Why Choose A Candle Over A Lightbulb?

Yes I had the strangest of dreams today and it had multiple elements in it-yet the biggest sticking point for myself was that despite there being lighting in the dream a glass candle was chosen out of a box full of awaiting to be used lightbulbs.

Further to that the candle was in a strange shaped candle stick holder rather like an old fashioned oil lamp though like I say it was very much weird.

The candle itself was like an inverted pennant flag that could be seen through the glass of course and I have spent much of the day trying to give meaning to this and all the other elements within the dream and simply do not seemingly have enough information so come up with a satisfactory deciphering-bulbs do of course have elements when they are not plant bulbs or indeed candles-I did read upon candle stick market theory a long while back yet o not know why the relevance’s are at present and of course I have not written my blog as usual through these seeming distractions-remembering my dreams is still an effort for myself so when I do remember I do tend to dwell on those things perhaps I should have payed more attention to the other parts of the dream and maybe tomorrow I will have a greater understanding of what my brain is currently seeking to impart to myself.

Short and sweet as I have to go out

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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