Squares In The Sand A Square and Square

Of course this is not the lyric that anyone will remember the song actually being entitled Circles In The Sand if memory serves myself correctly and the reason I bring this up is of course the issue of Square Pegs In Round Holes.

The earliest childhood type games that many folks are given are akin to putting the shape through the appropriate position much like a Krypton factor type game though of course as youngsters we generally had no time limit to carry out such functions.

So what else well I of course have been looking to gain greater and greater levels of clarity within my awareness as I proceed and as I have said that can be as easy or difficult as we make these things for ourselves.

The problem with witnessing can of course often be as to what you are witnessing and I have been concentrating on steering myself towards the more rewarding and uplifting where possible-so today for instance I see multiple screaming headlines and choose to ignore them in favour of more uplifting events and stories-I looked at an article on Michael Schumacher awakening from his coma and her Majesty’s Order Of the Garter Event and what is interesting of course in relation to that event are the colour codes that in usage.

So anyway what else needs to be said or commented on-well if you think a sulking Englishman is bad (pity the Italians did not switch sides huh?) then you have of course never encountered or spent time around the sulking Portugal nationals-the German war machine has seemingly ground into life and they will likely proceed through the next few rounds simply through psychology-let us not forget it took multiple Nations armies in huge numbers and so on to break the German war effort and that is unlikely to happen in a sporting event.

Where else has my mind wondered-well of course people do wonder why we want to remove and break down the assorted alphabets as a stepping stone to clarity and that is actually far easier as you progress and take on board “SOUNDINGS” of differing languages.  I am fortunate in the sense that I have been exposed to many languages over the years and also know psychological temperaments.  When you speed up and slow down any given languages and so on you do break down or melt away the learned mental lock-ins that can often happen even unconsciously such are the ways in which our minds are often set-up.

So this week I have been seeing with far more clarity than I have for quite some time and am wondering if this will last or whether it is a result of heightened Global Interest in events such-as the World Cup-should I be looking to cash in or should I hold off-I have held of a lot simply in an effort to get some mental bearings and take in new learnings and so on-yet I do think that I am moving towards the attuned coinside and that of course does give one feelings of YES FINALLY (no not f in al (Soundings)).

What other issues-well we all move and gain clarity through our own efforts and likewise making transitions from some lifelong beliefs and mental reconstructions can take time and indeed effort though I do think that is worthwhile when you start getting so clarification and so on-I actually have no idea as to what level I might consider myself as being at-having said that that is probably because of the mental trying to put a square peg in a round whole syndrome yes you can make think laterally and make the whole bigger or the peg smaller and all sorts of Solutions yes you do need to keep making those mental affirmations-how can I do this, how can I and so on.  The thinking strategies will work for you when you repeat themselves to yourselves regularly enough to become habits-and likewise not responding to baiting can also be good habit development and so on-assuming you are taking the bigger picture longer term vision approach that I have been encouraging.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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