A Message In A Bottle

So I decide to practice some of the visualization stuff from one of the multifarious courses that I have purchased and of course they do often involve letting your imagination go and so on and the best that I seemingly managed when going through a sequence of key discoveries was A message in a bottle found on a beach followed by a sailing ship that transformed into so kind of alien like space craft followed by a cave of fire and within the cave of fire there lay a black shadow engulfed by the fire and as I looked on the shadow sat up and walked around a burning pit and then another shadow sat up and jumped down and ran around the burning pit-eventually the pit was surrounded by these humanesque type shadow creatures and the cave continued to burn-I am supposed to come up with meanings for these things of course yet it can of course like all imagery be transferable to all and any aspect of life that I choose to look.

So yes another day another dollar for those that do not earn pounds like us folks here in the UK and it has been an intermittent showers kind of day here in Hereford and the sun has peeked out from time to time though do not tell anyone as that is likely tempting fate.

What else well of course I am still adjusting to the new blog styling though how long I stick with it as is I am unsure-I do see all these guru’s with super-duper kind of websites and webpages of course and I have tended to keep my pretty simple.  I guess I will likely put extra effort into my next site just so as to be sure that it meets the bells and whistles criteria expected of someone who studied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Uni-I guess all that studying actually went to waste in many ways yet theory of all the various aspects and design and so on does actually gear you towards the MAKING THINGS LOOK EASY AND EFFORTLESS despite many sites having huge engines and design criteria and so on running them in the background.

I guess humans are the same in many ways all those various aspects that folks like to hide about themselves whilst always seeking to put on the best public face and so on-how far and what you make of various kinds of thinking strategies and actually learning to think in strategies that are life enhancing and so on can actually take time and sorting through and digging down to the deeper regions of space and time that you hold in your noggin can also take time yet I think there is a benefit to doing many of the courses that I have tried and tested for myself.

So some folks of course wonder why I repeat particular stories and quite simply for example with the meditation-something you see read or relate to with awakening prologue can be opened up further for you when you step up to the awakening levels-and again when you go up to the purification levels further opening up and realisations can happen-so myself never knowing where any particular reader might be in the assorted teachings and learnings always recommend going back through your own journal or blog writings (as opposed to mine) and likewise any other resources that you have seen interaction on and take another look-I recommended folks go read the old Holosync blog material and it really was because each time you read some of that material you can gain new realizations and new understandings and so on and likewise you can gain from visiting a number of partner sites or indeed purchasing some of the products-though I myself resisted that until I had done the LPIP courses and so on-the onslaught of super-duper product emails can be tough to resist yet in many ways had I had the funds available I am sure I would have invested in far more than I initially did-I guess I have long had a tough on myself discipline as to the purse strings and getting to a place where I am not in deep resistance to living costs and expenditure and so on does seem to be taking time.  I think it really depends on how bad a past you have had in relation to debt and finance companies harassing you by phone when you lost your source of income and bailiffs showing up when the credit card company sold your debt to some sleezeball debt collecting agency and so on-I unfortunately have experienced all of these things so do not tend to trust banks moneylenders and so-called financial business’ in general-far to easy when you are young to get sucked in by all the cheap APR rates and then get stiffed when or if your life happens to take a turn for the worse-they say they deal with debt and loan defaulters in a fair manner yet my own genuine life experience says that is a MAJOR lie-they simply sell defaulter debts on to collection agencies and huge numbers of those types of companies are not run using what most of us would call law abiding methods and tactics-they probably think that everyone they collect from is of a criminal nature and treat people in highly disrespectful and harassing manners from the off.

So of course my bad experience does tend to sour any relations I have with the financial service type industries in general-I think a comparison that many might relate to is that one of clampers-anyone who remembers the dodgy clamper outrages-you are likely dealing with the same kinds of tricksters, cheats and so on and so forth.

Again it is for these kinds of reasons that I really do recommend folks work through the Holosync levels and put the regular work and practice in-I know many do anyway-yet I do write these repetitions for folks who might want to get to the good or better stuff-you can experience good things of course from the off-yet in releasing life’s less savoury type hazards and traps that many of us have fallen into you really do need to think about using combinatorial approaches-do some tapping-get yourself into a total la-di-da type course-yes most of them do cost money yet the truth is that most of the triggers and so on that used to really trigger and get to me these days are often met with shrugs of the shoulder.

What else-well I was thinking a great deal about something I heard from one teacher which was that some people live the same year in repetition for 60 years whithout ever realizing they are stuck in a loop whilst others seek to break out of such recursive patterns and so on-in truth I have found that studying most of the master material recommendations bookwise can get most folks at any level to a state of greater awareness of the opportunities available-I know WHY THE WEST RULES FOR NOW was a popular choice and Harry Brown HOW I FOUND FREEDOM IN AN UNFREE WORLD yet there are many recommendations that have good patterns to return to depending of course where your own interest lies-many history books are somewhat hit and miss-yet the title when you have progressed with these technologies can often be a good indication of where the author is coming from.

Anyway enough from myself I have to go and diagnose what my message in a bottle and sailing ship transformer and burning shadow means?  The problem of course is knowing where to do the witnessing from-when you advance it really can be best to turn of the NEWS NOOSE-unfortunately it can also be the best place to do your witnessing during the first year or two of meditation-just ensure that you have plenty of other more uplifting viewing or activities and so on to compensate for the drear and political crap and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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