Polly Wanna Cracker

So I was thinking about mimicry and of course we have a long tradition of Parrots that can manage to emulate human type words and sounds and you can of course extend that to people emulating people-I like so-and-so’s attitude so I will seek to behave and so on in similar fashion though of course such strategies can only ever work up to a point and many folks simply give up or come up with rationalisations as to why something works for one person and not another.

Likewise attunement and so on is of course something that can be debated until you are blue in the face and the obvious Solution when you have been through some kinds of debates over and over again can be to simply walk away and find something new to do or indeed come up with a Hitleresque FINAL SOLUTION whereby the toxic individuals in your World are brought to justice or taken care of in as unpleasant a manner as can be thought of and those things are of course choices.

I watched the England game and did at times consider switching the sound off as it seemed to myself the commentators were not watching the same game-I thought England and Italy both played well and maybe we will see a repeat in the Final 🙂 .  Yes England lost yet at least they are in the finals let us not forget that in the 70’s when I was in my formative years watching Kevin Keegan’s lot that they failed to qualify for both the ’74 and ’78 World Cups and that was at the seeming height or peak of the Labour and Fascist /Racist movements in the UK-then a few years later the same happened under Graham Taylors tenure and that again was through suspect refereeing and a cheating opposition (if memory serves correctly).

So the Swiss are losing as I right this and again they are an expected to do well European team-the old classic joke that they will burn your money if you get on there wrong side is of course open to debate-yet one cannot help wonder where many of these folk tale relationships originated.

I mention Hitler above and he is someone I heard new of today in relation to FBI files-apparently he did not die in the bunker and escaped to Argentina-whether these things are true I have no idea and nor will I further investigate though it does seem like nonsense to myself-they have DNA tested the burned body skull fragments supposedly originating from him and found them not to have been his.  Did he escape-well it is now perhaps a little late though of course History’s are seemingly written by those movers and shakers who are somewhat higher up the success ladder than your common man or women such-as myself-if he did escape it was likely with the full knowledge and-or compliance of our own respective Governments and so on.

The desire to write and create your own reality is something that he managed where most of us seemingly falter-perhaps not having the motivation or indeed interest.  So where else can one turn to investigate-well of course I like the Ian Morris materials so decided to return to those and see if any further realizations would come about through that return to those works-likewise I also found myself returning to the work of Ray Kurzweil though I am not really sure why-I think I was disappointed with his writings and thought them too dumbed down and populist in a highly mad professor type style when I first read them-however having returned to the work I can see that he is perhaps cleverer than I have given him credit for previously.

So I do a module and return to patterns and keep on returning to some same materials I seemingly having chosen favourites among the assorted ideas and workings-likewise I do still look for new yet areas such as Integral Enlightenment and so on do all seemingly speak for themselves.

What else well I spoke of Alice in Wonderland and that of course can take myself back to the Markets when I think in terms of Warren Buffet-he being called Warren and Alice followed a white rabbit into a Warren? Likewise a Buffett might be considered a Tea Party type meal though of course these things are always up for good debate-Warren Buffett’s company is called Berkshire Hathaway and one cannot but wonder whether the throwing your hat away is a good idea-they do have a tradition in University’s of course of throwing hats in the air when receiving your Honour’s and so on and again those are called degrees which can take myself back to compass points or indeed temperature points the World of course when you think about it also having assorted temperature and weathering’s that can be taken into consideration within your mental realms should you so wish to take such things into consideration or have not done so previously-many colour scales are also associated with various weathering scales so it can be an interesting thing to do especially if you want to change your capacity for feeling the cold or heat and so on.  When you can bin or throw out many of the traditional whinges and moans about temperature extremes you can better maintain your own thoughts and direction on such matters.

So I did not mention the Pine cones yesterday yet I also have a rather large set of Pine cones sat in front of myself and I am unsure as to they’re origin-the tree could well have been the one I mentioned briefly from my Grandparents old house at the top of the hill-it was a big tree and these cones have obviously come from a very large tree indeed-they are all bigger in length and circumference than your average hand or roughly the size of a pint glass or mug-I like the old style pint mugs that are getting rarer and rarer as pubs and so on seemingly all adopt the tall glasses.

So what did Mr Kurzweil get myself thinking about-well he is one of those who obsesses with cybernetics and so on the progress areas he seemingly promotes are at the leading edge of integrating silicon with humans-I guess in medical terms it might be hard to object yet we have all seen the future stories of such creations going awry-man always seeking to build God in his own Image much like Adolf and his Master Ayrian Race-the interesting thing for myself of course was that Hitler was not German he seemingly originated according to history from Austria so lines and borders and boundaries are of course in the realms of the map is not the territory-probably should be thankful that Arnold Schwarzenegger can never become the President of The United States having not been born in that Federation-there was a stage when it looked like they might change the law-yet probably a step to far and it gives an incentive for immigrants to encourage there kids to have such aspirations-I have no idea if Arnie has kids  yet it does seem that many an immigrant Star has integrated into a new culture and become “MORE THAN” the normal average in a given population.

Of course “MORE THAN” gets interpreted in many ways yet in truth DNA testing over recent years has demonstrated that even those who consider themselves inbred thoroughbreds of nations are often an undesirable DNA mix when the tests have been carried out-probably why diversity and multi-culturalism are beneficial in the sense that if you think of yourselves in those terms you are less likely to experience the heavy resistance that a Nigel Farage might experience in discovering he is a hand-me-down genetic Quasimodo or whatever.

So we can never defeat impermanence apparently merely come to terms with those aspects of ourselves that we have not currently explored or questioned in a thorough a manner as is possible-deliverance can seem as far away as ever in some ways and not in others-for instance many people claim instinctual desires to have children and so on yet I do get the impression from more advanced meditators and so on that even those kinds of things are actually debatable and open to interpretation so if you are man or women who thinks that you will never shed such feelings do not despair because I do think that positions of choice and awareness can make a huge difference in the way you go about interpreting your natural bodily functions and so on.

Anyway that was just spinning and spinning any ol’ crap to see what comes up when I look back on the post and that is really all anyone at any level needs to do for themselves alongside of course taking the choices that the technological recommendations I make definitely give anyone who wants more choice and SIGHT and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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