How Can I Overcome The Quantum Noose Issue

Okay you first of all have to identify that such a thing as the Quantum Noose exists and of course anyone who has taken up meditation can perhaps testify to the fact that there is such a thing as the Quantum Noose.  So the Quantum Noose might be described as a circle or loop dropping down from the focus point at the top of your Wizard/Witch hat down through your one brain hemisphere and back up and out again the other hemisphere side in a kind of looping action.

Further to that we have a list of filter attributes that our loop passes through on its journey and the density of your left and right brain hemispheric filters seemingly dictates how successful you are in your understandings and using your information processing abilities.

So the Solution proffered by Holosync is to raise your Threshold as simply raising your Threshold means that actions thoughts and feelings you may have once been negatively triggered by are released or let go and you begin to start seeing more and more clearly “The Light” so to speak.

The Solution proffered by Learning Strategies is to seemingly realign all your filters to the so-called book Science so that you become congruent with the products and processes as opposed to feeling as though you are experiencing a continuous resistance to the reality that they design products to bring you too.

The Solution proffered by Sedona is to seemingly clear out all the mental garbage and whilst I understand and have read the story of Lester Leveson and so on what is described seems to myself to not have been all that differing from the Primal Scream methodology that can be found elsewhere and further to that the Sedona Method affected myself adversely despite claims by most of the Luminaries that Sedona is the one that is best.  How can that be?

So do the assorted processes work-well my own preference as I have continuously repeated is for Holosync and I do like the Learning Strategies materials when used alongside that modality-whether I would be keen on them without the meditation is another question that thankfully does not require asking because they combined forces.

So despite the raising Threshold I still find that whilst I am clear headed and no longer suffer most triggers I still have a filters issues and the problem of course is one of at what point in my history did I gain these filters?  Was I born with them? did I acquire them as an infant?/adolescent?/adult?

So why do I call it a Quantum noose?  Well because despite all my retuning to the musical scale and light spectrum and realigning my internal compass and sensory body and familiarising myself with language and literature and Numerology and the I Ching and many of the so-called la-di-da modalities and building of the so-called rainbow bridge I still have to live and survive within the World as I presently see it at my present or current level of awareness and whilst I say and think that I want to go to the next level the filters issues seemingly are not presently being catered for in a manner that truly works in an all-encompassing fashion for myself.

What are the changes that I am failing to make within my body of awareness that are limiting my performance abilities?

Yes these questions can take you a long way in the exploration and seeking yet when you have put the work in and carried our the instructions and so on and results are not as expected one does have to question those aspects and assumptions that have seemingly avoided questioning and inquiry?  Maybe that does not fill others with confidence yet all I will say is that the expenditure and investment and recommendations I made I stand by though of course you do get to these plateau’s that I am seemingly presently at and I do have to ask where is my next break through and realization going to come from?  what are the steps and stages that I skipped or dismissed as not being relevant to what I thought I wanted?  How can I reinvigorate and motivate myself towards a goal set by myself and so on.

Of course we see and hear a great deal relating to ideas of freedom and freedom can come in many ways shapes and forms yet I did setfor myself a goal of financial freedom and carried out what I thought were the requirements to accomplish that task yet I do find that the goal is far from accomplished and that I need to redirect myself and overcome whatever the obstacles are within my excentric mental structures and patterms,

Of course one of the big issues is never knowing where any other individual is at-so for instant whilst I talk and speak in terms of left and right brain hemispheres I long ago gave that up as an idea because as progress was made my brain hemispheres seemingly integrated into one another giving myself that Whole brain thinking perhaps-yet it is not logical for myself to speak in terms of whole brain thinking when clearly some aspects and blockages within myself have not yet been sufficiently brought to the light of self inquiry and whilst I do not want to continue feeling like I am on the tragedy side of the coin one does feel that a full shift to other than tragedy has not yet taken place or occurred in as satisfactory a fashion as my own seemingly high standards demand.

So yes maybe I need to sit down and design a recursive heuristic algorithm that runs down through all the assorted frequency spectrums and when it meets blockages carries out an internal inquiry or shifts the paradigm to one in which further progress is made.  These things of course take time and saying and doing are seemingly not the same thing.

Well that was a strange rant to be giving, please forgive myself if you are offended by these outpourings.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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