So I Spoke Of Having Had A Look At Numerology

So I spoke of having had a look at numerology and further to that minor investigation I of course found myself noticing or having numbers highlighted within my conscious awareness.

So the last few days have been very much reported as being 70 years since D-Day and the Normandy Landings in France.

We have also had reports that it is 20 years since Poland freed itself from the tyranny of Communism.

And of course it is also being reported that it is 25 years since the Tianaman Square protests in Beiing, China.

So that is just three numbers that have been highlighted within my own awareness over recent days and of course any meaning that I seek to give is one that is all of my own rather than them having any inherent meanings in and of themselves. More advanced meditators and experienced historians do probably have or find value in theses kinds of snippets of information’s.

What else well I see that sports wise we are seeing the Masters golf being promoted with various Father and Son advertisements on Sky (I saw at work) and further to that everyone is also counting down the days to the FIFA World Cup-so plenty of distractions or actual preferences that folks can take up as hobbies and interests other than all the huge amounts of negativity that the usual media outlets are seemingly intentionally keeping everyone’s focus at.

Yes there are comfort zones that folks can settle into or there are progressive zones that can be aspired to and so on-I think these issues are very much about personal choices and many a war is unnecessary when more rewarding activities and life style choices can be found or invested in.

So as I have said previously there really are benefits to sticking longer term with those investments that have trail blazed paths for the rest of us to follow-at least in terms of accelerating our own personal progressions assuming you want such progressions-many courses and teachings do seemingly take a year or two to sink into our noggins before the longer term effects of some materials works it magic so to speak-I think developing some all-round knowledge and capabilities are well worth making the payments for and as I said I did generally seek to stay within my somewhat limited budget-I perhaps need to expand my income streams and resources yet as always these things do take time to master and learning to trust ones own intuition and capabilties and capacities and so on when they have taken so many knocks requires some patience and determined effort.

Well enough from him for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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