-I thought that as I had not mentioned journalism for a while I would return to that subject area and write a little on this particular topic until the thoughts dry up and so on.

So on Monday 12th May we will see headlines declaring the All New Premier League Champions (English Football (Soccer) League) and whilst journalism and many a story in the present day and age is very much fly-by-wire as it happens materials-we still have those media’s such-as Newspapers and Magazines whereby you need to have your material already produced in order to go to the printing press.

So as an Example some Newspapers will already be planning a Season guide of some description whereby they give you the Champion teams highlights and lowlights of the season.  They do not currently know who the Champions are going to be so as the choices have been narrowed down to just two teams in this season Liverpool and Manchester City they will be preparing headlines of various descriptions that accommodate each team.

So for Liverpool they will likely reminisce about the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and how Gerrard finally get’s the Championship Medal that he has always deserved and how they have seemingly managed the impossible on a minimum (for a top league team) budget.

For Manchester City they will likely talk of how the team has BOUGHT the TITLE through investment and paint a picture of them lifting out of the shadows of there more prosperous NEIGHbours and so on.

Likewise we also have the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY OF A TIE whereby the two teams have drawn equal on points and Manchester City win the title through a superior goal difference-or how Liverpool scored X goals in the final game and City are heartbroken at losing on the Final Whistle.

So there really are a multitude of possibilities and of course that is not the whole day because multiple teams are vying for respective Championships in the lower league tables and around Europe-none of the leagues are fully in alignment with each other yet we are in that last final furlong for most European Leagues that have not already completed Seasons.

So the journalistic mind is a mind that has to consider multiple outcomes and further to that of course over the years many a method of shortcutting has been created whereby you can simply call up a particular rudimentary outline script and fill in the blanks much like your favourite TEMPLATE and as I have said before each and every newspaper follows its own template and those who pay attention will see varying versions of a story according to paper.  The Star and the Express (for all Express readers protestations) are predominantly written by the same journalists and you can see that when you buy the papers for any period of time.

Likewise all your online sites and so on have templates and formulas that they operate on and some are clearly better than others.  I have said previously how I chose to keep this blog simple yet in truth the options available to myself in expansion are huge.

So the Headlines are akin to the same WHAT IF thinking that I mentioned recently in my Fair ground piece and of course the same strategy was applied by the Ian Morris History Economics Gang in  Historical Economics books-the Jared Diamond’s and so on.  each and every set of these authors have (when I look) inspired and handed the teachings and learnings on to others in there own Fields and we see the same regurgitated materials over and over again.

Yes some materials are better than others and yes they all seem to be about TOOL BUILDING and you then come to the realisations as to what you may be doing with your own diary and blogging.  Am I building TOOLS on an unconscious level that simply work irrespective of INTENTION.

I think that perhaps is where the danger lies for many people-I have meditated and bought and paid and purchased many courses with the main aim being to breakout of the many mental traps and stagnations and so on that had seemingly conspired to worm there way into my mental World.

So am I creating TOOLS that are noticeable as tools of various descriptions that can be integrated into my all encompassing empowerment or am I more of a hodgepodge Frankenstein like creature who has not set any real goal or desire or target.

Well I think many a tool can be identified by its book title so we come again to choice is choice.  I think that The CRY WOLF issue that I spoke of recently is one whereby all you are doing in many a scenario is playing pass the parcel or pass the hot potato and unless some way out of those attitudes and strategies is found people are doomed to sickness and ill health and caught up in debates that really do disgust on many levels. So the meditation is a way out for many folks when they choose to use the technologies in the best of ways-as always such things are open to abuse and I am quite sure that some individuals actually delight in abusing them.  Strangely it is not the people that we often automatically think of. 

So anyway reading some of the learning journalism type materials is a worthwhile venture in enabling you to understand shortcuts and multiple stories and having a more open minded philosophy and mind-set.  You may not be able to know the exact nature of the future yet you can all but be the writer of it for yourself.

So take any area of life whether it is one that you think or feel is doomed to failure and then write out multiple storylines and see for yourself where your own bias lies and perhaps do some questioning on how can I rebalance in the face of this turbulence and so on.  Fly-by-wire philosophy only works if you are willing to step beyond those last few percentage points and bricks in the wall that many folks simply run kicking and screaming from.  Stay trapped in a habitually walled cocoon or take flight with the transparency that exploring all aspects of life the Universe and Everything can bring you.  Peel the layers back for yourself or stay blindfolded to the truth of reality that is available to all and anyone willing to build there own stairway to heaven.

Stranger and stranger does Dave so become yet better his own mind than a dose of that one-someone else’s story of that can you be sure-who’s that knocking have the Police come to call-yes I remember when the Police visiting my place of work was a regular occurrence usually for contraband type smugglers.  would it not be nice if they raided and arrested all the workers who require having there tongues cut out for the good of Society.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 🙂

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