So I should Of Course Point Out

So I should of course point out that the mini-poll I conducted was among workers who have long worked with immigrants and not people ranting and raving from the comfort of never having lived among the lower ranks of society and-or worked with the immigrant population-likewise one does have to question the media’s influence in these issues and matters.

Whilst many a newspaper owner has often claimed to stay out of the editorial side of things one cannot help to think that UKIP like other alleged minorities before them has been given a somewhat larger percentage of news space than they deserve-of course newspapers are business’ as are the TV companies and business’ have to make money-so the argument is perhaps given or often heard that were sales dramatically going down then the media outlet would likely have to change editorial stances and so on-does that work in general-well it has in the past where the traditional Tory press all swung behind Tony Blair’s Labour a few years ago (in political terms) the press had done such a job on the Labour Party over the years that it was a big shift that was needed-we some of us remember perhaps the Tory John Major years where he won the election because everyone was so psychologically against Labour-that better the devil you know would likely keep them in power forever.

The other factor from the quick overview I took was that it was pretty much government lose seats, opposition gain so from that respect quite typical of mid-term type election results-having said that the general election is of course predicted for next year so not all that great a distance to wait.

The other issue is of course that some folks think I am against wars and am some kind of wimpy pacifist -in general that is a falsehood I have long thought it time to reintroduce conscription and get all the youngsters of the estates and on planes to warzones-they win they get a pat on the back.  They lose well that’s just one less estate doley type to have my taxes wasted on.  Of course I would not limit it to so-called kids from estates as it is quite obvious that the colleges and universities and so on are crawling with wasters who we could do better without-so many of that lot can be rounded up and sent packing as well. 

Then we can of course turn our attention to the older generation-is it not time to take euthenasia  seriously I mean that is not the generation that fought in a war-that is the children of that generation all useless Beatles/Stones fans who kept Maggie in power for to long and said lets fuck over the next generation and those after that one-well they achieved there aim and know it is up to those of us with awareness and knowledge to say-LET IT BE when the euthanasia vote comes a crawling into view.

So you can see that it is useless to have political views unless you have the most basic of needs met such as food in your belly and a roof over your head and those are actually difficult to focus on when you get sucked into all the bullshit that we see in the media.  It really is better to invest in meditation and take a walk into your own intended sunset that go with the one that media moguls want you to have-and yes that includes all the other little weird things like studying ACIM and tapping and so-on, I promote those things because I found them helpful in speeding up the processes and that is called pragmatism rather than intrinsic religious sensibilities-having said that I did find myself looking at work relating to rituals recently so that could well be the next step for those who started around the same time as myself-develop some ideas and rituals of your own that work for yourself and explore.

Yes I have done plenty of all round study on many subjects yet in truth the very most basic things seem to work best rather than some of the strange complications that we see from time to time.  So whilst the first year or two of meditation and these kinds of courses can be somewhat mentally painful (for some of us) longer term you really can feel like you are free from many of the long-held thorns and feelings and so on.

So I have decided that the silvertoevelocity website and name is pretty much a busted flush in usefulness terms so need to create a new site and project for myself of some description-that I can use as an affiliate of Centerpointe and make some cash of and so on.  The other issue is of course the direction to head in as there are so many possibilities yet I really have found that the last couple of years of interaction to have not been spent in waste or vain despite it being easy to imagine otherwise.

Time has to be filled by all of us in our respective Worlds and how we do that is of course up to us and having a level of awareness and real knowledge and enlightenment is surely better than some of the alternatives that many of us have found ourselves seemingly stuck with in our lives.

Well I am on Holiday now and also have to fetch the not so little one. so I will leave you with that weirdness and say

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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