Now Some Folks Of Course Get Upset

Now some folks of course get upset when I use this blog in a less than savoury way to rant about some individuals-all I will restate is that if you were like myself and had lived with pain your entire adult life and then found a way to clear out such pain and suffering would you not seek to use those methods.

The problem with a number of more spiritual healing modalities for instance is that you need to be open to releasing many things such-as trapped pain and so on and when people come out with malicious garbage those behaviours are clearly intended to shut people down as opposed to being able to open up.

Now if someone has a long history of constantly bombarding anyone and everyone around themselves with lying bullshit and drivel and it affects yourself and your HEALTH adversely would you not want those people gone from your living experience.  Of course we none of us can have 100% what we want yet we can set our own intentions to live in truth of our own experience and level of awareness at any given instant or time-I work in an environment that is genuinely multinational in representation of employee’s likewise you also have people of other lifestyle choices and if they are allowed to be free from prejudice then surely more regular folks can be allowed that freedom from prejudice also-the problem sent down from upon high Government is often one of positive discrimination whereby you end up with a loaded deck of imbalance and that imbalance is of course for many people also represented in the Yin-Yang Male-Female energies contained within ones own body.

So as I have repeated often I personally do not care if others regard themselves as male female gay straight black white etc-all that stuff is personal choice or indeed the reality that some folks have to live within-all I ever encourage is that you allow yourselves to be congruent with your truths-when you have folks seeking to make you incongruent and ill then a few short years in prison can seem well worthwhile to be rid of them.

So I hope anyone who read and-or tried the Paraliminal intention technique I suggested experiences some shift that they may not have previously had-some of these modalities and processes and ideas are ongoing in the sense that you need to practice and think in terms of integrating positive rewarding uplifting thoughts and feelings and so on often in relation to lifelong debating habits that as we are predominantly aware are often baseless once you have raised your threshold and done further releasing and so on.

Well England are presently playing and I have know idea whether they will proceed my early suspicions in relation to this Tournament was that they would be an early flight home-however I did not watch any of the pre tournament build up and then was impressed with the team I saw against Italy so they could well slip through to the next round irrespective of my early expectations.

Yes one of the most interesting things is of course that many a Business has list of goal statements and objectives for the year and I often wonder how much thought has gone into those things-some things are quite obvious in the sense they say things like TREAT OTHERS AS YOU YOURSELF WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED-I do not recall a time in my life where this mantra has not really been part of it-as it is one of those most basic of Christian Principles-likewise the Valley of The Dead is a well known biblical story and clearly some folks without any spiritual bearing certainly need to be given an un-doctored version fed into them for there own benefit-letting go of some issues is ongoing because just as quickly as you can release you are all but guaranteed that folks show up in your World acting and behaving contrary to the best interpretation of those kinds of ideals.

So I personally have little to zero problem working within multicultural environments though of course some people have an abundance of issues smiling at some folks faces and being polite and then slandering and being racist and prejudiced in private-this is where congruence comes in and you are better of dealing with folks in a one on one fashion where possible-yes we can all be free to express ourselves and clear out garbage faster than we can catch it yet there is also a certain level of responsibility in that and so on.

So I have seemingly brought in the Christian elements today-whilst having for the most part of my adult life not particularly lived by the Christian ideals I was indoctrinated with as a teenager-so in the spirit of enlightenment I am going to pluck a bible verse at random out of the brain and then go and look and see what lesson I can personally learn from it-always fun plucking things out at random from the air-ummmmnnn okay New testament Matthew 6:24 – I will go and see what that says.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 🙂

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