So Will You Be Exercising Your Right To Vote/Reply

So I asked a colleague if he was intending to vote today and the response was:

Never voted, never will

I asked a second colleague if he would be voting and the response was:

I’ll not be voting

A third colleague interjected that they are all lying Politicians who could not be trusted blah blah blah

So out of the four of us in that mini-poll I am the only person exercising my right to vote-A right that we are all too often reminded that people fought and lost lives in wars for.

Okay so European elections aside it this this blaise attitude towards European elections that lands us with the Extremists and as always-the ability to show popularity in one set of results usually leads to greater headway when it comes to other kinds of elections.  This has often been the route that many a Hitler type has taken to becoming the legitimate leader of Nations Worldwide.

So I have already been and cast my vote-it may only be one among millions yet it puts my own mind at ease that I took an appropriate action and will later be able to say “I told you so” when Prime Minister Farage is leading us into multiple unwanted Wars and our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are dying at his blood thirsty hands.

So what else-well I had a very nice Email from Bill Harris explaining how he had spent the year rejuvenating the Holosync Website and was going to restart blogging-I went and had a look and had another listen to the Mary Morrisey interview in the context of the blog and thought it was an excellent way to get the ball rolling again for him.

Of course I cannot hear talk of 25 years ago without mentioning the fact that 25 years ago was the time at aged 17 that I died (Actual Death Experience) and then awakened in an all new World and so on being told by some bleary faced individual that I had battled and fought throughout the operation-the anaesthetic had not fully worn of at that time.  In the accompanying bed was a lad who was a motorcyclist-he had been going along the Country lanes when he found himself in a head-on collision with a car overtaking and in the wrong lane-he hit that car and flew through the windscreen of the other car-and had not long himself come out of coma when I arrived.  In the bed opposite was some old geezer who had dementia of some description and spend his time wondering around in a haze and trying to get in the wrong beds occupied or otherwise.  The window of the ward from my bed was memorable for the fact that it had a brick wall as the view-some other building had taken place in the meantime and the hospital like many older Hospitals/and buildings was somewhat piecemeal having had various additions made when new medical practices and facilities could be afforded and so on.

So the obvious question for myself to ask Bill is if he has an opinion on the difference between an Actual Death Experience (ADE) and A Near Death Experience (NDE) as I am somewhat perplexed as to all these guru’s who speak of NDE’s.  I have no idea if others are currently responding with himself though it would be nice to take part once again should some juicy dialogue be started from others elsewhere that I can sink my opinion into.

Yes I also noticed that he has given each comment a REPLY button on it so perhaps people will begin discussion with those commentators that they themselves relate with and so on.  It will be interesting to see if those of us who have made historical comments get any email notifying us of aforementioned comments should they occur.

I have also finally read my Soul Signature book it being released today apparently-so I have quite a selection of reading materials and ideas to sort through and see what WISDOM’s can be extracted and paid attention to in my own life-I do seem to keep falling into the most ridiculous of thinking strategies and real need to loosen some of the grip that the past reconstructions seemingly hold over my present intended future constructions-maybe I will do the Mary Morrisey course and see if she holds the secret key that I often feel lacking in-I have also read some of her work so she may well be that elusive difference I have been looking for in my own life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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