The Other Elements

So I listen in to this interview and find the words SCRUPULOUS HONESTY standing out or highlighted among the information that I am keenly listening in to.

So I spoke of the dream that I had yesterday and the other elements that I can recall at this later stage were a couple of non-descript bongo’s asking if I had some speakers they wanted for there singing practice and although the speakers were working I could not hear what was being emitted as the two had sort of morphed into the background of the scene-further to that I had an author women spring to the foreground of my mind and I just knew that she was an author and wanted some particular information that I was really keen to inform her of-I rushed to a hotel reception type desk and pulled out some blank sheets and scribbled out some technology recommendations for her so she could get IT.

The part of the dream where the candle was pulled out of the box was again strange as my daughter had appeared beside myself and it was actually her that ploughed through the box contents and pulled out the candle lantern and as I said she went out of the picture then and the focus was very much this visualization of this magic lantern candle type holder and I was wondering all those questions as to why the one single candle lantern was so important when so many light bulbs were freely available.

And I did pretty much wake up at that point and spent the day literally seeking to work out all the differing triggers and so on brought up by these events in this dream.

So later in the day my daughter did actually phone myself and some of our conversation may have been related though I am still somewhat unsure.  Obviously the lantern was unique among the other items in the box-and many folks run fearful from being unique or individualistic in style and fashion and likewise dependent on age many folks spend a great deal of time seeking to be independent and obviously every one has there own boundaries and map edges and so on-usually handed on by societal conditioning as to what is acceptable and all the rest of that-and of course it was just a thing and we all of us generally get interested in having things whether the things are money or houses and cars and so on-we all generally invest huge amounts of self worth in these usually inanimate things-though obviously many a human makes huge investiture in a TROPHY other halve and that again is really MENTALLY just a thing.

So anyway I have since decided to let go of thinking about that dream and start looking forward to perhaps having another one today-maybe I’ll get into a fashion of reminding myself to remember my dreams and then remember them upon awakening.

So scrupulous honesty I thought was interesting because again I think the phrase is surely dependant upon your present level of awareness and mental map-and as I have said previously many of us simply never get beyond the most basic of mental maps or we progress to better maps and again simply stop satisfied that the new map is the so-called dogs.  Many people of both sexes do that and from what the experts say that is not necessarily a bad thing.  We are simply being scrupulously honest at our current or present level of awareness.

In relation to the law of attraction issues however it could well be worth seeking further progression or advancement-and the reason I say this is because many of us of course at one or other point in life have often felt that so-and-so has been dishonest with us or cheated us or however you feel and again this is often related to this like attracts like vibrational stuff-and that again is why I say that the further advancement is well worth making that extra progress for-do you want to get screwed over simply because you were once a child and squabbled with siblings and school peers and all the rest of it-yes easy to say that it is not the same yet in truth the further you work through all the map is not the territory type teachings and so on the more you will come to see that very few exceptions (if any) exist in all the categorizations and mental segmentations and compartmentalisations that we all of us endeavour to pretend are different when advancement often demonstrates that they are not.

The other issue was of course that the more advanced teachers do say well it is all in your presentation and how you conduct yourself and all the rest of it so self grooming and care of body and personal hygiene and so on is perfectly fine when you look at many a successful person-the problem of course being that those negative gravity pulls can have adverse effects upon these things-prior to returning to Hereford I was very interested in having a good positive self image and so on yet that quickly disappeared when I got a job and found myself mentally under siege and so on-and again I have not really invested in image in recent years though mentally I am in a vastly far better state-so that is perhaps my next move-to start over again with improve life outlook and the ability to ignore or take the positive seeds out of what has gone on in the past.

In rating terms as is said in the abundance type courses and so on and the book recommendation you can always ask yourself to give yourself a rating between 1 and 10 and then whatever the present number or rating value you can ask why you gave yourself such a high rating-and this generally turns your brain to reminding yourself of all the things you are presently doing right and you can then ask what are the steps and actions I need to take to achieve a 1 point increment in the present rating score-and again you can apply this kind of theory and attitude to any area of life-and you are doing it for yourself in a self referential manner rather than external though you can of course apply it with external matters if you trust the folks around you to be scrupulously honest and so on-yet my feeling is that finding scrupulously honest people is a toughie (dependant on the given subject matter of course) or perhaps I am requiring more GENUINELY SINCERE people-may be that is an area I need to look into.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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