So Like Many People

So like many people I get bombarded with mails saying buy this new wonder technique or scheme and however and one does wonder just how many hours there are in the day to support or use for your own ventures.  Having said that I did quite like a Flash Fest rom Learning Strategies that was related to Easy Learning Languages-having said that I initially went straight to the Paraliminal without even looking at Languages on offer and I also chose my own intention-I figured the Easy Learn Paraliminal could be set with intention for modalities that I had already purchased as I was more interested in improving and bringing out the skills I already had-so if you have not considered such strategies you could for instance when asked for an intention say The Spiritual Codes or Universal Intelligence or whatever-I just wanted to see what might happen and do think that the Paraliminal worked with the intentions I gave-so these Freebies are well worthwhile taking advantage of even if only for the materials you have already purchased and studied etc.

Another issue I found myself thinking about was of course this one of Who killed Dave S Perkins and multiple theories have of course been proffered for possible use-the one that I am thinking in terms of at present is along the lines of a Red Dwarf (Comedy) episode I saw many years ago wherein they demonstrated that JFK killed JFK.

So I guess the Intelligence has some way to go in peeling back the assorted layers of reality held within ones own mind-there is little value in looking to the external though having said that you can in doing so identify between the helpful and the unhelpful personalities and peoples within he environments you find yourself working and living.  Multiple teachers that I have studied with have offered Solutions relating to setting your own BOUNDARIES and of course depending upon environment you will likely find that some folks accept and have the intelligence to accept your boundaries whilst others of course are so wrapped up in there little Empires and Toxicity and so on that they completely fail to take note of other peoples boundaries.  The other problem is of course PROJECTION-so you seek to reinforce your own boundary in a no nonsense fashion and others about you project and interpret your behaviour as something other than what it was clearly intended for putting they’re own twist on things or indeed stirring things up.

Where else can I turn my attention well as so may emails are saying the best Solution can be to Learn from those who are already going in the direction that you yourself wish or desire to go-so that could be the join a community of like minded Souls-likewise I do think until you have higher Threshold you are better off clearing more out of your system than you are taking in-of course I would say that yet in truth one can only relate to ones own experience and acceleration of any process is your own individual choice-you can always pretend you know what is going on in someone else’s life or experience yet that again is simply a Projection issue.

The World cup has of course had a couple of dire days in Footballing terms as always happens after all the initial waiting and build-up we are now into that post initial excitement stage and going into the phase of questioning whether you have the capacity to watch as many games as you originally intended and so on-of course it is quite easy at the group stage to be selective and pick and chose from within the given mix yet as the competition proceeds the ability to pick and choose lessens as you watch the various great white hopes disappear and so on-who will win? well a European team outside of Europe is what I want to see though of course one does expect South Americans to win in there own back yard-so judgements still to be decided and it is all still up in there air.

As to patterns I think I said on multiple occasions-the simplest techniques can be to regularly study and watch those you feel are already progressed ahead of where you yourself are-and likewise you should if you have not already done so be thinking about writing for yourself even if it is quite little-these blogs sites are free relying predominantly on advertising for revenue and of course you can also set it up so that the site is private-something I may well do in future though I as said I am constructing a new website at present and still tinkering around with ideas and direction and development and so on-whilst holding back on all the distractions that are being thrown in my path.

So I really do have little to say on many issues as disillusionment at life the Universe and Everything continues and the Dave S Perkins killed Dave S Perkins Solution could well be for the best-better dead than groomed by some of the toxic vicious murderous scum I often find myself working around-strange how many people change whilst others refuse BOUNDARIES-the other Solution is of course the Police if some individuals want to slander and spread malicious bullshit whilst ignoring all requests to put up or shut the fuck up then the next step is clearly to let the Police deal with such individuals where the Company has clearly failed or indeed refused-protecting one of there own at all costs could well be the stupidest IDEA and course of action that some managers have ever chosen to take as a path-ever built a house of cards or played JENGA-I do recall the Kerry arms used to having Jenga bricks years ago and that was quite a fun activity.

well distractions distractions where can focus be placed to more uplifting and rewarding matters,  hmmn


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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