How Can I Be Pre-Ordained And Have Free Will

So this is of course one of those great questions that can send us of searching for appropriate answers or simply dismiss as nonsense and the reason that I mention it is of course because we have all or mostly all had aspects of suffering in our lives and the idea that we had or were acting out of the free will conundrum contained within a pre-ordained matrix of some description does not necessarily give one any kind of hope for a better future.

I personally think that those who took up meditation do generally change the way they look and see and think and feel about the World and when you change those aspects of yourself internally then how you relate to the external also changes somewhat.  Many aspects that folks fail to address are of course the aspects of freedom from fear and I think that given the many teachers available there is a large reservoir of material on these aspects of life.

Further to that I did find myself returning to Bob Proctor recently and I have actually seemingly returned to his learnings and teachings multiple times in recent years-this time around the idea that most stood out for myself was the idea of “reducing everything to the ridiculous” a strange thought and perhaps one where extremism might be allowable at least in self exploratory terms rather than external blame and finger pointing.

So reducing everything to the ridiculous is an idea whereby whenever one of your usual pre-existing excuse type patterns for not doing something springs up in your conscious awareness you can reduce the excuse to the ridiculous-again this in my own mind is far easier for those that meditate than not though it must be remembered that Bob Proctor started with nothing but a copy of Think and Grow Rich and a desire to escape from the life circumstance that he found himself in at that time-and that time was one in which none of these more advanced processes and learnings existed in the manner that they now do.

So I decided to have a day off yesterday from blog writing and it was a nice pleasant day the sun shining and so on and I also took the opportunity to do some further research and study into the above question and really I think that the further you advance the more you see the absurdity in not changing or shifting your own paradigm to a paradigm that can raise your life standard and bring about change in our respective inner World’s.

Another area that I found myself deeply thinking about was of course mentoring and so-called mastermind groups-I did speak of circles and rings of friends recently yet I do think the mastermind group idea is one that is above the friends issue in a sense that very often it can be the peer pressure of such friendly advice and cultures that keeps you stuck rather than venturing out and exploring new avenues of interest and so on-if you do not feel stuck then fair enough yet if you do feel life is not what your dreams tell you it can be then perhaps you yourself need to do further research and so on-I certainly think that choice of where to go again can bring about dilemma’s for instance when you have had bad experience in following or being in or around particular groups you do tend to do what I do and that is simply to trust in mentors and book writer type peoples living thousands of miles away and so on and that of course is not an optimal solution though it does remind myself of some of the Steven Covey type books and teachings when I say that.

So some people will change when presented with new maps of reality and others will pretend that they have not changed and that they are still operating from the old maps and that is of course RIDICULOUS-if I can go and write on a strangers blog thousands of miles away based in get some decent mentorship then surely any one can-and when you do progress beyond some early stages of these so-called awakening processes you do start seeing a greater amount of humour all about yourself and the World in general and that humour or ability to laugh at yourself or see the way you were in others is of course another form of release.

So a while back I think I mentioned Nightingale Conant because that was seemingly where some course that I purchased originated yet because my mum whose a nurse is a nurse and I myself once worked in the NHS I do of course know some History and the obvious name that sprang to my own mind was of course the famous Florence Nightingale “the lady of the lamp” and that of course again relates to that recent dream description I gave and I know that some might be interested in those relational kinds of triggers and linkages and others not so we are all of us seeing in any given dataset what is most important or peaking our own individual interests in seeking to make sense of our filters.

I am of course still seeking to reduce or change my own filters to ones that can improve my life and bring my own dreams (if I have any) to fruition and in that respect I found myself looking at a piece of software called Scrivener that is simply a writing tool to aid writers and so on-yes I write this material on my WordPress blog and could probably achieve the same thing were I to start another blog for storytelling yet I do like customized for purpose software for some things so I may go down that route should I decide to take up writing beyond being a hobbyist blogger-the issue I seemingly have is that of software compatibility-I want a package that will fulfil such a function on my surface pad and whilst being Windows compatible the accompanying material is somewhat vague as to compatibility on pads and other devices though they do operate cloud type functionality so I may email them with some questions and see what they say.

Yes I would still continue in this blog writing yet I do have some long term ideas for fantasy world type fictions that I would seriously like to get started upon and unfortunately I am all too easily distracted or have difficulty bringing multiple ideas together into one complete piece-SCRIVENER has tools within it that suggest that I could storyboard differing idea aspects until a large enough picture is made up from al the minor threads into a more complete Story Arc with sub stories and all those other aspects that we take for grante when watching TV and film-the cut copying and pasting from scene to scene and growing into a story is seemingly best served by specialist software that caters for bringing non-linear concepts into an overall linear framework-probably sounds strange to some and not so much to others yet you might say that this blog is somewhat linear start at the top and keep writing down until completion where a package suchas scrivener allows for multiple storyboard notes and pages and chapters to all be open at the same time and enables (In my opinion) better human interaction than traditional type word processer type packages-yes many offer such functionality yet they are often bolted on in bells and whistles fashion as opposed to being designed for that kind of operating system-think macintosh over IBM compatible pc’s and how I previously described multitasking versus emulated multitasking through speed. 

The same is true historically (for those interested) when it came to computer graphics and TV/FILM digital software editing and so on peoples in TV and Film generally opted for higher power machines that were not INTEL based and we also see the same in modern consoles whereby CUSTOM DESIGNER GRAPHIC AND PROCESSOR CHIPS are created to serve generic portable software packages rather than institutionalised you must have this to be able to do this.

In human terms it might be akin to seeing it and being in flow states and not seeing it and suffering-of course one man’s flow is another man’s suffering possibly-though if I am honest the further I advanced and explored differing theories and dynamics and stories the more I have found less distinction among the ideas presented by anyone and I have of course raised my own frequency and carried on releasing at every opportunity-at least I think I have hard to tell perhaps yet that comes back to finding others who are operating from genuine places of wanting the best or seeing the best in others and improving our own personal compasses of compassion and wisdom-wisdom seems to still allude myself in many ways so that is of course perhaps an as yet undiscovered realm of thought and feeling.

Anyway I have to go and get my papers a little later than usual.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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