I Have Acheived More Than 500 Blog Posts

So yesterday I hit the publish button on my WordPress creator and kapow the post goes of as normal and an automated message arrives informing myself that the post was my fifth hundred since I started blogging however many months and years ago that happened to be-of course I took part on the Holosync Blog for so long that I can claim to have been blogging for far longer though of course that was someone else’s blog and Website and this one is my very own having my own name at the top Is in theory at least supposed to give myself that greater sense of satisfaction and level of achievement-I do recall as a youngster wanting and getting diary’s yet in all honesty attempting to write a diary everyday did fall by the wayside-though having said that one does wonder if lifelong diary writing leads to any kinds of breakthroughs-I know for instance when Tony Ben died I bought his so-called political diaries and of course you can find in some papers and magazines the on-going trials and tribulations of assorted statesmen and women who we are apparently interested in knowing about inside and out-yet in truth we very often get a particular publication for one particular section and very often other material that has less interest for ourselves just happens to be in it-that is a simple truth about many publications and why perhaps growth occurs through diversification and publications dedicated to particular areas of life-why read a generic catch-all newspaper if you only read the gardening section-far simpler in the longer term to stop buying the paper and buy a dedicated publication-having said that we do very often come to like some of the other material also do we not.

So I have been thinking about how much of the assorted masters teachings actually work-for instance one set of information that is constantly repeated at the beginning of goal setting and so on is to set your goal as though it is already achieved and say the information as though it is in the present tense.

I have achieved all childhood dreams and aspirations that I set myself during my childhood years. (might be a somewhat all-encompassing example, though they do say that you can go into the so-called sub-areas and be more specific).

Further to that of course I did so isolate out the assorted sensory impressions one at a time in order to better increase your awareness and understanding of them.  So that of course has been done a million times by many a book writer and teacher and trying to change what has gone before can be done in the fashion of sucking eggs.

I saw a small bird of the sparrow family land on the wooden bird table and peck at the seeds in an eating fashion whilst a tabby cat on a nearby shed roof stirred slowly and quietly into life.

So the idea when reading such sentences back is to isolate what sensory impression was used in the above case saw (sight) was used.

I heard a small bird of the sparrow family land on the wooden bird table and peck at the seeds in an eating fashion and the noise stirred a tabby cat on a nearby shed roof into life.

In this example I used the auditory sense of hearing (Sound)

So of course you can continue in this fashion with all the senses and further to that when you have established your dominant senses you can acknowledge and benefit from them being your dominant ones whilst also seeking to enhance or bring up your other less than dominant or under utilised senses-we often take these things for granted yet in truth many people are shocked and surprised at just how much they have let go of sensory perceptions and biases.

Does raising threshold work? raising threshold works in raising awareness and giving you enough ability to not react to less than savoury characters that you may find yourself coming into contact with in any of the environments you have found yourself during your lifetime.

Likewise attuning of the multiple senses significantly enhances your ability to navigate and choose your own paths and so on.

So what next well I am still thinking on my new website and the direction and design process is ongoing-I was throwing ideas together in a somewhat dysfunctional fashion and whilst that is good in an exploratory creative fashion I do need or actually set myself the goal of creating a mechanism whereby multiple goals are brought to fruition through that process.

So here we are with 2 great sporting fixture competitions starting today and how can I create enough mental space and room in my noggin to successfully see the truth of the present World Clock Cycle-of course many tools and utensils have been created and picking and choosing those that you wish to continue with is a personal choice yet attuning your sense with an already raised threshold top-down and bottom-up approach has been the mechanism that I personally have followed and recommended.

So what can randomness do in providing clues I ask and of course we can take a block line or individual words go left right up down diagonally or simply go with the 4 corners or draw the clues out-in fact so many possibilities exist it is know wonder in some ways that we do get confused my so many differing modalities at least until further threshold is raised and that happens for those who put in the work.

So a poem I think might serve as the best of what can I write on and prophet the best-the points on a compass spin gyroscopically more than one compass two hemispheres you see-the one that is dominant is hard to tell especially when parents have opposite functional the one family all right handers the other all left and Dave in the middle confused and depressed.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Have Acheived More Than 500 Blog Posts

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    • Thank you for your comment-I presently have a Wii Console that I bought for the daughter though rarely play or use the Wii when my daughter is not around-I have played a wide variety of games on differing machines from Handheld to Home Computers and Dedicated Consoles so these days I am never quite certain or a dedicated enough follower of gaming to know specific ins-and-outs as to what is best. I opted for the Wii for instance because I felt that they (Nintendo) provided more family oriented games that the other consoles whilst perhaps superior in other Areas of gameplay did not necessarily provide-that may of course not be fully true though were I thinking purely for myself and no-one else I would likely have opted for the PlayStation or Xbox-having said that I am sure I will find myself buying one of the newer generation consoles as they become more appealing across more than the current user base. Thank you for your comment.

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