Are Saturdays Absolutely Necessary

Well Duh! is of course the cry that can be heard upon reading that statement from many a Bongo and Mona-however the reason of course to ask any question is to track IDEAS back to origin and source-I think once you have established communications between brain hemispheres and raised your head upwards and spiralled outwards in your investigations as to why life is as it is-you can of course feel more free to set your own course and action.

I recently mentioned Steven Covey and I happened to notice that a book of his “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” is literally a bargain on Amazon at the moment-whilst his material is somewhat Management Oriented his was actually one of the early books that I read after my early Hypnosis investigations however many years ago that was now and the series that he continued to write were very straight forward and understandable-I liked them.

Nutjobs and La-Di-Da’s might find the work of Esther Hicks interesting-she is one of those folks who sits on stage and drops into another character named Abraham and she is actually very good (I watched an interview she did with Wayne Dyer for the Hay House Summit) and in the interests of fairness I decided I could have a look at what she writes in her books.  I bought “Ask and It Is Given” again for an exceptionally cheap price and the book does contain a huge number of so-called Law of Attraction materials for folks who have dived into the realms of weirdness surrounding Rhonda Byrnes “The Secret” and so on-the book also contains many PROCESSES that I thought quite interesting-so anyone interested in light reading version of so-called processes might find those in that book handy-you might say that these kinds of things are as difficult or as simple as you make them for yourself.

By that I personally explore the Heavy Duty materials such-as Alfred North Whitehead’s as well as look at the mainstream populist materials though in truth you do not need to do any of that-those that meditate will likely find the mainstream stuff quite interesting and useful and quite easy to implement-again choice is choice and I think much of my investigations and so on came about because I invested in Photo-reading so wanted to get the best out of that product-likewise I have also pretty much purchased and integrated a full ensemble of suite of products since then and when you use them regularly you do start getting the assorted benefits and so on as I am sure those who opted for similar products are aware.

So I can probably go on for ever and ever seeking for answers outside of myself and so on yet in truth I simply wanted to get to states of awareness whereby I no longer need or have a desire for continued investigation-I think the nature of the Universe and expansion and so on is what happens when you get yourself centered and operating and thinking from the so-called Zone and of course as I said on the questions page of the Silvertoe website pretty much all the answer have already been provided for anyone willing to investigate a little-or indeed a lot-why limit yourself he says to know one in particular.

So yes the other thing about the Steven Covey book is that is the book that best explains ideas such-as WIN/WIN and so on and may very well have been where I first picked up that idea-he also relates such thinking to maturity and self development levels-so nothing that you are unlikely to have heard previously yet as I say I have gone back to that book many times-so it is one of those kinds of What Would Covey Do-he really did set a standard in many ways in the so-called Business Sector reading market yet that should not put people of as I think in UK Terms he is perhaps at the middle-class type of level nothing difficult

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