So Yesterday Being A travel Day

So yesterday being a travel day I decided to take my pad with myself on the train and simply spend the journey reviewing a number of the books that I have ploughed through in recent times and further to that I wanted to answer one or two questions as to the alleged incompatibility of different teachers works.

Having reviewed and studied much of the same recommended material as others on such life paths and journey’s I do have seeming difficulty in actually understanding where the so-called conflicts are happening-perhaps some folks are far more advanced than myself and can see these things that I cannot or perhaps I am more advanced and am simply not understanding that others see something as not being a case of CHAOS INTO CONGRUENCE.

CHAOS INTO CONGRUENCE was actually one of the titles that I was going to write about at some stage yet again it really is better for myself to simply refer others to the well worn path of the Holosync Blog and so on as I am not actually selling anything merely giving current views and  so on an airing.

So I am of the belief that we all suffer a certain amount of mental chaos in our lives and how we react to that chaos can of course have a great bearing on how the courses of our respective lives have been.  I as a bloke for instance have never been one to shed a tear whilst many women will often go into the overwhelm and shedding of the odd tear.  however as someone a little older and wiser and of course knowing that what we resist persists etc-I am now perhaps more open to having those odd moments of overwhelm on occasion myself and not suffering or thinking in any particularly negative terms when those occasions arise.

Likewise it has been suggested that conflict arises because on the Eastern Learning side of things you do not need to do anything particular to meditate and go into your own inner being and awareness and so on and develop those greater capacities of mind and so on-whilst we in the West have always sought to study such phenomena as an intellectual pursuit and that has perhaps led to writing and books and all these thinks have developed over several centuries into forms of Human Programming.

So you can be like an Eastern Meditation Guru who has sought to gain enlightenment through releasing everything or you can take the attitude of Western guru’s and say well this programming system is what is already in place so I might as well seek to integrate it into an empowering form of enlightenment and of course we all have our own ideas on symbols and interpretations and all the rest of those things.

My study of the Delai Lama kinds of teachings and materials is mostly a return to many of the basic teachings that Bill Harris gives and likewise I have studied Ken Wilbur materials and thought them to be somewhat highly intellectual and not for the feign Hearted though having said that he has perhaps become an easier read over the years than when he first began-if you do not believe myself have a look at the early Intellectual work “Sex, Ecology and Spirituality” and then compare that to more recent Integral Writings that developed out of the earlier works.  Likewise I spoke of Robert Prechter and he again is actually far more consistent though actually from a quite narrow bandwidth of thinking and strategy (In My Opinion) I as always see the usual mini review write-ups in some books and will often think at the end whether they so much as looked at these works that they are so gracious about.

It is one thing to be polite and perhaps another to be sycophantic-or perhaps that again is dependant on our own particular lifestyles and likes and loathing’s and so on and so forth.  The further I have put in the so-called work and done the necessary study and so on the less ego-centric I feel I have become though obviously for anyone not doing the meditation it could well likely seem the opposite.

I think the recommendations I made to folks have been good ones all-round and I hope folks can see that once you start getting your so-called star rising (per individual) you really can just keep on seeking to continue in the same fashion.  Whilst I have made little to zero progress in real World terms in mental World terms I know longer feel like I am surrounded or trapped in a cage in a brick cell ten foot under concrete beneath some secret ocean location.  I HAVE SPACE AND TIME TO THINK AND AM ABLE TO CHOOSE (IF ANY) DRAMA THAT I GET INVOLVED IN.

So returning to the meditation-there is this seeming constant quest for a place called EMPTYNESS and NO_MIND and this is the place before anything if you like and whilst I did not have that early on in meditation I think I have gone through enough enlightenment tools to say that I certainly no longer suffer any mind chatter or confusions and so on or indeed keep on repeating unwanted materials-likewise I always say that this blog really is for folks on similar journey’s because you can easily mistake the map for the territory especially when I have one of my writing rant days such as the Victor Meldrew type piece I wrote yesterday.

What else-well I did actually find myself dreaming again and remembering it so that is again a step up from not recalling dreams at all-though I was in somewhat of a rush and have since forgotten that particular content-if it is important I am sure the same dream or material of similar nature or interpretation will once again push itself into my conscious awareness until I seek to deal or resolve the matter in some fashion.

I was delighted that my daughter had been to her Home Economics type cookery class at her local college the day prior to my fetching her and she is developing some excellent cookery skills-the Belgium Pastries she brought to Hereford were particularly tasty and it was all she could do to stop myself from eating them all on the train-some were meant for other relatives apparently humph.

So Holiday in rainy Hereford and no getting up or being woken up by a daily alarm call of any kind this week-what to do-well got to check out the new Cinema that has opened apparently-only noticed the commercial Road Odeon was shut yesterday.  Yes she only ever wants to shop and Dave is usually an online shopper-yes I can enjoy going around shops yet it is something that can be overwhelming when you want to buy and have no cash to spend-that is why perhaps so many of us stop going into towns during our lifetimes-far easier sometimes to go into HIBERNATION modes and type thinking strategies until the next payday or job and so on.

So of course things such as river walks and enjoying parks can be free and fun yet I have often found myself preferring to escape all the trappings of a society thinking they are achieving anything when lists can quite clearly be produced demonstrating that the status quo always seems to win over the longer term.

well enough from Dave On Sunday

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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