How Can I Bring Balance To The Buffett Orloff Factor

So not wanting to squeeze all of the juice out of the orange I have been studying some of the works of the Delai Lama and of course you cannot mention Del without singing Only Fools and Horses Wish-Okay so I changed the ending yet some further information does have to be provided by myself just so folks understand that at whatever level of awakening you are at there is likely further enlightenment and so on that can be experienced when provided with appropriate information.

So returning to the Diana Story (June 2013 or July 2013 folder) you will recall that an inner discussion took place in which I stated something along the lines that they could both survive (in a very non-specific generic kind of manner) and I’ll just throw in that Del is actually also the name of the daughter’s grandfather on her mothers side complete with his independent trading van last time we met.  so the then wife and I went on holiday to Egypt where she embarked on a clandestine relationship with an Egyptian man and they went on to marry and have a daughter together so you can see that whilst I had a good intention in saving the baby (at my then level of awareness and abilities) I had not considered any other aspects or coin sides in this so-called business of duality realms and so on.

So I tell that just to fill in one or two gaps as I know that some folks were only relating information here to there own knowledge base and not considering that my own may not have anything to do with what they themselves were getting worked up about or however these things are best described.

So I decided to return to the study of the market sector and the obvious person to research was one Mr Warren Buffett a somewhat legendary figure in the Financial Markets World and rather than read about him directly I decided to see what his own book reading list was and he himself has spent a lifetime recommending three particular books-The Wealth Of Nations (Adam Smith), Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor (both by Benjamin Graham) so two of those are under a tenner and the other is around the thirty pound mark.

Further to that I received email recommending a new book by Judith Orloff who is apparently another Hay House guru whom I had not heard of yet found myself highly interested in seeing and viewing The Ecstasy Of Surrender I think it was called and my initial scan through does suggest that she is someone worthwhile reading-it can be something of a minefield knowing who to follow yet I did like the book and teachings therein contained and whilst it has an obvious feminine readership expectation I do think that many blokes can actually benefit from reading some of these so-called light workers and so on-thankfully most sites that sell there respective works do allow or give previews so you can decide if someone has a technique that fits your individual requirements.  I found myself thinking about all the relational connotations of that word surrender and thought perhaps it might be time to re think the so-called respective meanings and the book despite its title did seem quite a serious attempt at addressing many an issue.

So what else well if you have not read Joseph Cambell-he is another of the Paul Scheele type recommendations-I found myself interested in his works relating to MYTHOLOGY and further to that went into “The names Smith Messerschmitt” type humourous thoughts so obviously there can be a lot of involvement not only with smith to myth yet also the fact that when we look through historical records we often find that many a name is itself developed from a TRADE of some description though obviously as society has grown and diversified the links between names and trades has generally disappeared though I know that when you say these things you often get plenty of proof appearing in your World suggesting that thought mistaken.

So yes always remember that there are many more than one way to look at any given situation and that lacking in awareness can come back to bite you in the arse as it did myself simply through lack of awareness and a decent or proper understanding of all the so called levels of dualism that exist.

I said I was interested in WISDOM and I think that is a path that is well worth pursuing for many of us who perhaps unconsciously manifested situations that in retrospect we need to take lessons and learnings from-having said that there is also this issue of freedom from doubt and confusion and when many a teacher recommends the use of doubt you have to ask when will I know that I know longer have to doubt myself and so on and so forth.  The path to enlightenment and self actualisation and self realisation is quite obviously littered with peoples falling by the wayside so perhaps again many a thought or feeling has to be given an appropriate reframe or releasing if not for ourselves then those that we love and hold dear and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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