The Delhi Lambrusco

So what nickname would you give to someone you know in your meditation circle who likes the odd bit of cheap plonk? Yes I know I have a terrible sense of humour yet the point in using all these little word benders is to bring folks to points of realisation that much of what they have in there noggin is often there simply through an inability to listen well.

I have read over and over how we all of us myself included have poor quality listening in many a given circumstance and even with meditation I find this to be true.  One of the benefits of some of the LS courses is that they include a fastfinish whereby the entire sector of the course is repeated at speed and of course your brain with enough practice can take and process that speeded up information and improve your all round abilities as a result (In My Opinion).  I remember that years ago there used to be continuous debates about bands using what was called backward masking whereby you play the lyrics backwards and discover devil worshipping lyrics and so on and of course that simply often heightened there popularity-everyone from the Beatles era onwards can likely have such accusations aimed at them because when you think about it words are going to be formed as good backwards as forwards.

Some obvious examples exist in the written Word of course yet as many of you know that sort of stuff really is where most of us started and have predominantly moved on from-clearing out many of those less than helpful thought processes and thoughts feelings and actions acted upon such thoughts and feelings and so on.

Having said that I did find myself returning recently to looking at Technical Analysis (an area of studying the Global Markets and Stock exchanges) I seemingly return to that area every year yet anyway for some reason I found myself linking the word analysis with the word Sicilan obviously leading to Sicilian Analysis and I had one of those oh that’s a bit close I wonder what those words sound like backwards and so on.

Anyway irrespective of that obviously when you hear the word Sicilian you do tend to conjure up images of the Italian Mafia and so on and anyone would think that Italians have done nothing else-yet in fact you can find many a History book (for those that are interested) demonstrating that so-called MOB culture is only one aspect of Italian life that tends to get an overblown attention-likewise perhaps Catholicism so I am of course in the realms of STEREOTYPES.

Every nationality has stereotypes and of course we often are not particularly keen on those attributed to ourselves-yet they can very much like the animal attributes and so on be quite handy as guides to what comes next when you are actively looking for those AH-HA’s and of course assuming that the vast majority of folks in any given society perhaps regard themselves as relatively middle class or Mr Miss Normal that I spoke of previously.

So what else well I did say that I tend to return to those providers of technologies that give recommendations and referrals and so in the light of that I recently found myself listening to some interviews on soundcloud that Mr Harris had carried out with various associates.

I listened in to one with that Soul Signature author whose book I am still awaiting the digital version release in a week or two and the other with Mary Morrisey who is perhaps more akin to many of those types of Healers and religious type folks I encountered during my own youth.  Whilst I enjoyed listening in I am unlikely to do there particular courses yet I do find myself noticing some further common ground between myself and some of these folks.

For instance I recently wrote about my feeling the other day descending into thoughts and feelings that I was not happy with whilst writing multiple blog articles and Mary Morrisey spoke on that very subject whereby we have the choice to not experience such thoughts and feelings and can when we feel headed in those directions perhaps pause and notice and return ourselves to those higher thought and feeling type vibrations.

That is not to say that I advocate squashing and packaging such thoughts and feelings down (as many of us originally tended to learn) so much as practice the releasing modalities and the letting goes and such mental darkness’s (if you like) leaving your personage-we have many ways to do such activities and as I said previously many of us have done those things at some stage in our lives whilst others claim they have not yet I do not see how that is possible when you learn more about how the brain operates and so on-many of the stages of thought have been well documented simply through the multiple scanning technologies and so on-and of course technologies such as binaurial beats can entrain your brain into more calmer communications between brain hemispheres-so for instance whilst my daughter has grown up with epilepsy when she is older she may well find that using the meditation entrainment actually deals with the epilepsy type electrical brain issues perhaps that many people suffer from.  We all have electric in our brains and bodies just as we all have cancer cells and you do always have to remind yourself that it is only in certain sets of circumstances that the electrics misfire or the cancer cells become malignant.

So what else well I do find myself sometimes writing in the manner of [Insert Name] and I am of course well aware of that fact and do on occasion do it deliberately (such is Dave’s sense of humour) yet it is of course sometimes good to use that practice simply to improve your skill set and so on-if something worked well for others then it can work for myself to-one hopes.

Yes I do tend to plough through many a book and some I like to return to whilst others are perhaps left to collect digital dust if such an entity exists.

Hmmmn WHAT IS DIGITAL DUST? What might digital dust look like, feel like sound like, and so on that is quite an interesting concept when you think about it-many a debate years ago was about how folks missed the scratches on the records when everything went to digital sampling and many have sold materials as though they were from analogue recording or as now digitally enhanced so is there a place for digital dust in the World.

What else-well I recently heard that Stephen “Davros” Hawking (LEADING SCIENTIST and Author “A Brief History Of Time” and celebrity wheelchair bound person was in Hereford checking out the Mappa Mundi at the Cathedral-I mention this fact purely and simply because I recently read a book on 12 maps that shaped the World I cannot recall the exact title yet it was about 12 maps and the Mappa Mundi was among those selected and highlighted for particular characteristics such-as having EAST in what we normally think of as the NORTH POSITION these things can I am sure be checked out by locals for themselves yet the book on the twelve maps whilst among multiple books did seemingly stand out for myself non-consciously (meaning I do not presently know why) during that session so might be a useful addition for folks that can find it.

What else well we are of course coming into the speech writing season and many “EXPERT” books exist from my own study on such things I actually tend to find the older works better- Dale Carnegie wrote on such matters exceptionally well and is often a quoted resource so why not simply go back to the original (for instance). Another chuckle can be had for my co-workers and Hereford folks in general were they to buy John Seely The Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking-A letter of complaint to the Hereford Times is included and immortalised in that particular book something about a Fowl Factory I cannot recall the specifics and the book was written long before my time as an employee yet it did catch ones attention.

Well I best be getting on

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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