Okay So I have Multiple Thoughts To Make Comment On

Okay so I have multiple thoughts to make comment on based on various inputs and sources that have been brought to my attention or perhaps have peeked my curiosities and require addressing in some fashion.

So first of all I spoke of dread for the weekend and I spoke of audits and you might say that in order to broaden the scope and range of the discussion that I have to once again speak on the issue of the so-called law of attraction.

The law of attraction as taught by many a luminary sounds great yet unfortunately most or many of us find ourselves very often having to operate from the other side of the coin in which I previously called the law of detraction and have since heard referenced as the law of repulsion.

So these things (words above) of course take on there own meaning dependant on how any one individual’s own particular level of awareness and so on.

You might say that we are on another angle or perspective also addressing this idea of the conscious versus the non-conscious and they can also be described as conditional versus non-conditional.

So the law of attraction might perhaps be described from the spiritual angle as being open and welcoming and non-condition (not based in any kind of mental straightjacket conditions)

The law of repulsion might be described from the spiritual angle as being closed and unwelcoming and conditional based upon all those negative judgments and conditions and sometimes societal expectations.

So we have an Auditor coming in and one might think that someone in such a role may regard themselves as not someone well liked by the business’ (Repulsion) that they have to report upon and we have business folks perhaps overinvested in the judgment of auditor yet previous experience is negative (Repulsion).

So what might happen if the Auditor goes into the environment with the Repulsion expectations and then finds open welcoming law of attraction aficionado’s the PARADIGM SHIFTS and so to the likelihood of an improved score card as a result.

Now some wonder why I said I was dreading the forthcoming week and quite simply it is because the same old patterns are going to happen and like many of you I have spent inordinate amounts of time seeking to break free from many of the Negative Gravitation Pull’s that society has to offer-and as usual the issues for most folks with zero spiritual belief opt for the body options and the negativity debates are usually centred around sex and sexuality and all those issues that us longer time meditators have mostly left behind and of course whenever others start playing out the extremist (everybody’s homophobic/heterophobic [delete as appropriate]) you can very often find yourself once again getting dragged down by the gravity of these issues into pointless debates that do nothing to resolve someone else’s crisis-it seems clear to myself that a colleague is presently playing out this sort of crisis and doing it in the fashion of projecting continuously suggesting that another colleague share in what is quite obviously his own issues. 

So can magic occur with other modalities than meditation-well I personally have preferred the meditation over everything else that I have tried over the years yet having said that I do have to say that some of the more recent experiences I have had with some Learning Strategies Courses is shifting myself into more open territories within the integrative and complementary benefits and fields-so even if nothing happened when you did X Course-it can well be worth going back again and again especially if you have advanced with the meditation as you may well get some further unexpected shifts through the longer period that you have owned and used any given set of courses.

My own long term aim has seemingly been to clear all blocked and conditioned mental filters and that might of course be related to all these real success courses that are beginning to appear at the present time.  So the further I have advanced the less conditions I have-the more peeling and reorganisation has also been carried out and of course I have a high enough threshold to not necessarily get dragged back so easily into those worthless debates I spoke of above-the problem of course is that when I do intervene or have commented I often find that the individual who I sought to help sides with the troublemaker-again I think you might think well what is the point in the extremist option or conditions I imposed and quite simply it is this paradigm shifting and not having garbage and nonsense imposed upon yourself from external non-enlightened individuals.  In many respects I have cleared out many conditions so that I do not have to think or give many an issue any kind of consideration yet the GRAVITY issue is for many a person one that holds them back from really pushing on into the better life and so on-just keep on persevering and following your respective intuitions and explore areas that you may have not previously considered-an example myself I find I am actually considering reading some of the Delai  Lama’s writings and works so that is perhaps where I am at-I have avoided his material whilst hearing a great deal about it from other sources such-as Deepak Chopra and multiple enlightenment writers and luminaries seem to reference him so it is an obvious thing to do yet I do tend to swing from branch to branch following my own independent trail and that is why I always suggest that others do the same-because we all seem to come to the same points yet very often at differing times and you might liken it to one of those paint by numbers pictures that we often had as children where you can choose for yourself in what order you will colour the picture-or you might liken it to a dot-to-dot drawing where again you can generally join the dots from any given set of points yet you will still find the same results as you progress.

So this was very much about this issue of POLARITIES and that might of course relate again to how good your present MAP is and of course how much you have invested in personal advancement and what courses you have studied.  I seem to have quite a suite of materials available and integrating at differing aspects and times dependant on where my present attention and intention is headed.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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