So Where Is The Link At

So of course when you write regular and have assorted curiosities come into your output or World so to speak it can be interesting to wonder where the links came from and to give an example of this I will ask what is the link between Alice and The Beatles?  Well I happened to notice that my parents have a biscuit tin by some Danish company and further to that it is a round tin decorated in Alice in Wonderland Art so I had a look-they have had the tin for years and it usually goes under the radar yet in looking I see a host of characters I assume are from those particular stories-Mad Hatters Tea Party and as I look over the characters I see a Walrus and that Walrus is my ah-ha the Beatles of course also having written and sung a song called the Walrus on There Magical Mystery Tour further to that I believe Michael Jackson actually owned the rights to many Beatles Songs he having bought them at various rights sales and that of course links myself to another person I have not mentioned and whose name escapes myself-Jarvis Cocker The Lead Singer of Pulp who pulled a moonie during one of Michael Jackson’s Earth song performances during some show.

Speaking of Pulp of course without speaking from the pulpit they sang a song entitled “Common People” and that particular song actually in some ways has triggered myself in the past due to some relational experiences described there within.  I also at one time was a dedicated fan of the works of Quintin Tarantino who cares about spelling and he of course created the cult classic Pulp Fiction bringing back a movie legend such-as John Travolta and kicking of Samuel L Jackson’s career and so on.

So that is of course simply following a clue trail and when I speak of SYMBOLIC LOGIC and POINTING OR DIRECTING TO IT that is what we are doing-we can draw or paint a picture around the reality of now indirectly through various art forms and some folks are clearly more experienced and better at such activities than others.

I am a somewhat muddled soul at these things because despite all the retuning’s I have given myself and working through enlightenment processes I still have to work rest and play around other people and some do such things in good spirit whilst others of course are in such deeply bad ways themselves that they think nothing of sharing there own issues that have generally become non-issues for those of us who have progressed.

It comes back to the offence versus defence-some will understand that I spoke of being distracted by physical bodily pain for many years-just because such pains are not registering in conscious awareness does not mean they are not still within your being-having let go of many such previously entrapped pains I am less defensive and act accordingly though of course it can be easy to fall into pride comes before a fall traps-though I am quite sure that is less likely with awareness.

So a mind free of such distractions can be directed to better things and again this can depend upon your Threshold-I spoke recently of knowing when and where you are feeling particular feelings and learning to let them go and return focus to more uplifting and rewarding matters-it really can take practice for many issues and of course is variable person to person.

What else well I was seemingly wrong about the leading chap and his golf he being a previous winner though prior to my taking a closer interest in that particular sport.  Likewise didn’t the Dutch do well putting the Spanish through a master class footballing lesson.  Probably the best game to date-of course not if you are Spanish.

So Spain loses at football in a former Portugese colony and when we look at history we have to of course switch to Monty Python’s piss take of THE SPANISH INQUISITION.

Actually know we do not as those things can be reacquainted with over and over again when we learn to shift time and space symbolism and The McCarthy REDS UNDER THE BEDS witch hunts in the good ol’ US were actually a more modern equivalent of the same inquisition type practices.  And yes every Country behaves and operates in such fashion to varying degree’s and few can claim to honestly be otherwise.

So I am now going to pick up my deceased Grandmother’s shell that I have in font of myself and stare into the Peakock Lamp and not give any predictions because you cannot predict merely OUTLINE and that is a stumbling block that many fail to understand-prediction gives the suggestion that some mystery exists that requires uncovering-neither past or future exists though it is all to easy to get locked into patterns of belief that they do.

That goes together with the map is not the Territory teachings-now some of course say WHY ATTUNE YOURSELF? if all is invented and created-you might say that it is personal choice-we do not need any BLUEPRINT whatsoever apart from the one that the best masters and teachers can lead us to discover within ourselves-however that is not as easy as some would like to think and having a blueprint model to learn a framework or model around is just one form of Solution to leading you towards the higher vibrations and abilities and powers-I do not think of myself a having any particular contribution to make at present though that may change when I have worked towards a better model within my own sphere of processes.

So the BLUEPRINT is not a be all and end all merely a stage along the route of self discovery and perhaps (In My Opinion) it is better to have these kinds of staging posts than not and likewise you can say that picture is a staging post, compassion is a staging post, in fact you can probably say or in thinking terms think of most areas of life and your understandings of those matters as staging posts-can I be an integrated whole or do I have to live in a fragmented World of confusion-well I have taken modalties that I believe whilst possibly unnecessary have accelerated the defragmentation investigation and learning curve so choice is personal and I can go into a non-thinking no mind kind of state at will though of course that is still at a lower level than perhaps more experienced operators and gurus and so on.

So talk around it, draw around it, sound around it, sense around it, integrate it, there is a more UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE that exists within each and everyone of us and the teachers basically give us the tools and inquiry methods to reach a place where we can come to an understanding of that deeper truth and again some call that awareness a divineness and others god, and others belief it is there inner atheistic self.  who knows apart from those with the quietest of minds.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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