How Can I Know The Very Best Metaphysical Path To Follow

So of course this is one of those questions that few if any of us ask-the reason being that we were generally born into the World as a fully functioning metaphysical supercomputer and then we encountered family and school and so on and so forth and pretty much had all our metaphysical supercomputer style abilities fashioned out of us.

Some of us stumble onto particular paths and very often some paths work for some folks better than others-for instance if you were brought up atheist and then later in life start attending church you can very often go through processes of self realizations based in assorted religious teachings-likewise that does not necessarily work well for others such-as your kids who you are responsible for and may well take along with yourselves-I gave myself as an example of that whereby the religious indoctrination very much worked against my young and developing mind and so on and so forth.

So this week I find myself receiving notice of Hay House World Summit and if I am honest I have already read a number of books by the assorted teachers and am unsure as to whether any further benefit can be found by myself in continuing down that lane-likewise I receive email about all new Marie Diamond course and whilst it does peek my interest I do wonder how much I already know if not consciously then non-consciously-I should write here of course for those that want a giggle that I pretty much now have a routine of EFT Tapping many an email that I receive from particular sources-my view being that whilst I tapped regularly early on with ACIM and so on I did grow tired of sitting and tapping away for an hour or however long I found myself doing that-so once I was well into the meditative groove I reduced my tapping to when reading some mail and watching the odd online lesson from this teacher or that teacher.

I think one of the issues for many of us is of course that we have to learn to take the lesson being given from any source whether we regard someone as our dearest friend or very worse enemy we are always supposed to be asking those kinds of questions as to how can I benefit from this hero worship or onslaught of hatred-one of the interesting issues is of course that very often behaviours that we find upsetting from others are actions and behaviours that we ourselves have carried out in some fashion to others.  These things can often blind us or keep us stuck in some fashion until we give up the so-called ghost in defending the criticism that we may or may not of ourselves once carried out.

The reality is not necessarily like that TV program My Name Is Earl (I think) where he spent each episode seeking to correct all the wrongs he had carried out during his lifetime-I think it is more about realising that we are really all interconnected within the Worldesphere and that you always have opportunity to let go of the past and ask the better questions that can move you into a more prosperous set of thinking strategies and self fulfilment and so on.

I have not heard any thing so far this week relating to this inside-outside issue yet it is perhaps one to always be aware of and how you going about integrating and rectifying or improving your own inner salvation-if indeed you come to realise that you can be your very own hero/heroine should you so choose to do so.

Yes I do not know where that word Worldeshere popped up from yet maybe it is something that needs exploring if not by others then at least by myself.

So relatively short and sweet today with little to say that has not been said already and so on-I think most teachers do say that we are all of us Holy and that we can call upon that awareness of our own divinity at any time and of course whilst that is easy for myself to say I know that one I saw many preachers saying that as a youngster and two that I have meditated and worked through a mass of courses simply to get to a state where I can think and feel and accept such thinking from the core of my own inner being as opposed to being told such information from an external source-so perhaps the real benefit for anyone is gravitating towards levels and states of awareness whereby you can experience the truth of such teachings and genuinely know and learn to trust your own inner compass and bodily knowledge (in metaphysical terms).

I have myself also been gravitating toward the integral type practices hence my speaking of Wilbur again so many choices and paths some perhaps better studied and others less so and there is always more to learn and develop irrespective of where you feel you are presently at-how can I raise my current vibration to higher levels is also another desire I seem to be thinking about-I spoke yesterday about the basics of musical notation yet did not relate it to frequency as that again is an area where progress can be made by many folks-when they choose to put the personal work in.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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