Now I Once Met A Man Who Created…

So I seemingly do not follow any regular routine in the production of this blog and of course I seemingly get few if any responses or feedback to posts-the occasional non spammer does slip through-yesterday was such an occasion where in the earlier part of the day just prior to taking the daughter to the train station in fact-I got some feedback and what for myself should have been an occasion to joyously celebrate-hooray someone responded to a post-was of course caught up in all the preparing for the journey and adventure that Rose was about to partake in-so for those that want to see that someone somewhere was kind enough to comment on one of my posts you can find it by typing “I once met a man who created holograms” in the small search box in the top right-hand corner of the blog page-the article itself was from April 17th 2014-for those interested in the finer details.

Of course for myself now that I have had the opportunity to have a look and reflect upon any lesson or teaching that the post gives myself (I always seek to pluck the nuggets out of any direction-even if it is already within my own frame of self-reference) what struck myself was of course that I mentioned Marie Diamond-she was one of the early teachers whose course I did a freebie in yet waited quite a while prior to purchasing-having said that once I did purchase her particular courses I found myself somewhat enchanted and decided to expand my Marie Diamond collection accordingly-I mentioned that she has a new Spiritual Codes course OUT NOW and it is one that I did add to my own collection and I do feel as I said previously about LS courses-fill in further gaps in my own knowledge base-so easy to chop and change teachers of course-yet I do think some benefit can be experienced in sticking longer term with those that you have already invested in-the highlight for myself was an explanation on the difference between involution and evolution and the accompanying guided meditations were phenomenal in my own experience of them-not that I have not already experience phenomenal meditation experiences-just that this one seems to have come at this particular time and I found myself seemingly clicking into a whole new level of enlightenment experiences-she also listed the names of many well known spiritual teachers and gave further associations of rainbow colours to musical sounds and particular Countries-so whilst it is easy to dismiss someone’s learnings and teachings-I personally was pleasantly surprised at just how much more I was getting for my investment.

Another subject area that I have found myself returning to is of course INTELLIGENCE and we all have heard of course about IQ tests and so on yet in truth that again is an area that has expanded into other realms -emotional intelligence-for instance and I did find myself as well as getting that Warren Buffett recommendation find myself looking through the works of Alan Watts-he who coined the game of black and white definition-whilst I did not purchase any of his works-I found myself lead to another Spiritual Master whos book I may well purchase when I have the available funds-“AWAKENING INTELLIGENCE”-having already purchased more titles than I know what to do with-I decided that I have to be more steady and discerning in the works that I can most benefit from irrespective of my own research interest in any of the assorted fields-having said that I did find myself making a purchase exception for a book called “The Trivium” written originally by a Nun no less and since republished with an editor and yes there is also book on the Quadrivium though I am unsure as to how soon if at all that is likely to catch my attention.

So what else-well I did as a child when visiting the grandparents have further Holidays where they would take us to North Wales and a place or area in the Rhyl region-the reason I mention this is because as a child Rhyl has a brand spanking new Sun Centre and I seemingly have had memories of the fun that could be had in the then all new Surfing Pool-think like Hereford Leisure pool only bigger and you would grab a surf board and then seek to surf the Waves-I think surfing is of course not a sport necessarily associated with the UK-yet my own historical knowledge is such that of course you just have to find and locate places that do such activities.

The next thought was of course how do people think that so and so walked on water and of course the obvious solutions are that stepping stones were available just beneath the waterline and then I was thinking why use stepping stones when you could use trampolines-I do not know if someone has tried a trampoline in a pool though I doubt that I could ever be the first person to think such strategies.  The trampoline effect would of course be akin to the walking on the moon type images that can be seen in many an archive.

So I am soon to be back to work-no piece for my sins and of course I should take the opportunity to thank my daughter for secretly spending huge sums on my Amazon account without my awareness-I have one of those all  linked in kinds of accounts where some prior sites were separate and taken over-Lovefilm was one that I subscribed for a set fee each month-shock horror Amazon introduced the service as part of there PRIME network of services and changed all the top new releases and so on to pay-per-view. So today I have a look at my emails and discover I have no one to THROTTLE for my surprise collection of invoices lol.

Yes I may have to simply turn the internet of completely if I cannot disentangle all the services that are being incorporated and amalgamated and so on-it would not be so bad if they left things alone yet that rarely if ever happens companies always wanting to squeeze more juice out of customers for a return on there shareholder investment and so on.  Much like Corporations pleading poverty to employees at wage negotiations and then publishing record profits at annual meetings each year-the economics is easy to understand when you study economic type materials-whilst I avoided many recommendations early on with my blogging interactions elsewhere-during the course of recent years I have gradually in piecemeal fashion found myself researching most recommendations-everything from Big Heart/Big Mind to Spiral dynamics and so on-so as I have said progress is made at anyone’s own choice and if you did not feel any benefit early on to your purchases go back and have another look NOW as you may get a different experience once you have an all-round grounding and understanding of all the integrative methodologies.

Well enough from myself for today on this blog-as I said I am starting work on another website so do not be surprised if this blog is not written absolutely every day as I want and need and require money to live and this site does not generate anything for myself at present.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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