Dear Dave

Dear Dave

Please take note that if you say “I once met a man” one more time I swear I do not know what I will do grrrr


Hi Bongo

I once encountered an individual who ploughed through many books and researched endlessly and tirelessly to remove the veils that we many of us seemingly live our lives within-

No actually I am not sure if that is true because that is not a Solution Focus in the sense that there is a presupposition of a problem existing-maybe the problem is that one of the phallacies of many a mind is that a problem exists to begin with.

Of course having said that I do have to admit to having been caught by surprise by the recent shift I experienced in my meditation-apart from my daughter’s presence here in Hereford and my continued reading of various and assorted books I had to put it down to The Spiritual Code course because it was during the listening and learning and assimilating and integrating and so on of that course that I suddenly experienced some deeper shifts as though some very long held thoughts and blockages were finally being let go of-I should also mention that I pulled out all the LS Courses that I had home versions of and online Library versions of (prior to that particular course) and went through them all in a PhotoReading fashion-just in making the decision as to whether  the purchase was valid or necessary-I decided that it was (at least for myself) though of course others may come to other conclusions.

So what else-well I really love that Nun who wrote “The Trivium” any of you who looked the book up were potentially horrified at seeing a book on Logic and Grammar and Rhetoric yet all I will say is that I have read and read and read huge numbers of such books in the so-called English Language and Literature fields and this one for myself is a gem.

What distinguishes the book for myself from other materials in the range-well as I say I have gone through so many that you could well conclude that this is just my latest FAD yet I do think and feel that this book best demonstrates all the issues that most of us have with language structure and meaning an all those little nuances that made our brains go ouch during our more formal learning years.

Now as I mentioned I recently reacquainted myself with my University book collection-many people lose or sell such collections-yet I kept mine such was the investment I had put in during those years-I would often leave home between 6 am and 7 am each day to travel to University and not return home again until 8 at night-unfortunately circumstances were such that I had to leave prior to full completion and given the time lapse would now have to simply take a completely new course starting from scratch and 3 or more years of my life.

So why do I return to those kinds of materials-well one area of topic and study for myself was the area or idea known as SEARCH and whilst you google and bing and answers come up-you will not be surprised to know that huge amounts of research and time has been spent simply in seeking to improve this area of computing abilities and so on and so forth-many related fields have developed simply to accommodate the greater area of inquiry known as SEARCH-and I having been at that time specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics was very much interested in that subject are-I think as a youth who watched far to much STAR TREK and had Religious Indoctrination I was very much interested in being the one who would RESOLVE the so-called Tower of Babel Issues and become a UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR as the Star Trek technology was known and referred to and further to that much work and so on has gone into the so-called Turing Test and indeed developed in other areas such-as speech recognition and intelligent deciphering processes..

So anyway I at the present moment place The Trivium in my top ten research materials for folks interested in developing such abilities-I have worked through many books on these topics and this book although written prior to many types of computers existing-expresses many of the Human Versions of abilities related to SEARCH and also the more modern IDEA of HEURISTICS that again being a kind of SEARCH ALGORYTHM-many of these things take us back into researching the Greeks-Plato Aristotle and so on (all those works can be gained for free on Kindle)-The Trivium for myself at least demonstrates once again that others have already been down these so-called paths and put the work in so those of us who come to such problems and issues later already have a more thorough and well documented grounding in these systematic processes that have been developed.

So anyway I also decided to see if I could catch up with the Hay House Summit and was disappointed to find that it is seemingly locked down to each day-so I was unable to find where I could catch up with previous days-without of course buying into the pay-per-view system-whilst I have read many of the Authors and that may well have also contributed to my recent shift-global meditations happening and so on- I do think that I cannot possibly listen in to a hundred or however many experts and therefore the cost for the two or three preferred gurus whilst making sense-does leave myself with a dilemma-I will wait on that ONE and see what solution if any I am offered by the Automated Hay House Systems when they realise they have not had $7 from myself at the present moment.

So yes the shift I had was one in which many things seemingly clicked into place and I can literally now feel and sense on a deeper level of sound waves and vibrations-hard to describe as these things are of course personal and subjective and it is almost like my sensitivity has been amplified-I can hear electrical static for instance when listening to CDs and online library materials-small electrical power surges and so on usually go unnoticed by our senses because we overtime tend to compensation and block them out-so you might say that means MY FILTERS have altered-so in clearing or shifting my filters I can now as an adult rather than for example “a baby” better choose and decision make between “The Signal and The Noise” that of course having been a book title I recommended a year or two back and again one I recently found myself returning too by Nate Silver.

So do not despair that I my have lead you on a wild goose chase with many book as if you return to them a year or two down the line-you may well find that you get shifts at later times when you go through various collections. So I was buying a book on this topic or that topic in a very much whatever takes my fancy manner-now a year or two down the line I can sort through and think I will PhotoRead all my Economic Books-or all my Meditation Books-or all my Grammar Books-or all my Philosophy Books-or all my Cooking Books-or all my and so on and so forth-whatever areas of interest you have developed you will likely find you have a collection in any given area or topic and that as you have progressed that information has been taken in on an non-conscious manner or even assimilated consciously and that when you return to those materials that you may well activate them or bring new awareness’s to the light of day that were previously going on in the background or unregistered at prior levels of awareness.

Yes so that sensitivity is not now accompanied by many thoughts and feelings that I may have previously had aversion types of reactions too-so for instance we hear someone talking in a scolding manner and we are triggered to victim type thoughts and feeling from childhood-when you let go and clear out all those kinds of baggage’s and also put the longer work in to clearing your own assorted filters you really can start to think and feel and act with greater self compassion and all those other la-di-da types of words that many of us have aversion to through bad or negative experiences being rebuilt.  Getting to NOW of course is clearly harder than I thought and when I set myself all these assorted life tasks I have now real idea though it must be said that examination of one’s life upto the present from new angles and perspectives is actually a form of enlightening therapy in and of itself when you ask those Napoleon Hill type questions How Can I take the seed or equivalent benefit out of this mental reconstruction-what was the lesson that I needed to learn at that moment in my life? and so on.

I had what I thought was a great Idea for a new website and debated and thought about it and then went ahead and made a purchase and then nada nothing zip-almost like I created something and then cannot find a meaning full way in which to bring the idea into a sense of reality that works well.

So I will have to think and think and think on this one as all my early drafts have seeming deficiencies and flaws that I am clearly not dismissing even though I know that you have to allow imperfection in order to see the grander scheme of things.  Where all the perfect ideas come from is anybody’s guess-I guess that for all my questing in recent years-I have still not found what I am truly looking for-or I am mistaking maps for territories-and no not all maps are bad ones-and not all territories have harsh realities and nightmare realms-I merely finding that the belief reprogramming aspects that I want and desire on a deep down level are seemingly not happening fast enough at present-the burning desire described in Think and Grow Rich requires a more all-encompassing model or reality that I can work from and implement successful ideas from-maybe I have an aversion to money and maybe I have an aversion to success yet those things do not hold water when I look at some of my Heroic Saviour activities throughout my life-exploration on blockages to personal growth and development in knowing that life is a journey and that the journey is supposed to be the reward in and of itself when you find a way in which to serve others whilst also serving yourself-I seem to have dealt a great deal in serving the external needs of others yet have singularly not rewarded myself in a highly martyrish fashion that reduces the belief I have I my abilities to turn corners in a successful fashion-what I need is a PASSION and then a model of reality that can bring that PASSION to life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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