It Is Your Rope, You Put Your Head In It Like This

It is your rope, you put your head in it like this and then go to school with lots of other children just like you and then you spend your life trading on the quality of your rope and that is why we call it a school tie and not a noose because as you know a noose is for hanging people with.

Of course I am sure I am not the only one who felt uncomfortable at times of rushing to put the tie on and finding that I had made the gnot to tightly or not to the required standard as shown in any celebrity photo shot.

So yes this week is seemingly being dominated by European voting and of course I was going to write a piece entitled “Vote for Nigel Farage National Front’s New Face For Nutters” and then I realized that could or would upset huge numbers of my demographic who seemingly like this person-the issue that folks always regurgitate of course is Immigration and one cannot help recall that Nigel Farage is as close to Larry Grayson as anyone is going to be likely to be able to vote for-so you loved the Generation Game when not watching Delia Smith cookery shows then Nigel is your man complete with bulbous eyes and a face you can shout “shut that door” at with gratitude-of course he may have been born in a barn yet from the brief notice I have taken they do say he is a former market trader.

So many folks of course know all about the market trading issue as I had it repeatedly drummed into myself during my blog interactions elsewhere-however newcomers might want some of those bites of information so that they can better assess the virtue in following that particular line of enquiry.

So the simple idea is that the markets are in constant flux and that in human relation terms they are the best gauge that anyone anywhere and indeed in any time period has to align themselves with the whole going on of it all.  If you are attuned enough to the watching of the markets then you will gradually come to start having various realizations-for instance whilst the daily readings often show rapid ups-and-downs over the longer haul you will generally see then constantly rising-yes some or many a fortune has been gambled and lost by some speculators yet in general I do not think they were speculators who were using the kinds of technologies that I recommend.

Further to that that are of course many kinds of markets and many kinds of EXPERTS only to willing to share with you there brand of expertise-my own studies have been wide and varied and as I say I do seemingly come back to the research at various times during the course of each year-the best practice for anyone wanting to get greater understanding of ebb and flow and so on is to perhaps study Elliot Wave type materials and I think Robert Prechter was the most recommended personality in that field though like all fields he may have started the ball rolling or wedged his foot in the door yet the area has expanded massively and he has as many detractors as fans.  Elliot Wave from my own study does have strong links to some excellent fractal type mathematics and that again is of benefit to folks interested in developing beyond the most basic of awareness.

So where else can I turn my attention-well I do think that many of these teachings and teachings are about bringing you to states of awareness by which you develop a greater feeling of freedom in your life and the ability to go your own way if what the societal herd is doing is not to your own liking or satisfaction and again you ability to do that is dependant on how much you already feel successful in life the universe and everything.

Another area of course is related to what are the best meditative practices and whilst the sitting upright with legs crossed is the official doctrine I have not been all that successful in following that particular line prefering instead to be lying back and relaxing and of course the sitting with legs crossed is akin to the old sitting in assembly at primary school that I recall from my Hunderton days (I have no idea if they still do that and my secondary school allowed us chairs).

So what else-well the visualization practice is perhaps best served by shutting your eyes and imagining a being of some description in your Heart and gradually growing outwards until it fills your whole body and then carrying on further and further until you are looking down on the Earth or looking down on the Universe and so on-you can also imagine and recall good feelings that you have experienced during your lifetime and reinforce the tuning in to those better thoughts and feelings and further to that imagine breathing in goodness and expelling all that is bad in your World.  Again these are all little pointers that I have found from assorted teachers that I have found to be most useful and the more you seek to think in terms of integrating the best and releasing the trash and so on the more you generally come to regain some self identity and self awareness and so on-none of these things happen over night they they may well for some folks-I have gradually seemingly progressed through constant practice and listening to external practitioners in a guided fashion.

So I will leave you with your choice to vote for who you personally think is going to best serve yourselves-I have as I said previously only heard from the Conservatives and there is still a couple days to go to fight for your right to grab my vote if you feel it is something worth having among the many other voters.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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