Never A Super-Dull Moment

So as you may or may not be able to see Dave S Perkins had one of those “How Can I” type moments where after a year or more of blogging I felt somewhat compelled to make some minor changes-how long they will last I am unsure as I will simply decide whether the minor changes were all that worthwhile.

There are of course many things I could do yet I opted for the very simplest of rotating headers and a new font and colour scheme-I will likely during the course of the coming days, weeks and months alter these features until I find a combination that I feel better reflects the image or style that I wish to present.

The bland and boring look that I stayed with for so long has to go because it was of course beginning to lower my own vibration rather than as I recently suggested want to raise-however having said that one of the interesting things is of course the error of raising vibration when in reality you want to raise your power and lower your frequency and those that say I want need higher vibes etc-have not really thought through or studied the related science to understanding how such things are brought about-I myself of course have benefitted from studying the works of assorted masters in these matters and feel that the longer term rewards are retention of such knowledge and of course the progress made through understanding the terminologies in a greater detail than perhaps the generalizations that I do use quite often-whilst having a knowledge of the detailed workings.

So yes when you have studied any subject matter well you do tend to talk and speak very often in terms that goes over the heads of many a person-you then seek to simplify what you are saying and that of course can lead you into trouble when the so-called gaps in knowledge are assumed rather than actually known.

What else-well I did add a small Holosync affiliate link to the website though of course most people encountering that website are generally viewing it from the Holosync blog and I am therefore unlikely to profit in anyway shape or form unless of course folks decide to take pity on my poor ass and purchase Holosync Awakening Prologue via the provided link (strange but true)-I should have cashed in early like everyone else so now of course I do feel free to develop a new site of some description that will perhaps be a dull and bland Zen site of some description-I am of course still exploring the options as to how I can best link in the meditation with other Worldly activities that folks might do searches for-of course they do say that you can come up with anything and folks somewhere among the 7 billion worldwide population will of course be interested and make that link and purchase that brings you an income.

So yes I will continue with this blog and see what other sites or interests I have that may bring myself a more prosperous and successful future than the future that I presently seemingly have.

So things to do, people to see, life to live and so on and so forth

Well I just wanted to see what the new front end blog screen looks like so here goes

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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