So Yesterday I Wrote Of Lewis Carol

So yesterday I wrote of Lewis Carol and of course he is predominantly associated with Alice in Wonderland yet for those that are interested when you further research such individuals you will find other works that you might consider as being interesting-many of these old college professor types wrote works related to maths and language and communication and so on and it does seem to myself that whilst many of us have taken the famous works at face value they have been possibly created with less than obvious ulterior motives.

Of course it is easy to go into an accusatory mode relating to many authors works yet they were of course following the own ways and paths and mind explorations and so on so you are better of going into inquiry type thinking strategies of what can I learn from this author and so on-I have for instance a book on logic written by Lewis Carol hat was one of the very cheap or free books I picked up on kindle.

It does seem to myself and I may well have stated it before that we have all these modern authors bombarding us with there works yet my own seeming instinct has led myself to go back in time to prior generations.  I do not know if that is simply from following unconscious clue trails in bibliographies and so on yet it is something that I found myself doing over and over again.

I think there is perhaps an investigate a line of inquiry process until the related non-conscious game of black and white is resolved in some fashion-however when I think in terms of recursive heuristics and so on you can of course set weight points whereby only so many recursions are carried out down one particular line of inquiry so samples can be gathered and threads made in multiple directions in your noggin without getting caught up in one dimension of how things are or have to be.

So yesterday I found myself approaching a manager with a spanner in hand from behind and Cluedo came up and of course that gave myself the inspiration for THE FOWLFATHER

Mongo:  All right you lot I want Solutions and I want them Now

No. 1: The Maintenance Engineer did it in the Rehangs with a feather

No 2: The HR Secretary did it in the Canteen with a stapler

No 3: The Health and Safety did it in the butchery office with a swab

No 4: The Live Hanger did it in the plant with a T-shirt

So of course it is quite easy to transfer any game that you may have in your collection and transpose the minor details to new locations and of course this has occurred with multiple famous games over the years-Monopoly springs to mind as you can get an addition for many capital cities around the planet.  Likewise some games and sports are shared throughout the planet and played by Universally governed Laws and rules though we all of course know that much like the Eurovision song contest you cannot trust the public or participants to be wholly neutral when it comes to results and cheating and bias’s and so on-how many times through the years have we seen Diego Maradona’s cheating handball goal that the officials failed to disallow and that of course is merely one example and most teams and Countries can highlight such incidents in the teams history.  When or if England go out of the World Cup in the first round for instance we will see a compilation of moments where poor officiating was responsible and not the teams inability to score more goals than the opposition.

Yes there are many approaches and thought processes that can take over when it comes to being objective versus subjective yet in truth many of these things do simply come down to achieving a greater amount of points than your foes and that is all there is to it.  All other thinking strategies and so on do become redundant and no it is not simply good enough to say well that was always going to happen because patterns are there to be broken and once demonstrated as broken can be broken again and again-Roger Banister demonstrated running faster than the four minute mile for instance.

So anything that I write with these signs and symbols is of course likely misdirection depending on how advance any given reader is and how many devices they read the same data on-and the simple Solutions have been repeatedly stated to draw and make mind-maps and so on of any given dataset to make it a more universal picture.

I of course am lousy at drawing and was recently thinking about some of the aspirations I had as a child-my other family members had seemingly covered many an artistic base-dad musician, brother art, and I being immature was always wanting to have something of my own not being done by other members of the family-the problem being of course that you put yourself in a corner (nobody puts baby in a corner lol) so as I have said I did turn to the written word as where I would personally excel though now of course that having failed up to and including the present date I have to re-interest myself in combining multiple arts and modalities into one all encompassing structure and organised format that is legible and attainable by all that come across it as an explanation and again that has been done as a remedy by many an expert-I should also mention that Joe Vitale had a new joint book venture out with one of his protege’s called The Remembering Process and that is indeed one of these think the future and pull yourself into that future kind of strategies and processes-how well any one persons strategy works for the rest of us is of course debatable-though the best vantage point to take is one of if they can do it-so can I and however successful you have been work to improve and organise yourself and fashion yourself into a series of systems that work for you yourself-we can only seemingly have these folks hold our hands and so on so far-or so it seems before we have to stand up and be counted for our own work and input and so on.

Nothing new or original there then Dave?

Well like I say if you have not yet drawn-draw now , if you have not yet worked through separating and understanding multiple sensory impressions as first and foremost one sensory impression at a time, work through them now, identify weaknesses and seek to remedy by practicing.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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