Your Turning Into Captain Jack

This the observation of the not so little one upon seeing dad marching around with a compass in hand-one does have to actually seek to test out some of the multifarious courses one has purchased doesn’t one-well this weekend seems to be one of further bombardment of super-duper life saving deals-of course some do seem quite worth while yet they very often depend upon where your own focus has been placed.

Early on of course I was very much interested in the so-called healing kinds of modalities-yet in truth the further I have progressed there does not seem to be much that is not classified in ALL IS LOVE fashion-having said that you do very often have to work through all your own layers of truths and beliefs and so on and the speed at which you progress is of course personal choice-I went pretty rapidly through some courses in a lets get this over with mentality yet you do very often reach a plateau here or a plateau there where you have a catch-a-breath moment to ask yourself whether it is worth it-I guess those things depend on how much you feel you have already progressed-I am quite sure judging from what I have seen that the early adopters generally followed my “just keep going” mantra’s and have been rewarded in there own life’s when they take those pauses to take stock-likewise I am also convinced that many were able to do the modalities and so on unimpeded by the seemingly huge level of responsibility / stupidity I took upon myself-I guess in truth I think it was WINSTON CHURHILL who said-when your marching through hell-keep going.

I know one of the biggies for many people especially in the earlier levels are those YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY YOU feelings if such thoughts can exist-or rather perhaps put a better way-it is easy to confuse “How the hell does that person know that” when talking about there own life and triggering some paranoia relating to your own-as I have repeatedly said-as you progress all those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on do generally leave you or fall away-usually when you begin to lighten up and see just how stupid and ridiculous many of the STORIES we keep a tight grip on-we really are very often better off letting go.

I think when you look to some of the Zen type modalities and SATORI you do come to understand that we are dominated by layer upon layer of story’s and as has been repeated over and again and again you have to let the good stuff go as well as the bad stuff-that does not mean you are losing precious memories and so on so much as you are letting go of all the associated baggage-so for instance when my great grandmother died up in Cheshire-I was just out of Hospital and unable to travel to the Funeral-my grandfather Jack died during that week straight after his mother (my grandmother had died a few years previous and he spent his life looking after his 100 year old or so mum) and I was unable to travel to his funeral either-so you might say that I had long associated feelings of guilt and shame and so on at being unable to travel and the obvious thought that the worry or stress about myself being in hospital indirectly led to both of them dying.

I still have fond memories of visiting both though if I am honest great gran was like how those sweet old witches are portrayed-and she did indeed seemingly live on sweets and biscuits and so on-my grandfather lived not to far away so we used to stay at his house and visit assorted northern relatives from that location-as I have said I think my mother is still in touch with one or two relatives yet us younger generations would not know each other if we bumped into each other in the street.

So what else-well as I said many courses available and I’ll be continuing in my “when I have the funds available” attitude until I turn the financial corner myself-having said that several offers do seem to good to refuse-I fancied that Mary Morrisey course-yet did not have the funds so did the next best thing and bought a couple of her books.  Likewise Hay house this weekend does have some great speakers and again I have assorted books from several of them-many are people who started the awakening journey using ACIM and that is why I always recommend that book because it really can help accelerate progress-these folks were not always the grand and magnificent teachers and preachers that they now appear to be of course.  Likewise I do like the LS courses and once you have them they do seem to grown on you as you progress in making the various links and filling in gaps in knowledge.

I have just had the next photo-reading book recommendation and it was THINKING FAST AND SLOW (Daniel Kahnman) and thankfully that is one I already have so know purchasing for myself this month though of course I can return to it and see what I missed the first time round-he is another of those ECONOMIC NOBEL prize winners and I think I may have mentioned the book previously so you too may already have that one in your collection.

What else well because I do my sometimes cramming mode I do sometimes return to books and find a particular name or historical work standing out-this happened today when I suddenly found myself desperately rushing to buy a book by Alfred North Whitehead entitled PROCESS AND REALITY he is one of those ancient philosophers that inspired most of the present crop of philosophers-not for the faint of Heart in reading terms yet the book does have some interesting knowledge that to my mind is far more valuable than many modern philosophical works-in fact you might say the modern stuff is highly watered down in comparison and maybe that is how the elites like it yet it does demonstrate to myself that many of the works that can be picked up for free or at pretty low prices on Kindle re well worth making those little investments for-at least knowledge wise.

Does that mean I have progressed-well no-I think it merely means I have a better foundation of understanding as to how the modern World came into being-of course at one time the Universities and so on really were the preserves of the Elite and so-called Establishment-where now for all the complaining that we have seen since the 60’s the average commoner has been able to go into these preserves of the old Establishment given the desire and opportunity.

Well very late blog from myself today and I see England have just beaten Peru 3-0 at home perhaps they should have played in a hotter climate where they would have probably been more tested-acclimatisation works both ways for both teams and I think I actually concur with a work colleague who recently suggested that Spain were likely the best European team to back given the recent history-of course one should never rule out the Germanz though I think Brazil as the home nation are of course the team to beat-though whether they return to the style and passion of classic teams is of course debatable-I think the Italian league set standards of not lose defensive obsessions for many years and the rest of Europe adopted those kinds of tactics-the shadow of the ultra defensive attitudes tends to be cast of of course by those one or two individuals who are ignoring managers and wanting to win and I think we may just see several of those types of players at this World cup-whether we have any on the England squad is of course highly debatable.

Anyway who wants to talk sport

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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