So I Should Also Point Out

So I should also point out that I only used the idea of a serial port and a parallel port as an example and not an absolute-anyone who followed the Holosync Blog for any length of time will have seen a multitude of comparable types of ideas and of course such things are only going to register with your self for the areas of knowledge that you personally have interest in by that I mean that because I have had a lifelong interest in computing and so on I do tend to see those kinds of examples.

Someone who has a lifelong interest in gardening may well also see many examples and you can say the say about just about any area of life really your understanding of the processes and so on may be slightly differing yet most of the patterns do tend to show up more and more in your life as you progress in developing your own areas of interest.

So one of the problems of course is that you can unconsciously still be operating from angles and perceptions that one part of your mind thinks is keeping you safe whilst another knows that you need to explore deeper and release the tensions and protectionist strategies and so on in order to get to the so-called deeper levels or areas of knowledge and mental exploration.

What else well some folks do not believe that Science actually reinforces what I am saying so for an example-a Scientific model that you will see and hear in many a Science lecture or course of study is this idea of shining a ray of light particles through slits and seeing where the resultant particles end up and if you think about the light being the point of focus and the slits being your own eyes it does not take a genius to follow the line of inquiry to ah-ha’s and so on and so forth.

Of course the idea that is most criticised and possibly for good reason is this one of putting it out to the Universe-I think hilst many advanced folks are able to do this for most people who regard themselves as having had a tougher than average life you are likely going to need to take one step at a time in adjusting your beliefs to a new model of reality and of course it is the wise person who knows that not everyone in the Universe has your own best interests at heart and so on.

I say this of course because I do have times and periods of the year where I suddenly find myself experiencing intense anger or what I would describe as thoughts and feeling that are incompatible with how I personally want to be-having said that the embrace those thoughts and feelings in order to let them go idea does seemingly carry weight when you practice enough at releasing and asking those Big Heart Big Mind Self-inquiry types of internal interview-I want to talk to the part of myself that is… and so on.

Of course many of these teachers have seemingly developed there own niche as it were and set of modalities and courses and we can buy into those systems to accelerate our own progress and likewise we are not obliged to do that if we do not want to-I think as I have progressed I have found for instance that initially the stimulus was very much about breaking down what was already in my own noggin and then as progress was made reformulating the material that was already there into new understandings and realizations and of course some issues will keep on repeating on you until you deal with them yourself-some folks project and project and project continuously onto others without ever taking responsibility for the fact that the thoughts feelings and issues are originating in they themselves and not the folks they seek to project upon-that is why releasing can accelerate your progress out of pointless debates that many a person thinks is legitimate until they have progressed beyond the most base of sexual politics and of course many people have vested interest in thinking that they need to protect particular ideas and not bring them to the light of true scrutiny-over the longer term that is a complete failure to adopt new strategies and thinking patterns which most of us need in order to develop and clear out the flotsam and jetsam.

So speaking about what folks may or may not want and need of course it is quite easy to say well I need this and this and this and of course many courses are simply collections of certain types of tools and when you do repeat courses with a new teacher you will often find similar or not to dissimilar sets of tools and so on-so one issue is this one of having a self identity that is your own versus being swallowed up with the herd and of course it is all to easy for many folks to go with the herd until the shit hits the fan in your own life in some manner-these things can go unnoticed or rejected as part of life (thinking birth, funeral and so on) yet if you knew that you have the capacity to let go of all ideas of being dis-ease ridden (for example) or being poor etc would you really keep on doing the mental patterns and pathways and thinking strategies that keep you in those borderline realms?

Of course this does come back again an again to layers because you can attend a 100 births and hear the same platitudes and you can attend 100 funerals and hear the same platitudes yet in reality if there is only one reality in your own noggin and each person peels back all these layers (some issues affect some folks more than others unfortunately) then you can surely no longer buy into jumping to the same old conclusions and ideas that have failed to serve and protect you in your old model of reality.

So we are now entering a high season of sporting fixtures and again I personally have been reluctant to look at those things because of the watched kettle issue-I should also point out of course that as you progress you come to understand that any influence is of course going on in your own noggin and others reading your material are not necessarily affected in the same manner-that is where the swapping of ideas and so on is handy at least in the earlier parts of awakening and becoming attuned to all the multifarious ideas swirling and whirling about in each and everyone’s noggin.

Another area that I have not looked at is of course this idea of overwhelm and whether or not it is bypassed by particular modalities-I think the LS courses perhaps are the courses that you can probably use to bypass experiencing overwhelm and so on though having said that and having taken a number of such courses I do feel better for having had overwhelm and so on so there are debates to be had in that area of course and I think it is down to personal choice-if you can go to bed at night and wake up with a new chaos engine simply for having listened to some paraliminal and read a few books would you not think that an acceptable solution-swings and roundabouts of course yet do think that each aspect that I have explored has in some way taken myself to a greater level of wisdom or understanding or knowledge-the problem of course is often that the unconscious parts of ourselves seemingly know what those things are long before they start coming into our consciousness and then our filters can be somewhat overwhelmed when they do ome into our consciousness and as I said the filters issue for myself is one that I continue to explore and develop my own thinking about.

The what would such and such do can actually serve you quite well once you have cleared our the thoughts of self-sabotage and ideas of everyone and everything in the World being out to get myself kinds of Paranoia-having said that of course we have Police and Armies and so on for a reason and that is because whilst as I said I do believe we are all at our deepest levels of being akin to what might be described as Angels there are no rules when you explore the deeper truths of those realms-such things are of course ungovernable (I think) you get into man made laws versus natural law and some man-made laws are there to protect most of us from the aspects of natural law that many deny about themselves yet very often have in there noggin some place or other.

I cannot believe that anyone is the best at any given area however much they like to project such images-however when you do have awareness and you act in those fashions I think that is called WISDOM rather than operating from unconscious competence which again is often a projection we see from some famous people-separating wheat from chaff as you release and surrender and let go and so on becomes more and more difficult so the tendency does seemingly become one of learning your own lesson and becoming more moderate or less extremist and so on.

Can I give reading recommendations regularly-well it is hard to know what aspects differing people are interested in developing-if I were starting out today for instance I would likely start with The Liberal Arts get a book on each of the so-called subject matter and then do some inquiry as to where your own philosophy is currently at-whether exploration beyond those subjects is necessary is debatable and of course I am suggesting flexibility so if you want numerology to be part of your mathematics have it, if you want good housekeeping magazine as part of your economics have it-how you interpret each section within the defined World of Liberal Arts is your own choice-however I do tend to think that folks should seek to push and stretch themselves in some ways simply to step beyond an old pattern or belief-so if you were brought up being told your thick and stupid and so on-release that kind of garbage and training and go and get the intellectual works and so on-there are as Howard Gardener suggests Multiple Intelligences and how you seek to us those understandings in your own World and mental life is of course your own choice.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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