Collateral Damage

Dear Dave

If I see anyone anywhere using the slogan “Head To Toe With Silvertoe” I will set my MOB on you so be warned GRRR and if your former employer was so fantastic why did you leave?


Hi Mongo

Okay if you see anyone promoting “HEAD TO TOE WITH SILVERTOE” you can rest assured that it is someone stealing from myself and I am unaware of a need for any advertising as the path once you have bitten the bullet and made those initial steps or personal expenditure or however you wish to describe such things-the path or way does start to broaden and become more obvious as you proceed and as I and countless others have discovered there is always  new dimension of some description that has not been explored or considered. 

As to my departure from my previous employer it was for myself a huge tragedy as I grew up with the firm in many ways and they too used rotational management and learning training schemes combined with paperwork and associated learning systems etc.  I had started part time in one role and capacity and gradually learned the ropes around multiple areas and departments-they then introduced an “OFFICIAL” or “PLANNED” and “STRUCTURED” IN-HOUSE TRAINING SYSTEM and invited myself to become one of the participants within that scheme-it meant giving up on intended further Education plans (Finishing college-going to University) yet circumstances had already conspired to sabotage much of those plans anyway-so I made an official commitment to the company that I had already made in many ways simply through working for them and the OFFICIAL scheme was a more REGIMENTED or DISCIPLINED version of the things I had already been doing. So I went through those courses and so on repeating what I had already done and learnt and adding other aspects that were in the courses that were not included in so-called Hands-on experience work.

As to my leaving well this is for some a big issue as to whether I am telling truth or not yet I can only describe events from my own actual experience and knowledge of the things that went on-and much of what I learnt came in what for myself was hindsight.


Unbeknown to myself a group a colleagues some immediate and others unknown were all regular socializers with each other as a collective-this quite obviously happens with collectives of young peoples & work colleagues everywhere-I at that time still had many former school /college friends and whilst I knew many colleagues to meet and greet as I went about drinking and pub crawling and so on it was perhaps one area of my life where I had not become part of any Company culture-I had if you recall a “major accident” during these years and because of recuperation and so on literally was the odd person out in some of these scenario’s

what scenario’s?

Well if you think of things in cycles then groups and relationships generally come together through shared experience over given measurements of time-I being unable to socialize was not necessarily in peoples thoughts when it came time to say “hey coming out for a pint on the weekend?” so effectively there was a disjunction whereby I was like the additional C-list guest at a wedding rather than a planned and invited A-list.  I hope that makes sense I simply had missed out on the building and forming of social groups and collectives.

So anyway a WORK HARD/PLAY HARD work group collective has formed-socializing and drinking and becoming known as regulars around local pubs and clubs and so on and this group has started dabbling and dealing in class A and B drugs and they apparently were not particularly discrete because they came to the attention of the POLICE who began monitoring them-(late 80’s early nineties-amphetamines and so on had become all the rage alongside more traditional illegals such-as cannabis and so on).

I am unaware of how long they were monitored for yet they were identified and traced back to the place of work and eventually some decision was taken by the POLICE FORCE that they were going to have themselves some bang to rights scalps and convictions.

So they the Police swoop in and arrest and question all there primary targets one of whom as I understood it shared my common forename David  and my own name seemingly got confused into the mix whereby under pressured questioning an immediate work colleague within that group named myself and not this other David and following all leads the Police then cautioned arrested and questioned myself.

They (The Police) made a big deal of the arrests in public press releases and my FORMER EMPLOYER went into damage limitation mode (A regional manager issued a GET RID command to local management) because the Police were strongly associating the crimes with employees of the company.  Having been one of those arrested and questioned I was then effectively sacked for bringing the name of the Company into disrepute-and before anyone claims otherwise EVERY COMPANY HAS WAYS AND MEANS THAT THEY CAN REMOVE PERSONS OR PEOPLE they decide are unwanted or undesirable.  That is where give and take comes in on a day-to-day basis and why managers have to learn good or effective strategies in some of these games of black and white issues.

So gotten rid of by a Company and having that Company at the top of your CV whilst the police via the press are promoting A major Crime Bust associated with the company employees-as much as I have spent a life time protesting and trying to explain innocence the simple acts of having been arrested & sacked serves as “If it’s good enough for them (meaning previous employer), it’s good enough for me” objection in interview and so on-so effectively being truthful and honest on my CV’s and in interview has seriously damaged my ability to get jobs when in reality you would think it should be the other way around-TRUST, TRUST, TRUST, are the words that spring to mind and you might say that my inability to progress within current employment says the same thing-however I would also point out that I did find work after those events and can demonstrate good references so ANY FEAR THAT MATERIAL BRINGS UP IS FOR THE READER OF THE MATERIAL and not myself-that is perhaps one of those double-bind issues perhaps whereby an illegitimate objection exists in my CV and far to many folks over the years have bitten that objection effectively demonstrating some level of GUILT perhaps within they’re own mind set.

Yes Psychology can be a highly difficult area-though the TECHNOLOGIES and so on that I promote demonstrate that anyone in any walk of life wants TRANPARENCY and many of the seeming wisdom teachings lead again to wanting TRANSPARENCY and I do know or am aware that many of the HIGHER LEVEL EXPERIENCED managers within my current employer have also learned the SO CALLED HARD WAY that TRUST TRANSPARENCY and so on as well as ability to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY and have PRESSURE RELEASNG mechanisms et al are important factors in they themselves having steadily worked up towards the posts that they now find themselves in.

Anyway this post is INFORMATION that is not relevant NOW and is effectively some 23 TWENTY-THREE years out of date-I am not holding onto it so why do OBJECTORS in interview-I learned some huge life lessons from the fallout of those events yet those that come into contact with my CV’s and so on have perhaps not learned theirs is the best that I can think of.

Well enough for today.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Peeling Back Fears Is Peeling Back Layers

So this is of course quite a blasé dichotomy to use and understanding of these things is again related to how far you have as an individual progressed with level of awareness and all the rest of those kinds of things.

So I used to work for the NHS and that really is a BOTTOMLESS PIT of expenditure that any business would be terrified to take on-and it is the terror or fear of the bottomless pit’s of non-profitable expenditure that bites way to hard into many a person or managers mind set.

We have all I am sure spent money at times on things that were personal projects or happiness floaters as opposed to needed and on those occasions we can consider ourselves to have bitten the bullet in some fashion-the problem of course is that in the business world a million and one examples are often cited of FAILED non-profitable expenditure that later resulted in dooming an entire company to failure.

However we do not want to buy into that side of the coin-we want to bite into the side of the coin where huge leaps and bounds were made through targeted and planned non-profitable expenditure-and that is where the disparity is often sold.

So managers often get into an undesirable habit of using a generic catch-all of saying non-profitable when they might well be better off using terms such-as targeted expenditure. 

The individual mind set and the company mind set can not be assumed to be running on the same channel.  So I spoke earlier of my former and present employers going through a courting ritual and you might say that all my earliest “working life” business mind set and so on came about through working for that company-I was still in the schooling/college system whilst initially working for them and prior to later going full-time.

When I moved on into the NHS that really was a terror/fear inducing experience because the department was autonomously managed by consultants who each and every April would spent and MISALLOCATE expenditure for they’re own pet projects and staff would spend year on year fretting and worrying and so on concerned for jobs that the budget seemingly no longer had a budget for-it came as a relief when the higher management negotiated the Consultants out of the budgetary management affairs part of the department operations-though in truth it was probably more fun operating under the “FIRE FIGHTING” mentality that such fear/terror can induce.

However I did reach a point where I was never experiencing the same level of adrenalin rush-the fire fighting was not fire fighting any more and looking back I can see how some of my own mind set was or had become one of self sabotaging whereby I would put off aspects of the work in order to make it seem like I was fire fighting later and part of my reason for leaving that job was because I went from helping and being part of a new start-up venture within the NHS to a mainstream running venture/department and the start-up activity and mind set was perhaps where my adrenaline rush came from and I as an individual was perhaps not best suited for the dullness of day-to-day normality and the boring that so many others seemingly want and chase.

So that brings us back again to EGO and you might say that you can have a MATURE EGO AND IMMATURE EGO and we very often find ourselves having too many IMMATURE EGO’s operating at high Levels of business’ and wondering how in the World did this person or that person of management manage to maintain that EGO level for so long and of course when we look at some Health statistics we find that they did not because the immature ego is where our many assorted health issues seemingly abide.  This perhaps comes back to having mastermind groups and so on or people around yourself that you interact with that you trust to be able to say “Hey wait a minute old chap” or however such things are done.

So my former employer once built a property with the plan that the investment would pay for itself over the next five years and what actually happened (through lack of local competition at that time) was that the investment was returned within one year-and those kinds of events can become self perpetuating in the sense that they can give you the confidence to repeat the same idea from town to town area to area-when the feedback statistics in any given area start to WOBBLE-you know that you once again require ADJUSTMENTS.

So where my present employer constantly fire fights is seemingly because of historical “FIRE FIGHTING” becoming the “coup de grace” mind set that has set in. My French could well be incorrect as it is many years since my regular training or thinking in the language. However as I said above return on investment CAN sometimes pay for itself-so what if a TARGETTED INVESTMENT into NON-PROFITABLE AREAS CAN PAY FOR ITSELF? This is in fact what is happening in part because the company has indeed made huge infrastructure investment-however the WOBBLE is happening and peoples at all levels are faced with some hard choices?

Can those be summed up yes but clearly not from myself-it is hard for myself because I am clearly not part of any given loop-you might in fact say that I chose that strategy from the beginning of joining the company-one because I was quickly under fire from too many “divergent operatives” pulling in to many directions and or empires and as my own history demonstrates-I did not as a person fit neatly into any of those empires-becoming a somewhat isolated out cast within the greater organisation-and of course my incompatibility with the established order and empires meant zero advancement opportunities would be given or taken seriously. I would still like advancement or opportunity to move within the Organisation yet identifying my best attributes and/or skillset when I have through experience and the years developed all round skills means that opportunities for broader based talent are confused or generally given to persons who advanced within already established lines of progress structures and so on-by that I mean someone starts on a line-they become trainer or manager-a year or two for each job in rotation around factory or departments and then they go to higher over view positions and again are rotated around those positions (those advancements are of course choice of the personal themselves applying for those advancement and of course given associated pressures of some areas and not others are seemingly highly coordinated despite outward appearances).  Someone somewhere knows what they are doing.

So one cannot begrudge others advancement because they too are justified in saying they have actual hand on experience and worked for there own cause within established organisational boundaries-all I would say in my own defence is that many battles came about through inheritance of mind sets within the organisation and clearly that is because unlike the PARENT CORPORATION and my FORMER EMPLOYER the HEAD TO TOE investment IN PEOPLE has not fully set in-by that I mean that huge strides (In my witnessed opinion) have been made yet some OLD STORY EXCUSES (for not investing HEAD TO TOE) have not systematically been fully routed out (you might say that some areas are better than others yes it sometimes seems that a HEAD TO KNEE strategy exists or a HEAD TO TORSO strategy exists.  I am also of course aware that many colleagues within the organisation have also experienced working elsewhere and it is the foolish individual who thinks they are the only one to who can write all this kind of stuff and not experienced they’re own level of suffering within some ANTI-HERO LONE WOLF RETURNING KING MENTAL HEALTH COMPLEX. lol 🙂

So I would like to repeat that this blog whilst it can be read by anyone is INTENTED PREDOMINANTLY for people or persons using some of the recommended technologies on my website and your understanding of what I say and do comes from your shared usage of those technologies and not face value interpretation of what may seem like damaging or unfair or condescending materials written here. 

Words that have appeared recently are THRIVE Arianne Huffington’s book perhaps? and what else now escapes me yet I did return to looking at BIOLOGY OF BELIEF (Bruce Lipton) also and have strangely found that the Worlds around myself have come more into alignment with myself than the other way-so maybe whilst I might seem a stick in the mud the overtime effect seemingly has been one with a purpose that originated somewhere in the non-conscious or from an earlier part of my life perhaps-who knows I need change also yet getting an appropriate outlet and knowing that Dave this is your appropriate outlet are of course issues-I am willing to listen and or be directed yet a non fire fighting and genuinely motivating experience and language continues to allude.

and I have still not spoken on all the many compatibilities between companies yet the list grows in my mind so perhaps it will continue to conjugate and coagulate before coming into a more precise series of WOWs and OH YEAH’s and so on and so forth.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

When Needs Must Is Lost In Translation

Todays post has been sectioned a little bit so those that want more funny or humorous material need to scroll down rather than plough through all the earlier section material-though of course you can choose to think this is quite a diverse catch-up and the title section is down below where I have a chat with my mate Brad.

So I have not spent time writing this blog this week and you might say that once again the inspirations were beginning to dry up and so I decided to step back a little and see what areas of life the Universe and everything came to my attention.  Of course in truth we all of us have multiple aspects of attention and management of those aspects is carried out by many people in what might be regarded as juggling fire fighter modes that developed naturally over time with out any thought as to having a process or strategy and even those of us who have been through management courses and so on can often find that the optimum strategy at any given moment of our life can disappear out of the Window when enough distress or distractions are circulating in the environments in which we find ourselves.

So I did write a piece earlier in the week and I mentioned Heart attacks and strokes and of course because of my knowledge of real reality as opposed to most folk’s “lacking in awareness” reality that pretty much meant that some or any of us might have had incidents containing those health conditions appear more in our World Focus-and of course that is also true today because I have referenced the same material-however what I previously failed to mention or deleted as an aspect of the information was that the last couple of weeks for myself has seen a rather large amount of stress or distress circulating-and I have effectively if you like seemingly had an extremely slow or slow motion stroke or heart attack whereby the causes or however have worked there way out of my bodily system or energy field.  can such things occur-I think that they can yes and again it comes down to your level of awareness and perhaps understanding of how these things work-I also spoke of cognitive dissonance and that of course can be both an explanation and a crux-in calling anything a crux I mean simply that it can be all to easy to say that is it-this is the peg that I am hanging my theory on-as opposed to developing an understanding that multiple theories and indeed Solutions can all at surface level seem to be different or diverse yet in reality be very much the same.  I also have to be sure that I am not experiencing “WARNING SIGNS” as that too could be an interpretation-dependant on how well you know your own body-as many blokes do-I tend to ignore or not have as strong an understanding of the physical body and feelings that might be acting as triggers.

So where else-well I will of course at some point come to the title yet I have multiple tid-bits to work through so please be patient-so what else?

Well going back a week or two some will recall that I ranted-and in those scenario’s it can be very easy to think “he’s making it up” yet in truth those rants are genuine responses to particular individuals that like it or not I find in my World and the traditional reason that faces all blokes when they complain about such issues such-as persistant long term baiting is that management have an “you are being oversensitive” policy of dealing with these matters or Man-up keep your hair on and so on-the downside of course that they then further to that complain of a drop in your standard of work CAUSE AND EFFECT-you in effect are in a trap whereby complaint of part of the (CAUSE) is dismissed by the same individual (MANAGER) who is then complaining about overall (EFFECT).

So I recently found myself being disciplined for what might be considered a repetition of a non-compliance of current working practice and further to that managers were able to demonstrate a History because they NOW have to keep diaries-whether that is just for myself or for everyone I am unsure-yet I think again that is an EXCELLENT STRATEGY because it can help keep both the managers and staff on the so-called “straight and narrow” and if any future baiting occurs I have to be able to assume that Manager has to place said complaint in diary whilst telling myself to man-up or whatever-so I am familiar with the pattern and he/she/they will become familiar with the pattern also and that pattern IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE and not genuinely specific to myself-my zero tolerance is because of  “AWARENESS” there are fine lines in differing peoples sensibilities and in an environment that “allegedly” welcomes all-comers as employees the PATTERN will lead to folks seeing who the real TROUBLE MAKERS (or people with issues) are as opposed to letting Dave continuously take the rap-we can all experience thoughts and feelings that need or require dissipating out of our systems-yet it is not good for that to take place in the oldest of fashions-baiting colleagues who have asked you to stop.

I can of course also state that things have vastly improved over the years though like most places and environments many a hidden corner of dark ages mentalities  still exist that have seemingly not caught up with today’s demanded working life rules and regulations and best practice and that is where I think I will go next.

So I was recently chatting with a long time day time manager and the thought occurred that had I started on days my experience would likely have been very differing-in the sense that whilst many of the troubles were apparent-day time practice and so on had already taken steps in better dealing with some difficult or troublesome topics-by that I mean that out of say 5 daytime crews 2 or 3 were seemingly chugging along quite happily without any problems-despite underlying rivalries-so I had opted for one of the dark hidden away corners of the place and then went into a downward spiral.



Dave: Hey Brad look Angelina’s looking at you why not ask her out on a date?

Brad: I cant Dave

Dave: Why ever not?

Brad: Well Dave you see to expect to date a women like that means that I would have to spend money on areas of my life that are non-profitable and according to all my managers anywhere and everywhere ever that I have ever worked for that is bad for business.

Dave: What would you have to spend money on Brad? 

Brad:  Well first of all I might have to spend money on a toothbrush (Hygiene) and Toothpaste (Hygiene)

Dave: and?

Brad: Well she might want me to spend money on soap /shower gel (Hygiene) and wash my hair with shampoo (Hygiene)

Dave: and?

Brad: She might want me to shave regularly with shaving foam (Hygiene) and a razor (Hygiene) and cut my nails with nail clippers (Hygiene) 

Dave: and?

Brad : well I could use the foam and razor to shave my pits so that is a shared one but what about deodorant (Hygiene) and that anti-perspiring stuff (Hygiene)  

So I could of course carry this interaction on forever and ever yet the reason I bring it up is because of what I regard as a translatable topic that needs translating-and whilst I have used Hygiene as an example you can also say that areas such-as engineering and infrastructure and health and safety and so on are also non-profitable.

So my current employer is currently going through what might be regarded as a courting ritual with one of my former employers (one that told myself I was leaving a job I could have had for life when I left)  and having worked for BOTH companies I personally think they are a good fit in many areas-however in order for the date to actually happen some major re-evaluations are perhaps required in thinking strategies as to spending and though it is not my pain (having been rejected multiple times when applying for advancement) I do think that this is where breakthroughs or strategy changes are potentially not being looked at enough-I also think that you have to regard one company (Current employer) as having a male oriented or dominating  fashion (oh the pain) and the other (former employer) a female oriented fashion and that we need to pretend we are lesbians or at least have the ability to understand mind sets where we need to make changes in our game plan for our desired outcome-a date or stepping up to the next level of growth or however you want to describe these things.

So where do I see commonalities and differences?

Well one ( current employer) is funded and paid for by a sugar daddy corporation who expect great things from its funding and a return on the investment-the other (former employer) has vast reserves of wealth and can take or leave any advancement approaches made although in mind set terms they can seem demanding-bridging the differences is only as big a hurdle as bridging mind sets and both Sugar daddy corporation and former employer are proven users of so-called win/win strategy and planning so any disparity that arises-arises from present or current strategies employed within my present company and how much they are in alignment with the sugar daddy mind-set.

So I spoke of mind set and in fact we have 3 mind sets and not just 2 mind sets to deal with.  I think that over the years my employer mind set has moved into greater alignment with parent corporation and that alignment has brought them more into alignment again into possibly making a step up and dealing with companies that previously might have invoked  those SHE’S OUTTA MY LEAGUE kind of responses from Brad.

I think I will pause here and perhaps write more later as I still have not listed as I said I would all the commonalities and they are actually many.  TTFN


A Determined New Clean Sweep/ New Broom?

Okay so many want to know what are genuine continuing issues and what are debatable side issues? I will also state that whilst I am talking off working life many of the elements can be applied whether at home or social life-many of the details are highly transferable.

So irrespective of the company you work for or what level of that company you work at you very likely followed a similar path and-or trail to the one that I myself have followed-so again you will have to forgive myself if I steer from what I intend as a generic kind of path into the realm of personal experience.

So we all very often start off going into some company or getting a job and our youthfulness and motivation is often enough to carry us through the early part of such experiences.

So that of course as a cycle can be repeated each time you go and find a new job-yet in truth you can well be adding and adding weights around your neck as you continue whether up a management path or from company to company.

For instance you will very often be asked to read training manuals and sign to say you understand and comply with the training manual.  You will likely or possibly also have a differing trainer or indeed manager and both these individuals could well also be demanding that you comply with they themselves-this can be where issues arise and things can become murky and so on which we will get to in a minute.

So you have an intention to stay congruent in your own mindset-at least most people do that I am aware of on a day to day basis-you also have a CONSCIOUS WINDOW of AWARENESS and a NON-CONSCIOUS WINDOW or AWARENESS and you might say this is where most of us who have had health complaints and so on difficulties arise.

So I joined a company and my health over the first 5 years of employment deteriorated rapidly and likewise so did the health of a number of colleagues who started around the same time-although the reasons from my own research very likely differs from what they themselves believe.

The next 5 years have been spent predominantly researching CAUSE and EFFECT and looking for ACTUAL WORKABLE SOLUTIONS for everyone not just myself and as I progressed more and more other folks joined forces and the effort (if you like) in the same manner wanting to know or have answers-predominantly deciding that pointing the finger of blame is generally quite lame and not a real answer for anyone.

So cause and effect relates HEAVILY to the conscious and non-conscious windows of awareness and how you yourself manage those windows or allow them to operate.

THE RESULT of my RESEACH is the topic of what mental health experts call COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

So I spoke earlier about being asked to SIGN in agreeing to COMPLY with processes in a training manual. I also spoke earlier about desiring to COMPLY with a given trainer or manager.

If both manual and trainer and manager are all in clear alignment with each other then you will likely be free of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and CONGRUENT in your TRUTH of how you see the World and work and operate and so on and so forth-however if any disparity exists between any of these elements then COGNITIVE DISSONANCE can set in and this is predominantly where most Health Issues have been caused.

So I will right an example-let us say you have a brand spanking new manager who is demanding compliance and this is where is your day-to-day CONSCIOUS WINDOW of AWARENESS is FOCUSSED

However your new manager in typical power mongering new manager style wants a new broom and to seize control of the mental attitudes of staff and so on and decides they are reinventing the wheel.

The reinvention is all well and good yet it causes COGNITIVE DISSONANCE with existing processes that continue to run in the greater non-conscious part of the brain.



You now have a mental health INCONGRUENCE whereby in order for your WHOLE BRAIN and YOU YOURSELF TO BE CONGRUENT SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE.

Whether it is over hours days weeks months years the PRESSURE or NEED FOR CONGRUENCE BUILDS AND BUILDS until it finds an itself an outlet whereby whether distracted or under pressure the non-dominant process kicks in and grabs control for however brief a period of time.

These outlets can be the most stupid of things such as forgetting your keys as you go out the door or leaving your wallet on a table or starting a fight after a couple of pints when your the most placid of persons normally and in the workplace scenario the outlet can be failing to comply with one or any of the normal day to day processes that your conscious intentioned focus is normally on and very often you are or can be through lack of awareness of how the brain operates not understand why you failed to follow the more regular routine.

So brand spanking new manager is boasting of having the perfect command and control record not like those past managers whilst at the same time all the staff start dropping like fly’s having HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES.

The failure to remove the old processes or allow any divergence from the COMPLY with me has caused the pressure to continue to build until the outlet is a more serious and life threatening serious condition.

Now clearly you cannot point the finger of blame at any one given individual because you can think of manager process 1 as anyone and everyone you presently have in your World and likewise process 2 as anyone from the past perhaps.

So Solutions are first recognising and identifying where COGNITIVE DISSONANCE exists in your OWN MENTAL LIFE AND WORLD whether at home work or where ever and then seeking to relieve yourself of the BUILD UP OF PRESSURE AND INCONGRUENCE in sensible measures and the first steps to that are of course through AWARENESS.

In a work environment scenario I really would go for a clean sweep, new broom, clear and precise actions to CLEARLY DELINEATE from the past in a know holds barred fashion-ensuring that you repetitively state we are having a clean sweep and a book burning session that everyone previously or potentially affected knows about-so if training manuals are clearly 20 years out of date the solution is not to say we will just change this little bit here and there in half hearted piecemeal fashion everyone clinging to the old process and story.  The Solution is to develop a completely new training procedure or manual  from the ground up relevant to now-this also enables people to gossip talk relieve built up or hidden pressure simply associated with seeing the old manuals and so on.

I can say that I have seen or witnessed some of these kinds of tactics being carried out successfully at some levels likewise I can also clearly state that I see areas of resistance among some old guard or people who have other considerations that I as a humble cleaner do not have to consider. 

So there is little value in blame and character assassination and greater value in looking for Solutions that everyone can consider themselves as being a stakeholder in.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

Have All These Differing Rituals Been In Vain

So of course during any course that you take you can sometimes find yourself questioning whether you have the desire to continue and so on and following on from what I wrote earlier I should of course say that every course I have taken has in some way reduced my suffering or changed assorted mental structures and that over the course of the last few years an accumulative affect has steadily been built throughout my body and nervous system et al whereby many past thoughts feelings and actions have been shown in a new light of some description and all the rest of those things.

One of the major issues for myself that I have repeated a few times was one of filters and memory-whereby my ability to recall childhood memories and so on seemingly became more and more difficult following various accidents and so on and further to that as I have progressed and followed and combined assorted rituals and practices the more I have seemingly reconnected and amplified the positive aspects of childhood memories and associated thoughts feelings and views of the World-you might say that one of the major learnings is that we are born with abilities and so on that regular schooling generally is not that good at helping with in the sense that (UK) schools follow Governmental herd politics and that can often cause you to give up on natural talents and abilities that we are told will not serve you as a shelf stacker or do you want fries with that script.

So of course I do seemingly bite when offered all new super-duper learning courses-yet they very often have been quite subtle in bringing aspects into my awareness that I previously missed or somehow had a blind spot for or however one wishes to describe failure of particular or perhaps peculiar awareness’s that often get dismissed or slipped under the radar.

Anyway I am presently in a humorous or laughing mood following some recent purchases as it can seem that nothing I can think of has not already been catered for or previously expected or predicted by these coaching masters and so on-and the humour seemingly comes through the fact that each and every time I think yes they will never have thought of this genius idea I am currently holding-something comes along to reconsider those thoughts and feelings-having said that you do gradually find yourself more and more in what might be described or diagnosed as flow states and rolling with it.

Now I recently said that I reviewed The Ian Morris books and what seemed strange for myself was that what came into my awareness on those reviews were what he described as “lucky zones” on Earth Based Maps and further to that I thought hell yea look at that Brazil is smack bang in the zone yet of course the best laid plans of mice and men show that wanting England to be lucky in that Zone is seemingly akin to a curse the only way they can perhaps proceed being the disqualification of a qualifying team (I think) stranger things have happened of course yet I was informed by a knowledgeable colleague just before the last Italy game that all we needed was Italy to win all there games and hey presto they lost-so nothing is seemingly going right for anyone anywhere it seems to myself at least in relation to the football.

Elsewhere of course the ALL-ENGLAND CLUB at WIMBLEDON is opening its doors this coming week and we here at home in Blighty actually have some Tennis prospects that are worthy of cheering on-seemingly gone are the days of our top players all being ranked 50 and lower in World Rankings-whether that is through personal individual effort-such-as Scotland’s AM or through better grass roots coaching is of course debatable-I tend to think that when we look at most top sports peoples across most sports that the elites are folks who’ve ignored being “TOLD” in favour of there own talents and abilities and determination and focus and desire and so on.

So where else can I comment on today-well as I said to much study can make Dave a dullard yet I guess that my own long term or childhood type desires and determinations are in some ways beginning to return to my awareness as the so-called memory reconstructions and so on are amplified and reconnected with and long lost thoughts and functions are seemingly being reawakened and all that jazz-so I said recently that it seemed like the World was in a state of heightened awareness or focus and maybe it is just myself-yet it would be nice to think that I am not the only one experiencing further heightened shifts and cellular awakening and that I am not just being an anomaly among many.

well best be off to enjoy more sunshine.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

What Is The Difference Between These Elements

So like many others I took particular Fests and then further invested in full blown courses from Learning Strategies and I recently find myself asking what are the differences between modalities and components and so on.

I think on the whole that the Fests are representative of what the designer likes to think are the very best elements from multiple courses given in a condensed form-whereby further knowledge can be acquired of any particular modality through purchasing the full blown course in any area and further to that of course you may well find that what you latched onto within the Fest was not for you yourself the very best that the modality had to offer-by that I mean that we all of us create our own mental maps and cognitive strategies and the big boo-boo from many a teacher/learner can be “the assumption that we are working from the same process of thought model”

What does that actually mean?  I think it comes back to the way in which we have individually been brought up and life experiences and all the rest of it and how we want our own particular futures to turn out.

So anyone who has taken up and or purchased any of my product recommendations will likely have COGNITIVE OVERLAP whereby we have a shared learning or strategy and model that we are using-however from within that overlap you can still symbolically represent ideas and thoughts and threads and processes in a differing fashion-for instance in one Fest I recall being told to run through the Calender Months-Autopilot map/thread/process highway kicked in and I did a January through December-I was then asked to do a reverse list starting with July June May etc. returning to the starting point through that cycle and of course no autopilot existed so I had to pause and create a cognitive map SLOWLY, the very next task was to list the months of the year alphabetically and of course total oblivion occurred as my brain went searching for a map that did not exist.

So some folks might have though yea that’s cool I am always going to do that with my learning and for any given list started practicing alphabetical orderings-likewise a second person might have thought yea that’s cool and started to learning running through lists from a mid point backwards and likewise a third person may well say I like my January through December its all I need.

So even though a COGNITIVE overlap exists you cannot guarantee that all others are using your preferred TOOL from within the course-I hope that makes sense-of course the further you progress and or practice the more links and chains and so on can happen for you spontaneously assuming you have persevered through some of the initial blockages and excuses and so on that aversion to change will often bring up.

Further to that of course is the idea of choice and you again cannot assume others are making the same choices simply because each person really is genuinely unique however much they like to pretend otherwise or rush to herd like patterns of behaviour.

So many of course will remember that I have spent my entire adult life asking “How Can I Be Still Alive?” and depending on your own experience you will relate to that or simply not-because you have no comparable model-we can look through our collective shared database of media TV/FILM/BOOKS/THEATRE/RADIO and we may have seen or been given a representation of outlined events-yet that is still very different from your own individual autobiographical personal experience-and of course as you progress you are given ways and means to test your story collection against reality-peeling back layer upon layer of story that has kept you stuck or like a broken record or however you desire to symbolically demonstrate such things.

So in going with the question above-I started out with various “What does the library archive at the end of time and space say about you” type thinking and of course that can indeed put you into a change mind-set to a certain extent and likewise you also have the doctrine that what the future says is irrelevant because you are alive now and exist now and require strategies that serve you here and now and not then.

So all this thinking can of course keep you stuck or send you seeking or gear you towards doing depending upon how you are already set-up as it were-so I spoke of returning to Hereford at the end of my marriage and setting out to start a new life and so on and found myself constantly under siege from all directions leaving myself with surround walling and no where to go but death-so that of course continued and whilst I have seen others adversely affected in similar fashion and apparently dead-here I am still alive and wondering how can I be still alive.

So is there or can there ever be an ANGEL ENLIGHTENMENT?

I think that from my own explorations such thinking can only ever come about from exploration of the assorted products and courses and peelings and adjustments to your own personal map and what you personally want that archive at the end of time and space to say about you yourself-no-one can deconstruct all your existing cognitive strategies and functions for you but you-the problem of course being very much about the herd model and generic unexamined and unquestioned assumption-there are of course many of these and some are indeed more popular than others-my own examination and questioning suggests that no matter how much you seek to reinforce any assumption eventually it can or will give way to better models when you yourself put the work in-many have yet many lifelong habits have default rush too broad and wide highway settings that are not very helpful in following or developing new cognitive insights and strategies and all the rest of these things.

Where else-well one area I have not I think mentioned is Epigenetics and that has come up on multiple occasions through my research I bought multiple books on a wide array of subject and they were all seemingly linked by this word as though it were some major thorough fair point in my research-much of it has been related to research into DNA and RNA that being the apparent sub-modality of DNA.

Anyway we want to look at it we are the result of thousands of years of development and for lack of a better word programming and anyone overtime can come to see how society as a whole has generally developed and fashioned itself accordingly-some helpful some not-so-helpful.

Another area I have found appearing in my mental maps and World are Nano-technologies and again I spoke of reviewing Ray Kurzweil and research into his work tends to lead towards the nano-technologies as he tends to reference that area quite a lot.

Thirdly I found myself looking at work surrounding “Abundance” whilst I have bought the odd course I have not purchased some of the related books-yet they have started appearing within my recommended for you lists on Amazon.

So EPIGENETICS/NANO-TECHNOLOGIES/ABUNDANCE are seemingly a point of RESOLUTION in my explorations-so I was exploring in multiple directions yet all roads are seemingly once again converging.

So what can this mean?  well if the NOW is a projection back from the future archive then clearly I had to buy and purchase and explore and question and develop the necessary skills and internal knowledge for the creation of cognitive machines and processes and engines and so on-and whilst I bought some courses several years ago that was in effect running before I could walk-so you might say the journey has been one of EMBRACING BEING FOOLISH and having realisations that nothing bad will necessarily happen and developing WISDOM that comes from those experiences-the difference between your very own EXPERIENTIAL and projected EXPERIENTAL based in “IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT COS THAT’S WHAT’LL HAPPEN” lectures from self appointed experts and opinionated peoples who very often have not put the work in or indeed adopted a HIGH RESISTANCE STRATEGY OF SABOTAGING all and anything and anyone who dissects and breaks down the ideas and theories that they hold most dear to themselves.

Of course the game of black and white is unavoidable in many an area of life yet the way out does seemingly come through the teaching of the game as from a witnessing style position as opposed to being locked into being centrally you are surrounded by you thinking and paranoia.

You can be the King or Queen of your castle without necessarily having to resort to victimhood roles and processes though of course we very often do cling to secondary and even tertiary behaviour’s that are habitual when confronted with folks who live for the thrill of wanting to punish others in the way they themselves feel punished.

Where else an I make comment upon-well of course many courses suggest that you listen to the music and become attuned to the music so a good basic knowledge of the makeup of orchestra’s and bands with instruments could be helpful-by that I mean knowing the difference between Woodwind and Strings and Brass and Percussion and so on.

Also the makeup of instruments and how they are constructed can also be quite instrumental in bringing ideas and knowledge together-so for instance knowing that a regular guitar has six strings held in position by pegs at the base whilst wrapped around turning cogs at the head or that a Piano is actually engineered like a drum in the sense that the ebony and ivory keys went pressed cause the respective strings to be drummed by a hammer.  Of course I have spoken on music before yet it can always be helpful to go back and give yourself those little reinterpretations of engineering and design and construction and so on-anything really to break existing patterns or familiarise yourself with new cognitions and so on and so forth.

The more non-conscious relationships that you can shine your searchlight upon and examine the more easy you may find to let go of those issues that no longer serve or can be seen in a new light based in new learnings and so on.

So that is four areas that anyone can go and research for themselves-I really would like to see if anyone such as Bill Harris or Paul Scheele has managed to bring the elements of EPIGENETICS/NANO-TECHNOLOGY/ABUNDANCE/INSTRUMENTATION into one all-encompassing modality yet in truth I think they can only ever signpost the way and cannot be expected to DO EVERYTHING that Dave demands and requests of them. 

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

Now Some Folks Of Course Get Upset

Now some folks of course get upset when I use this blog in a less than savoury way to rant about some individuals-all I will restate is that if you were like myself and had lived with pain your entire adult life and then found a way to clear out such pain and suffering would you not seek to use those methods.

The problem with a number of more spiritual healing modalities for instance is that you need to be open to releasing many things such-as trapped pain and so on and when people come out with malicious garbage those behaviours are clearly intended to shut people down as opposed to being able to open up.

Now if someone has a long history of constantly bombarding anyone and everyone around themselves with lying bullshit and drivel and it affects yourself and your HEALTH adversely would you not want those people gone from your living experience.  Of course we none of us can have 100% what we want yet we can set our own intentions to live in truth of our own experience and level of awareness at any given instant or time-I work in an environment that is genuinely multinational in representation of employee’s likewise you also have people of other lifestyle choices and if they are allowed to be free from prejudice then surely more regular folks can be allowed that freedom from prejudice also-the problem sent down from upon high Government is often one of positive discrimination whereby you end up with a loaded deck of imbalance and that imbalance is of course for many people also represented in the Yin-Yang Male-Female energies contained within ones own body.

So as I have repeated often I personally do not care if others regard themselves as male female gay straight black white etc-all that stuff is personal choice or indeed the reality that some folks have to live within-all I ever encourage is that you allow yourselves to be congruent with your truths-when you have folks seeking to make you incongruent and ill then a few short years in prison can seem well worthwhile to be rid of them.

So I hope anyone who read and-or tried the Paraliminal intention technique I suggested experiences some shift that they may not have previously had-some of these modalities and processes and ideas are ongoing in the sense that you need to practice and think in terms of integrating positive rewarding uplifting thoughts and feelings and so on often in relation to lifelong debating habits that as we are predominantly aware are often baseless once you have raised your threshold and done further releasing and so on.

Well England are presently playing and I have know idea whether they will proceed my early suspicions in relation to this Tournament was that they would be an early flight home-however I did not watch any of the pre tournament build up and then was impressed with the team I saw against Italy so they could well slip through to the next round irrespective of my early expectations.

Yes one of the most interesting things is of course that many a Business has list of goal statements and objectives for the year and I often wonder how much thought has gone into those things-some things are quite obvious in the sense they say things like TREAT OTHERS AS YOU YOURSELF WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED-I do not recall a time in my life where this mantra has not really been part of it-as it is one of those most basic of Christian Principles-likewise the Valley of The Dead is a well known biblical story and clearly some folks without any spiritual bearing certainly need to be given an un-doctored version fed into them for there own benefit-letting go of some issues is ongoing because just as quickly as you can release you are all but guaranteed that folks show up in your World acting and behaving contrary to the best interpretation of those kinds of ideals.

So I personally have little to zero problem working within multicultural environments though of course some people have an abundance of issues smiling at some folks faces and being polite and then slandering and being racist and prejudiced in private-this is where congruence comes in and you are better of dealing with folks in a one on one fashion where possible-yes we can all be free to express ourselves and clear out garbage faster than we can catch it yet there is also a certain level of responsibility in that and so on.

So I have seemingly brought in the Christian elements today-whilst having for the most part of my adult life not particularly lived by the Christian ideals I was indoctrinated with as a teenager-so in the spirit of enlightenment I am going to pluck a bible verse at random out of the brain and then go and look and see what lesson I can personally learn from it-always fun plucking things out at random from the air-ummmmnnn okay New testament Matthew 6:24 – I will go and see what that says.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 🙂

So Like Many People

So like many people I get bombarded with mails saying buy this new wonder technique or scheme and however and one does wonder just how many hours there are in the day to support or use for your own ventures.  Having said that I did quite like a Flash Fest rom Learning Strategies that was related to Easy Learning Languages-having said that I initially went straight to the Paraliminal without even looking at Languages on offer and I also chose my own intention-I figured the Easy Learn Paraliminal could be set with intention for modalities that I had already purchased as I was more interested in improving and bringing out the skills I already had-so if you have not considered such strategies you could for instance when asked for an intention say The Spiritual Codes or Universal Intelligence or whatever-I just wanted to see what might happen and do think that the Paraliminal worked with the intentions I gave-so these Freebies are well worthwhile taking advantage of even if only for the materials you have already purchased and studied etc.

Another issue I found myself thinking about was of course this one of Who killed Dave S Perkins and multiple theories have of course been proffered for possible use-the one that I am thinking in terms of at present is along the lines of a Red Dwarf (Comedy) episode I saw many years ago wherein they demonstrated that JFK killed JFK.

So I guess the Intelligence has some way to go in peeling back the assorted layers of reality held within ones own mind-there is little value in looking to the external though having said that you can in doing so identify between the helpful and the unhelpful personalities and peoples within he environments you find yourself working and living.  Multiple teachers that I have studied with have offered Solutions relating to setting your own BOUNDARIES and of course depending upon environment you will likely find that some folks accept and have the intelligence to accept your boundaries whilst others of course are so wrapped up in there little Empires and Toxicity and so on that they completely fail to take note of other peoples boundaries.  The other problem is of course PROJECTION-so you seek to reinforce your own boundary in a no nonsense fashion and others about you project and interpret your behaviour as something other than what it was clearly intended for putting they’re own twist on things or indeed stirring things up.

Where else can I turn my attention well as so may emails are saying the best Solution can be to Learn from those who are already going in the direction that you yourself wish or desire to go-so that could be the join a community of like minded Souls-likewise I do think until you have higher Threshold you are better off clearing more out of your system than you are taking in-of course I would say that yet in truth one can only relate to ones own experience and acceleration of any process is your own individual choice-you can always pretend you know what is going on in someone else’s life or experience yet that again is simply a Projection issue.

The World cup has of course had a couple of dire days in Footballing terms as always happens after all the initial waiting and build-up we are now into that post initial excitement stage and going into the phase of questioning whether you have the capacity to watch as many games as you originally intended and so on-of course it is quite easy at the group stage to be selective and pick and chose from within the given mix yet as the competition proceeds the ability to pick and choose lessens as you watch the various great white hopes disappear and so on-who will win? well a European team outside of Europe is what I want to see though of course one does expect South Americans to win in there own back yard-so judgements still to be decided and it is all still up in there air.

As to patterns I think I said on multiple occasions-the simplest techniques can be to regularly study and watch those you feel are already progressed ahead of where you yourself are-and likewise you should if you have not already done so be thinking about writing for yourself even if it is quite little-these blogs sites are free relying predominantly on advertising for revenue and of course you can also set it up so that the site is private-something I may well do in future though I as said I am constructing a new website at present and still tinkering around with ideas and direction and development and so on-whilst holding back on all the distractions that are being thrown in my path.

So I really do have little to say on many issues as disillusionment at life the Universe and Everything continues and the Dave S Perkins killed Dave S Perkins Solution could well be for the best-better dead than groomed by some of the toxic vicious murderous scum I often find myself working around-strange how many people change whilst others refuse BOUNDARIES-the other Solution is of course the Police if some individuals want to slander and spread malicious bullshit whilst ignoring all requests to put up or shut the fuck up then the next step is clearly to let the Police deal with such individuals where the Company has clearly failed or indeed refused-protecting one of there own at all costs could well be the stupidest IDEA and course of action that some managers have ever chosen to take as a path-ever built a house of cards or played JENGA-I do recall the Kerry arms used to having Jenga bricks years ago and that was quite a fun activity.

well distractions distractions where can focus be placed to more uplifting and rewarding matters,  hmmn


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Squares In The Sand A Square and Square

Of course this is not the lyric that anyone will remember the song actually being entitled Circles In The Sand if memory serves myself correctly and the reason I bring this up is of course the issue of Square Pegs In Round Holes.

The earliest childhood type games that many folks are given are akin to putting the shape through the appropriate position much like a Krypton factor type game though of course as youngsters we generally had no time limit to carry out such functions.

So what else well I of course have been looking to gain greater and greater levels of clarity within my awareness as I proceed and as I have said that can be as easy or difficult as we make these things for ourselves.

The problem with witnessing can of course often be as to what you are witnessing and I have been concentrating on steering myself towards the more rewarding and uplifting where possible-so today for instance I see multiple screaming headlines and choose to ignore them in favour of more uplifting events and stories-I looked at an article on Michael Schumacher awakening from his coma and her Majesty’s Order Of the Garter Event and what is interesting of course in relation to that event are the colour codes that in usage.

So anyway what else needs to be said or commented on-well if you think a sulking Englishman is bad (pity the Italians did not switch sides huh?) then you have of course never encountered or spent time around the sulking Portugal nationals-the German war machine has seemingly ground into life and they will likely proceed through the next few rounds simply through psychology-let us not forget it took multiple Nations armies in huge numbers and so on to break the German war effort and that is unlikely to happen in a sporting event.

Where else has my mind wondered-well of course people do wonder why we want to remove and break down the assorted alphabets as a stepping stone to clarity and that is actually far easier as you progress and take on board “SOUNDINGS” of differing languages.  I am fortunate in the sense that I have been exposed to many languages over the years and also know psychological temperaments.  When you speed up and slow down any given languages and so on you do break down or melt away the learned mental lock-ins that can often happen even unconsciously such are the ways in which our minds are often set-up.

So this week I have been seeing with far more clarity than I have for quite some time and am wondering if this will last or whether it is a result of heightened Global Interest in events such-as the World Cup-should I be looking to cash in or should I hold off-I have held of a lot simply in an effort to get some mental bearings and take in new learnings and so on-yet I do think that I am moving towards the attuned coinside and that of course does give one feelings of YES FINALLY (no not f in al (Soundings)).

What other issues-well we all move and gain clarity through our own efforts and likewise making transitions from some lifelong beliefs and mental reconstructions can take time and indeed effort though I do think that is worthwhile when you start getting so clarification and so on-I actually have no idea as to what level I might consider myself as being at-having said that that is probably because of the mental trying to put a square peg in a round whole syndrome yes you can make think laterally and make the whole bigger or the peg smaller and all sorts of Solutions yes you do need to keep making those mental affirmations-how can I do this, how can I and so on.  The thinking strategies will work for you when you repeat themselves to yourselves regularly enough to become habits-and likewise not responding to baiting can also be good habit development and so on-assuming you are taking the bigger picture longer term vision approach that I have been encouraging.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Polly Wanna Cracker

So I was thinking about mimicry and of course we have a long tradition of Parrots that can manage to emulate human type words and sounds and you can of course extend that to people emulating people-I like so-and-so’s attitude so I will seek to behave and so on in similar fashion though of course such strategies can only ever work up to a point and many folks simply give up or come up with rationalisations as to why something works for one person and not another.

Likewise attunement and so on is of course something that can be debated until you are blue in the face and the obvious Solution when you have been through some kinds of debates over and over again can be to simply walk away and find something new to do or indeed come up with a Hitleresque FINAL SOLUTION whereby the toxic individuals in your World are brought to justice or taken care of in as unpleasant a manner as can be thought of and those things are of course choices.

I watched the England game and did at times consider switching the sound off as it seemed to myself the commentators were not watching the same game-I thought England and Italy both played well and maybe we will see a repeat in the Final 🙂 .  Yes England lost yet at least they are in the finals let us not forget that in the 70’s when I was in my formative years watching Kevin Keegan’s lot that they failed to qualify for both the ’74 and ’78 World Cups and that was at the seeming height or peak of the Labour and Fascist /Racist movements in the UK-then a few years later the same happened under Graham Taylors tenure and that again was through suspect refereeing and a cheating opposition (if memory serves correctly).

So the Swiss are losing as I right this and again they are an expected to do well European team-the old classic joke that they will burn your money if you get on there wrong side is of course open to debate-yet one cannot help wonder where many of these folk tale relationships originated.

I mention Hitler above and he is someone I heard new of today in relation to FBI files-apparently he did not die in the bunker and escaped to Argentina-whether these things are true I have no idea and nor will I further investigate though it does seem like nonsense to myself-they have DNA tested the burned body skull fragments supposedly originating from him and found them not to have been his.  Did he escape-well it is now perhaps a little late though of course History’s are seemingly written by those movers and shakers who are somewhat higher up the success ladder than your common man or women such-as myself-if he did escape it was likely with the full knowledge and-or compliance of our own respective Governments and so on.

The desire to write and create your own reality is something that he managed where most of us seemingly falter-perhaps not having the motivation or indeed interest.  So where else can one turn to investigate-well of course I like the Ian Morris materials so decided to return to those and see if any further realizations would come about through that return to those works-likewise I also found myself returning to the work of Ray Kurzweil though I am not really sure why-I think I was disappointed with his writings and thought them too dumbed down and populist in a highly mad professor type style when I first read them-however having returned to the work I can see that he is perhaps cleverer than I have given him credit for previously.

So I do a module and return to patterns and keep on returning to some same materials I seemingly having chosen favourites among the assorted ideas and workings-likewise I do still look for new yet areas such as Integral Enlightenment and so on do all seemingly speak for themselves.

What else well I spoke of Alice in Wonderland and that of course can take myself back to the Markets when I think in terms of Warren Buffet-he being called Warren and Alice followed a white rabbit into a Warren? Likewise a Buffett might be considered a Tea Party type meal though of course these things are always up for good debate-Warren Buffett’s company is called Berkshire Hathaway and one cannot but wonder whether the throwing your hat away is a good idea-they do have a tradition in University’s of course of throwing hats in the air when receiving your Honour’s and so on and again those are called degrees which can take myself back to compass points or indeed temperature points the World of course when you think about it also having assorted temperature and weathering’s that can be taken into consideration within your mental realms should you so wish to take such things into consideration or have not done so previously-many colour scales are also associated with various weathering scales so it can be an interesting thing to do especially if you want to change your capacity for feeling the cold or heat and so on.  When you can bin or throw out many of the traditional whinges and moans about temperature extremes you can better maintain your own thoughts and direction on such matters.

So I did not mention the Pine cones yesterday yet I also have a rather large set of Pine cones sat in front of myself and I am unsure as to they’re origin-the tree could well have been the one I mentioned briefly from my Grandparents old house at the top of the hill-it was a big tree and these cones have obviously come from a very large tree indeed-they are all bigger in length and circumference than your average hand or roughly the size of a pint glass or mug-I like the old style pint mugs that are getting rarer and rarer as pubs and so on seemingly all adopt the tall glasses.

So what did Mr Kurzweil get myself thinking about-well he is one of those who obsesses with cybernetics and so on the progress areas he seemingly promotes are at the leading edge of integrating silicon with humans-I guess in medical terms it might be hard to object yet we have all seen the future stories of such creations going awry-man always seeking to build God in his own Image much like Adolf and his Master Ayrian Race-the interesting thing for myself of course was that Hitler was not German he seemingly originated according to history from Austria so lines and borders and boundaries are of course in the realms of the map is not the territory-probably should be thankful that Arnold Schwarzenegger can never become the President of The United States having not been born in that Federation-there was a stage when it looked like they might change the law-yet probably a step to far and it gives an incentive for immigrants to encourage there kids to have such aspirations-I have no idea if Arnie has kids  yet it does seem that many an immigrant Star has integrated into a new culture and become “MORE THAN” the normal average in a given population.

Of course “MORE THAN” gets interpreted in many ways yet in truth DNA testing over recent years has demonstrated that even those who consider themselves inbred thoroughbreds of nations are often an undesirable DNA mix when the tests have been carried out-probably why diversity and multi-culturalism are beneficial in the sense that if you think of yourselves in those terms you are less likely to experience the heavy resistance that a Nigel Farage might experience in discovering he is a hand-me-down genetic Quasimodo or whatever.

So we can never defeat impermanence apparently merely come to terms with those aspects of ourselves that we have not currently explored or questioned in a thorough a manner as is possible-deliverance can seem as far away as ever in some ways and not in others-for instance many people claim instinctual desires to have children and so on yet I do get the impression from more advanced meditators and so on that even those kinds of things are actually debatable and open to interpretation so if you are man or women who thinks that you will never shed such feelings do not despair because I do think that positions of choice and awareness can make a huge difference in the way you go about interpreting your natural bodily functions and so on.

Anyway that was just spinning and spinning any ol’ crap to see what comes up when I look back on the post and that is really all anyone at any level needs to do for themselves alongside of course taking the choices that the technological recommendations I make definitely give anyone who wants more choice and SIGHT and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂