How Unlimited Is The Directors Couch

So I look back just a few short years and at the seeming mental pain I was experiencing in being bombarded with letter and email to buy this product and this product and as I have said previously I stuck rigidly to One modality at a time first of all going with Holosync and doing the courses prior to biting the bullet and making the Learning Strategies purchases also and because I made all those purchases of all the assorted modalities in a somewhat piecemeal fashion I have of course know idea when and where and what strategies other folks adopted for themselves-we all having differing levels of I WANT I NEED I JUST HAVE TO HAVE…

All I will say is that if you are or have experienced similar type mental trauma that the longer term benefits really are beneficial in the sense that the trauma and confusion and pain give way to further ah-ha’s and enlightenment and of course we all of us work at our own pace and speed and the obvious solution to some sales blurb can be to just say no! However there does as I say and have experienced seem to be many truths held within the nature of sell within our own bodily cells and much of our lifelong trauma and so on and so forth can be unravelled and we can be reacquainted with deeper realities of how the World really is-or indeed we can become our own model of how the World really is-in the inside outside model or the Holographic Universe (for example).

Many of the basics are actually free such-as learning EFT tapping techniques hence my recommendation to do one of the freebies with Erika on my SV website.  further to that regarding tapping you can accelerate progress with ACIM which will give you all the retuning your present level of awareness allows.

So there are fast track routes and perhaps slower track routes yet once much of the mental static is cleared from your personage the greater feelings of being the genuine director of your own inner World is in my opinion very much well worthwhile-many folks of course have followed similar routes and passage to myself or indeed have not experienced some of the levels of trauma yet in general most thoughts and feelings and experiences that people want to claim as there own are very often shared in some manner if not through personal experience then through the media whether that is in film or tv and radio and so on.

So an area that interested myself from the point of view of differing teachers was this thoughts become things-and as you know those who followed the Holosync blog-Bill very much took us down the route of a hardball game of black and white using his own technology to accelerate the progress of those of us in the lower echelons of Society so from that point of view it is well worth doing the interaction on his blog and he seemingly operates from a knowledge base whereby not everyone can see what others are saying-so you do not have to think that you are under surveillance or indeed having comments read by all and sundry if you prefer a certain level of anonymity-I know that my own progress was greatly accelerated through those interactions hence my continued doing them even going that extra mile when most others had tired of the interactions.

So the Jedah Mali thoughts become things approach was somewhat differing in the sense that if we know thoughts become things then surely it does not take a genius to say right then next time I get these deeply integrated feelings of anger stirring up yes I will perhaps acknowledge them in a Big Heart Big Mind fashion-yet I will also switch to thinking happier thoughts a la Jedah’s approach I am happy joyful feeling good about myself-basically acknowledge the bad stuff and then go into focussing on the better thought and feelings that you can muster from within your own personage and keep on doing that until those better thoughts and feelings are the ones that are most habitual in your mental life and World-this can be hard if you are starting from a place of continuous harassment or bullying and so on as I was yet it really does pay to make the good thoughts and feelings the greater and not less than feelings that you are always geared towards in your own mind and of course the inner compass and compassion for yourself  should hopefully with intention become the new model.

Again I do not know where the slippery slope began in my own life yet these are things that seemed most natural from the memories I have from my youth and teen years-I think once you have been through a number of failed relationships you begin taking on board some of the “I was rejected by this person because…” type thinking and unfortunately the self-fulfilling prophesy issues begin to kick in big time on the downward spiral especially if you have to maintain relationships for the sake of children.

So the BIG THING that I am thinking about in relation to being led to processes and principles is seemingly the LIFE IS BUT A DREAM issues and of course I just had to know where such thinking occurred and you will not be surprised to know that it was not Beyoncé but LEWIS CARROL

Further to that I did actually also find myself returning to another poem that I have a lifelong love for by William Blake that begins Tiger, Tiger Burning bright…

So I have seemingly come full circles through my explorations-perhaps returning to the poetical that I first started out with on Facebook though having said that the traumas and pain and so on have somewhat laregely been left behind during the course of the journey.

Speaking of Blake of course I was one of those saddo’s who watched the entire Blakes 7 series during my younger formative years though of course he was (as a character) only in the first series and the last (I think) the hero’s during the rest of the show were Avon and Vila for myself of course the one a somewhat ruthless mercenary type figure and the other the comedy touch.

So do all roads lead to Rome is again questioning that can be asked-well not in my opinion I have recommended only those modalities that worked for myself however I do think I will be exploring the LIFE IS BUT A DREAM THEORY as that could well be the stage or state that all the work I have been putting in leads and of course if that is true then we surely all want the best of dreams don’t we? Of course one mans best of dreams is apparently another mans worst of dreams yet there are 7 Billion people on the planet so it should not be all too difficult to choose your own best dream circumstances and friends and followers and so on and seek to do right by all where that is possible.

I should of course also state that when I talk of Rainbow bridges and so on that my Australian cousins were in fact Bridges as that was the family name of my uncle who himself was from a rather large family and I believe they (Uncle Jim’s family) have assorted business links dotted around the Country-I know that my cousins on visits to Hereford used to get myself into the Crystal rooms (known as sticky carpets) for free for instance because they were related to the owner.

Likewise when I talk of Rainbow Bridges I am referring to COGNITIVE functioning within the realms of your brain and that is of course different to other versions of Rainbow literature that you may come across-I know that the Rainbow as a symbol has been adopted far and wide by a variety of groups including toy manufacturers and Ecological warriors and human rights groups and so you really have to go with your own knowledge base yet my own preference is simply to keep it as strict a meaning as possible-I know some folks want it to mean there own meaning yet as you all know we can only relate to the meaning we ourselves hold and mine is not necessarily the same as anyone elses-how far you explore meanings is of course personal choice yet I do know that people from all groups and ideologies have contributed to the growth cycle of personal development and inner circle development and so on.

can I dream of who wins the masters golf and who wins the World Cup soccer well again all these things come to you yourself placing your focus and intent on wanting that information to come to you and of course intent and the ability to maintain your own focus comes with going through the exploration of multiple growth modalities and raising threshold to maintain your own personal inner direction and awareness.

What else well yesterday I spoke of engines and then of course I thought ah-ha I have several Prechter books related to the Ellliot Wave material no not ET-the Market study of Elliot Waves and Fibonacci numbers and so on-I am of the belief that the study of the Elliot Wave books may indeed create an engine of sorts for those interested-I can never be quite sure because of all the cramming I have done-yet I do find that I buy this modality and then go back and check and find new meaning in conection with this book or that book-progress is individual and I do seemingly have a rather good set of references to cycle around-you cannot possibly study all materials at once though that does of course induce overwhelm and that is part of the appeal of cramming.

Sell Sell Sell Sell seems to be a song that needs to be written yet I have found that the truth is that being open to sell also opens you to release and so on so whilst all is invented and nothing is as it appears-there really are benefits to studying with those who succeeded before and asking those questions HOW CAN I INTEGRATE ALL THESE MODALITIES INTO A NEW MODALITY and follow your own inquiry process-I may well seem happy with myself yet in truth I put a lot of effort in and spent an awful lot of money to experience the benefits of the teachings and learnings-hopefully others have also benefitted and if you are just starting out-do not despair because I was there and whilst I am in similar circumstances in the Real World-my mental World is a place that is going places and hopefully that will eventually translate into the physical plains of existence also.

Thank you for reading and always remember to question and question again and positively habituate and habituate again as very few will do those things for you at a level of comprehension and understanding that is right for you.

Thank you for reading God Bless and be Well 🙂

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