The Rain In Spain Says Tutankhamun’s To Blame

So some links between some languages and cultures and deciphering’s are not always that obvious and I do often feel blessed that I have so many differing peoples from so many Nations on my Facebook List (for instance) because it really does demonstrate where differing peoples are at within the INNERVERSE and so on.

So what is the link between Spain and Egypt some of you may or may not be thinking-well obviously Spain contains pain and many a person wants to release or clear out long lost bodily pains and traumas and so on-as opposed to squashing them down as I said previously and Egypt of course has many an associated Biblical Story and of course jokes relating to denial being a river in Egypt.

So my own link between these languages is once again somewhat obscure yet I will write here for future person to see and take note of should they stumble upon this blog and want some AH-HA’s of there own.  Egypt of course is famous for VISUALLY REPRESENTATIVE HYROGLYPHS and many a Student of Archaeology and so on has sort to decipher them when in reality the truth is right there before your eyes in the sense that EVERYTHING IS TRANSLATED into the visual realms.

Someone says Pyramid do you picture an actual physical PYRAMID or do your picture the word?  Some teachers do suggest that when you have advanced that a good strategy is to combine both so visualise a pyramid and put the word above or below and in your visualisation-do that regularly enough and it becomes almost like a natural function-yes we can point to books for all age groups that do this yet books are external and we are looking to change our own internals so we are becoming more inwardly referenced in an empowering way-many meditational studies are simply about finding the truth and reality within yourself as opposed to running around seeking external Gods and deities and idols-whether they are actors or singer and all the rest of it-yes it is almost impossible to actively distinguish between understandings perhaps when you are younger or have had a hard life yet whatever your age you can make the necessary changes when you have technologies easily available that help in these matters.

So Dave’s links between Spain and Egypt-well I have of course mentioned Egypt quite a bit in the sense that we had the Al Fayed connection with Princess Diana and there drunken French driver and I also spoke on the Suez Crisis whereby the very same countries were involved and when we look and pay attention and get ourselves to an understanding that all time is always NOW and so on this is why you will often see the same materials and kinds of references again and again year after year (dependent on your own awareness level and how far you individually have sought to break or escape one pattern and introduce a new one).

So I spoke of the 1980’s computer wars and further to that I owned a Commodore Amiga and Amiga is of course the Spanish language word for female friend or sister or something along those lines.  Well one of the biggest selling points of the Amiga was in fact the amount of Colours that could be displayed-we had a HUGE LEAP in computing abilities and literally went from computing with under a 100 colours to colours in the 1000’s and the Amiga was at the leading edge of those breakthroughs-and its software package included electronic Art’s Deluxe Paint famous for an image of King Tutankhamun.

For those interested Deluxe Paint preceded the later more famous software package Photoshop and of course as the field grew many other versions and derivatives of these software’s appeared and are available to users today.

So that link is of course tiny a nothingness in many ways yet you have to use the respective links and knowledge that you have in your own life and of course I mentioned how once you have established cause and effect you can better release or seek to change things based in your current knowledge and awareness and abilities now.  My daughter’s younger sister as I mentioned previously is in fact the daughter of an Egyptian-so many a link for many a person when you continue to explore your own inner World database.

what else well I did mention the grass is green recently and that triggered for myself the name Greengrass though I was unaware of source and a colleague  informed myself that it was from some TV show called Heartbeat (I am unfamiliar with it yet recall it was once popular with Eastenders fans having a lead from that show).  Further to the hearbeat theme of course the Dr Who theme might be akin to a heart beat and indeed we had the MAD MASTER hearing the DRUMS again another kind of tapped out Heart Beat.

So further to that another Colleague mentioned he was off on holiday to Southern Spain Sunday somewhere called the Andalucia region-what is happening in Spain at the present-well there is of course the Grand Prix and we usually get to hear about Basque country terrorists and so on.  Again Spain is another one of those countries like Portugal that fought Britain on the High Sea’s AND LOST (lol) well is it true?  Were they really losers?  Of course what many of us now know is that with appropriate strategies and so on we can all of us be winners to the degree that we want that for each other and are able to coordinate our respective abilities and qualities-it is far to easy for many a person to go of on all sorts of tangents and outrage campaigns or stick doggedly to previous doggedness in spite of new learnings and so on-yet I have generally found that even when I did that myself I did eventually come back to a more centered place from which to operate simply because unless you yourself have genuine reason to promote this or that campaign there is often little gained. 

you might say that everything when explored in appropriate manner can often be reduced to POTS CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK and so on-so yes we all have to live with the so-called game of black and white yet we can choose more appropriate where our own attention and intention goes.</p

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