Wow What An Amazing Coincidence

So desiring to stay congruent and honest I went and did my search for books by The Delai Lama and BOOM the very first book that appears is called THE ART OF HAPPINESS and that is not all the book was released on my very own birthday and in the year of my daughter’s birth and further to that today that I write this is her (the daughters) mothers birthday so a very strange set of circumstances yet I did go ahead and make that purchase and may do further research based on books mentioned in that particular tomb.

The book did add to my knowledge base and I do think I may well further explore some of the Budha side of the various teachings and so on-another area I find myself interested in at present is again this financial markets area and indeed my recommendations list seems to be prompting myself in that direction also.

Now many folks get confused and curious as to why Dave continuously recommends Meditation and meditating with the technologies on my Website and quite simply as has been previously stated most of us who went down that path were all generally somewhat sceptical and then as we advanced and started getting breakthroughs and spiritual advancement the aversion turned to a very differing set of thoughts and feelings for many people-you just have to keep going to get the greater rewards and returns so to speak.

Much of it quite simply boils down to the theory of SPIRITUAL MONEY and when we put that together with everything being always here and now it really does not take a genius to work out how people can create new income streams for themselves and so on-I say this as someone who seemingly misses out on a lot of the supposed income streams whilst seeing others seemingly attain far more advancement on that side of things.

The speed at which change and vision and so on happens for anyone of course is personal choice and many people on low income and high outgoings (such-as myself) do tend to cling far more desperately to what we have already got and come out with unexplored homilies such-as gambling is a mug’s game-yet when explored in enlightenment terms you do in fact come to see that every choice that you make as you go about your day is a gamble beween a selection of choices-and the assisted meditation investment is one that can pay for itself many times over in the longer term you simply have to be a little dedicated in where you are placing your energies and focus.

I think I said previously that the World touring sports such-as Golf and Tennis and Formula One are where many people seem to place most focussed attention yet in reality once you find yourself in the so-called ZONE you can place your focus purely in your own favourites and of course you do not have to gamble at all if you prefer not too-that was simply an area I chose because I know many a working man and woman likes the odd flutter and of course if you are doing that anyway then why not seek to find ways and means to enhance your abilities and these technologies do that in a pretty undeniable fashion.

The main issue then for many of us seemingly comes in deciphering all the very many clues that present themselves to us on a daily basis and writing your own blog such-as this one can help with that-quite simply you can simply say a colour such-as maroon and then think I fancy a drink of Robinson’s orange squash or getting some new tyres for my scaletrix cars and so on and these may very well not relate in any fashion to the sport that they seemingly point to yet the dedicated followers have had a great deal of fun in getting there own circles and ring of friends together and when you have multiple peoples all pretty much doing the same thing and the same kinds of processes then your trial and error is reduced as you progress-at least in theory he says.

So I recently mentioned painting by numbers and dot to dot and someone else mentioned tattoo’s and whilst having multiple of them it did not even occur to myself so you see that we are each like a jigsaw piece in a bigger universal fabric for lack of a better phrase-what else well I as many of you know work as a industrial cleaner and in the process of my work you do tend to get into habit patterns of time management and so on just as many people do in many roles and jobs and the problem with some habits is of course that you do not always take into account the unexpected or the variation of the process-so something happens that is not normally part of the routine and other areas of the work that you pay less attention to are affected and you then have to break your usual habit pattern to take into account the new evidence “oh I have missed a bit” he says.that would not necessarily be taken into consideration on a daily basis yes you do have to think in 100% terms yet we are individuals and you can guarantee that 10 workers doing supposedly the same job will all have there own set of idiosyncracies and it is the good manager’s who take these into account and work with those idiosyncracies where possible-obviously you do have to have a maintained standard and seek to improve on that and motivate where you feel it has dropped and so on-all swings and roundabouts.

So many a sport of course also has equipment and with snooker you have tables and pockets and with tennis you have racquets and with fishing you have rods and darts so really the World about you is a place full of clues and meditation can slow your thinking down and enable you to attain greater clarity in any area of life-whether it is simply with family and friends or work or anything really and I write these occasional type pieces because whilst many long term folks go off and do there own thing once they have advanced there is often a next generation who decide to see what all the fuss is about or want a little bit of the feeling better about themselves and all the other qualities and attributes that meditation can bring and know-one has to feel like Dave’s secret stalker because this blog is freely available to anyone who stumbles across it and as I say I am quite determined to move away from some areas of debate because they benefit know-one and often keep people stuck and I have hopefully been keen to show folks why so many of us have (possibly) had less than satisfactory lives-far better to work with it than against it when you know what it is and can see it more clearly and many a person whilst having those kinds of intuitions at younger ages do often rediscover them again later in life so none of us has to feel alone or stupid or an idiot and so on-and I simply recommend the best technologies that I stumbled onto through perseverance and desperation and so on of my own-though having said that far more advanced teachers do say that nothing happens by accident and that everything is pre-ordained so if you are here reading this thinking “what the…” go with it and try it and you may be pleasantly surprised at least in the longer term-the early meditation often brings non-conscious materials to the fore that many of us myself included have often found disturbing or upsetting-yet in the longer term you do tend to let go of all the out-of-date type thinking strategies and thoughts and feelings and accumulated non-essential thoughts feelings and so on.

Well another early shift for myself today before my weekend begins

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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