So As Always I Am Curious As to What Led To My New Shift

So I buy a newly released course from Marie Diamond and kaboom I experience a deeper kind of mental shift than I have previously experienced from other courses and of course I am curious as to what brought that shift about.

Obvious Learning Strategies have put together a series of courses that are stand-a-lone tools yet when used in combination they form a collective step-by-step tool kit and we as individuals can pick and choose as to which parts of those step-by-step processes are of most interest to ourselves individually or as a collective team or group.

My own thinking at the present time is that I have in piecemeal fashion as my own budget has allowed bought various aspects of these tools and processes-further to that there are certain elements that can be found in some courses and not others.

The biggie I think for myself in creating new abilities when I do some like for like comparisons-is that many a course has the so-called fast finish some compressed and speeded up and slowed down version of the course that can be listened to in a reduced amount of time.

All the prior courses that I have with fast finishes were all male vocal so I think the Marie Diamond with a fast finish has enabled or allowed my brain to carry out a comparison type functionality between the male/female frequencies and ratios and so on-that may well be completely wrong yet it kind of makes sense to myself-we are all after all carried around in a female womb for an average gestation period of nine months and it is the female voice and frequencies that we are most likely going to be hearing so as you advance with theses kinds of assorted courses little nuances and so on come to the for and your brain is able through regular practice and training decipher and so on to greater degrees of accuracy the differences and similarities-and of course this in and of itself as the mental connections are made creates improved well being and so on-so if you are another fella and curious as to what you might get from a female la-di-da course-I hope that gives you some guidance as to what may or may not be a useful ability.

There are of course no absolutes and it is still early on with that course for myself so other things may become apparent with more usage and practice and so on.  Elsewhere I was reminded that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

I have spoken on this topic previously of course yet the interesting thing for myself is of course how the Marie Diamond Course is very much akin to thinking in terms of playing a game of Electronic Arts game “The Sims” and of course as folks progress you very often do see the inside outside aspects and just how ridiculous some things really are when you have further advanced in meditation and thinking strategies and so on.

One aspect that bugged myself early on was of course the so-called issue of Neuro-plasticity and that I think was simply a case I how can I get neuro-plasticity when my brain was seemingly locked in to one size and set structure-and I think I said previously as I went through some early Holosync Levels I actually sat and practiced deep and long Heavy breathing simply in concerted efforts to break down my at that time seemingly unbreakable brain.

So I am sure we have all experienced such strains simply through exercise and so on yet once I was through those initial barriers the whole experience became more at ease and progress seemingly more rapid everything began to start making more sense as greater clarity occurred over and over again and so on.

What else-well one thing I think I mentioned with the LPIP courses was that as I returned to them later I started taking interest in bibliography type resources and again I have found myself doing that with the Learning Strategies courses-I am sure I am not the only person to have done this-yet many things that we have taken for granted as opinions and so on do or can often been seen in a new light when further progress is made-to that end I found myself today looking at the Genius Code and what stood out for myself within that material was the name Alex Osborn-he I think famed for creating “BRAINSTORMING” yet in truth when you look at his work you will see that that was one tiny aspect of his recommended tool kit or tool box-so whilst the brainstorming stuff created the most issues and controversy when taken in the light of his overall teachings and works such-as Applied Imagination and Your Creative Power you can see that he was another one of those individuals who has in some way contributed to the further development of the human race as a thinking species.

Where else well I am determined to stop thinking and start doing in relation to my new website so with that in mind I have been asking all those questions as to who what where when why and how can I make this a Solution to the goal of

Yes my present thinking is that I will now think of it in terms of a particular tool rather than any kind of range of tools though that will likely change as I explore further development you know how each requirement you have usually comes with its own set of sub-requirements and sub-sub-requirements and so on and so forth as you follow the creative process or the chain of clues and ah-ha’s to getting to those points of further advancement and all the rest of it.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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