Imagine Theres No Weekend

Imagine There’s no weekend, its easy if you cry, no weekdays either, not even 4th July, imagine all the people living in the Now

Yes so take an old lyric or tune and write some new lyrics-of course many would not like the idea that someone would bastardise John Lennon’s lyric in such a fashion yet lets face the truth of the matter that the album was only popular through the events surrounding his death-I say this of course because the same kind of thing has happened after many a Star in decline’s death-Michael Jackson is another one who whilst in training for his come back never quite made it and we saw multiple releases of unpublished works and of course we can scout around over and over again for the really big names who never quite go away because they were such big names-they have a large enough cult like following to sustain them for years based in the remembrance of more glorious days.

Is that fair-well it is some thing that can be seen in each generation and some fair better than others yet even the not so big names with one hit wonders can survive of the performance rights that they receive for airplay and so on and so forth.

So what else-well of course I have to comment and say that the result of the Croatia match was highly suspect and if I were a Croat I would be excessively peeved-the official may as well have been wearing a yellow jersey (In my opinion) especially in the 2nd halve of the match.  Some bloke called Martin I never heard of and not a sparrow was apparently leading the golf yet these things of course change round to round-so nothing to be concerned about over the multiple stages of the competition and of course when people pop up and defeat the odds it can cause bookies to sell the so called danger and you can find yourself getting better odds than you would have otherwise have gotten previously on the favourites who are often favourites for a reason-former competition placing’s and seasonal ranking and so on.

Where else can I turn my attention-well I did as always on a Friday download a couple of authors works that I fancied catching up with of course and one of the works was by Rudyard Kippling strange but true-I have read or seen a number of his works through the years and of course he was like many writers born in one nation and brought up in another and those are often circumstances in which many a person prospers simply because they operate from multilingual intelligence from young ages and are not as necessarily locked into word tunes and rhythms and so on-most languages have a kind of underlying tune or score that we do sometimes see plagiarised musically in some arts though I think less so in popular culture and more in orchestral type works.

So of course World Cup football and I had Kippling pop up because The Disney Jungle Book was one of the earliest Cinema films I saw sometime in the late 70’s and of course pinpointing when and where we moved from one kind of mindset to another in differing aspects of life can be a quite interesting exploration-likewise my earliest England Football memories were of Kevin Keegan’s England generation and I actually memory wise remember little else apart from the fact he was like the original David Beckham type pin-up advertising everything from Brute aftershave alongside Henry Cooper to the earliest home console’s that you could get-I had a Grandstand console that had the most basic bat and ball games and so on-where else well in those years there was perhaps more outright advertising and less subtlety than we see today-so we still had “All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray” delivered by black clad and non-special forces man actors-who knows may be it is time they revived some of the materials from that generation and stopped paying so much attention to the com bloody plainers.

Yes so of course many could well be unhappy that I said that you have to use or study or understand appropriate language and so on yet in truth as you progress you do tend to find that even the so-called proper way to create grammar and so on cannot necessarily be trusted yet the only way to know that is of course to try these things out for yourselves-many will not try and then of course wonder why they are not progressing-the game of life is one in which all participate whether any of us like it or not-of course many of us have found ways in which to escape yet in general you do have to come up with new values and ideas that you may have not previously explored such as reinforcing boundaries or simply going to the Police or other courses of action when the politics of some environments places itself above the law of the land-some environments require rude awakenings simply to give them the pattern break and should be looked upon in a what can be learned from this event-if such events occur in your World of course.

well I have an early Friday workwise so will leave it there.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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