Dear Sir

Dear Sir

Further to your application for SES WING VIPER PILOT we are sorry to inform you that you have not been successful at this time and we have marked you as a persona non gratia with our Company so please feel free to apply again and again so we can truly rub your nose in it.

Yours Sincerely

Carruthers Gullitudes III Junior

So I have been thinking further on some issues than others dare to and the reason is quite simply that many an environmental mafia are marching to the wrong beat or rhythm-easy to say when you are on the outside looking in and (sometimes) harder to say when you are on the inside and have those realisations as to where it has previously all been going wrong.  Changing focus and direction as I said previously can bring up many a resistance even within those supposedly employed to be the drummers and the melody makers.  What is the Status quo? can be asked within many an organisation from top-to-bottom or from department to department and conflicts always arise because you have those that are progressive in spirit perhaps conflicting with those who regard themselves as wise old heads or experienced in the business and so on.  In reality as we have all learned there are greater powers and tunes that we can all of us perhaps seek to better integrate into our respective awareness’ irrespective of our present age, income, level of experience and pretty much any attributes that spring to mind.

So returning to the What If I thought I could perhaps create A NEW WHAT IF as an example of extrapolated information that I see in the Wider World and my own life at the present time.

So I will list some elements and draw some possible conclusions.

News Information:-  Madeline McCann Portugal burial site? Nigerian Kidnapping & Special Force’s Assistance

DAVE’S DATA:- Daughter returning from holiday in Portugal with Ex-wife who once had pyramid type letter from Nigerian claiming family relative status, I live in Hereford home of UK Special Forces SAS, Travelling Fair’s from across UK and Europe currently leaving Hereford, Dave saw Police car at Edgar Street Car Park (where fair folk are based during visit) on way to work previous night.

Creative Speculative Story based on combining the NEWS INFORMATION WITH MY PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE/DATA

So WHAT IF Madeline McCann was kidnapped or rescued in some fashion whilst going missing in Portugal and ended up being adopted or taken in by travelling Fair peoples and was seen as a ten year old at Edgar Street car Park by an unsuspecting Police Officer who was there investigating another matter?

That is of course just one set of circumstantial or indirect inference that sprang to my own mind based on all the current incoming data and of course I have made it all entirely up-yet the fact remains that it is this kind of thinking that is necessary to use for people to break through time blindness and brain fog and so on through a lifetime of mistaking the map for the territory.

All information can be taken and applied anywhere in the World whether it is information specific to yourself or presently incoming data from news sources and so on.  The idea being that meditation technologies can only take you so far and you very often have to walk those last few steps on your own (wherever your own field of endeavour or enlightenment or whatever is at any present time.

As many of you know I did interact with Bill Harris through several years just to get to a state whereby I was no longer having to die for the sins of others through biblical association of my name and likewise even with that meditation I was still seemingly adversely triggered by other modalities such-as Sedona so these things as much as we want them to be instant do require perseverance and a little bit of FAITH AND TENACITY and all the kinds of attributes that many a job calls for yet rarely results in the right person getting lol.

I say that of course having had so many rejection letters and failing to see some of the desired attributes in successful applicants and that is perhaps where many a company goes wrong-how can you call for sets of attributes if you then employ relatives and social climber mates or indeed outsiders who do not fit the descriptions or know the lay of the land-many a person argues that they were being responsible in not giving internals a job and that may well be fair comment on some occasions (if you cling to baggage) yet we do say that many of these kinds of learnings are about dropping these ideas of baggage and history and so on. 

So I think I will leave it there for today as I do have my early shift leading into my longer weekend and of course as many of you already know you can take data at face value and seek to use it in any direction up down left or right and diagonally or simply the four corners and apply it to other areas of life the Universe and Everything when you get a better feeling for being this entity known as time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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