Wow There really Is no End To Russell Brand’s Talents

Of course I never thought he’d pull it of either yet winning the Eurovision just demonstrates what the voting public across Europe will do when given an opportunity to UPSET THE NEIGHBOURS.

Yes I mention Russell Brand of course because he is one of those “The Game” worshippers yet to be honest I have never understood how he became so popular when so many others struggle.  I personally thing given his recent “Messiah Complex” tour that he is simply one of those druggies that overdosed and got lucky and woke up again and again much like myself waking in Hospital’s.  I did see his name linked with some talking to the kiddies about drug’s campaign and thought it akin to trusting Jimmy Saville as your babysitter.

Another issue with writing daily blogs is of course that some folks follow regularly whilst others come and go maybe weekly or simply occasionally and it is of course up to those individuals as to what they choose to pay or not pay attention to.  You always have to remember that you can pull out a phone book and find hundreds and thousands of other persons with your and relatives names so do not rush to the very worst thinking if you see something written here displeasing or annoying because you may not have been the individual referenced and so on-I literally write according to what is coming up in my own noggin-in that better out than in belch fashion of Shrek.

So here we are Sunday and I have already been to the paper shop yet will once again be giving the news a miss-I really am now getting to a point where the slave like misery inducing media stories are best let go of in favour of a more uplifting set of internalised thoughts and feelings and processes and so on.  The amount of suffering that we choose for ourselves is of course choice and as I have said some of us are seemingly more prone to be affected than others and of course I spoke yesterday about not going down the all to often explored paths unless I necessarily feel I have to-what does that mean-well if I know and feel deliberately targeted by extremists then I have little choice in the all guns blazing defences-likewise I know that many folks simply do not have the awareness of just how psychologically reversed many folks really are.

You might say as I have said previously that whilst we need our EGO that early on in the stages of awakening EGO is usually your very own worst enemy very often protecting STORIES usually related to the body that your body is actually far better of without-these things are hard to explain until people start getting such awareness levels themselves-all I will say is that when you get out of your own way and work through modalities such-as ACIM (A Course In Miracles) you really can clear out so much baggage that you would wonder why you spent so many years clinging on to your cancer or dodgy ticker or whatever your ill health story happens to be-the body when given the opportunity really can b redirected to heal itself.

So I have of course studied comedy a great deal and some comedy is subtle and other comedy is very much in your face-this weekend as it approached last week brought up certain levels of dread type feelings in myself-so I think that this might actually be one of those ALL OR NOTHING type EXTREMIST type weekends for some folks.  do I want to still exist come Monday and I think that joking aside-the Bearded Lady Eurovision Stuff was for many peoples simply a way of letting of STEAM an OUTLET if you will to many a bad thought feeling and dread.  So whether that is regarded as a peak or a trough is of course dependent on any given person’s life and circumstances.

We have the Euro voting this week of course and I have had a letter from the Conservatives asking for my vote-they are so far the only ones I have heard from so at present unless some of the other candidates actually stand for something will likely have my vote-I am not an extremist yet I do think that they overall have managed to walk that fine dividing line between the ins-and-out voter politics over the years.

What can people do to alleviate some of those EXTREMIST type feelings coming up at the present time?  Well it is easier to say than do yet my own attention and guidance at present is one of find something to be GRATEFUL for in your life-maybe make a list of things that you appreciate and can show gratitude for no matter how big and small-in fact I may well do that myself as I sit here once again with feelings of dread seemingly rising in my personage.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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