What Is The Difference Between These Elements

So like many others I took particular Fests and then further invested in full blown courses from Learning Strategies and I recently find myself asking what are the differences between modalities and components and so on.

I think on the whole that the Fests are representative of what the designer likes to think are the very best elements from multiple courses given in a condensed form-whereby further knowledge can be acquired of any particular modality through purchasing the full blown course in any area and further to that of course you may well find that what you latched onto within the Fest was not for you yourself the very best that the modality had to offer-by that I mean that we all of us create our own mental maps and cognitive strategies and the big boo-boo from many a teacher/learner can be “the assumption that we are working from the same process of thought model”

What does that actually mean?  I think it comes back to the way in which we have individually been brought up and life experiences and all the rest of it and how we want our own particular futures to turn out.

So anyone who has taken up and or purchased any of my product recommendations will likely have COGNITIVE OVERLAP whereby we have a shared learning or strategy and model that we are using-however from within that overlap you can still symbolically represent ideas and thoughts and threads and processes in a differing fashion-for instance in one Fest I recall being told to run through the Calender Months-Autopilot map/thread/process highway kicked in and I did a January through December-I was then asked to do a reverse list starting with July June May etc. returning to the starting point through that cycle and of course no autopilot existed so I had to pause and create a cognitive map SLOWLY, the very next task was to list the months of the year alphabetically and of course total oblivion occurred as my brain went searching for a map that did not exist.

So some folks might have though yea that’s cool I am always going to do that with my learning and for any given list started practicing alphabetical orderings-likewise a second person might have thought yea that’s cool and started to learning running through lists from a mid point backwards and likewise a third person may well say I like my January through December its all I need.

So even though a COGNITIVE overlap exists you cannot guarantee that all others are using your preferred TOOL from within the course-I hope that makes sense-of course the further you progress and or practice the more links and chains and so on can happen for you spontaneously assuming you have persevered through some of the initial blockages and excuses and so on that aversion to change will often bring up.

Further to that of course is the idea of choice and you again cannot assume others are making the same choices simply because each person really is genuinely unique however much they like to pretend otherwise or rush to herd like patterns of behaviour.

So many of course will remember that I have spent my entire adult life asking “How Can I Be Still Alive?” and depending on your own experience you will relate to that or simply not-because you have no comparable model-we can look through our collective shared database of media TV/FILM/BOOKS/THEATRE/RADIO and we may have seen or been given a representation of outlined events-yet that is still very different from your own individual autobiographical personal experience-and of course as you progress you are given ways and means to test your story collection against reality-peeling back layer upon layer of story that has kept you stuck or like a broken record or however you desire to symbolically demonstrate such things.

So in going with the question above-I started out with various “What does the library archive at the end of time and space say about you” type thinking and of course that can indeed put you into a change mind-set to a certain extent and likewise you also have the doctrine that what the future says is irrelevant because you are alive now and exist now and require strategies that serve you here and now and not then.

So all this thinking can of course keep you stuck or send you seeking or gear you towards doing depending upon how you are already set-up as it were-so I spoke of returning to Hereford at the end of my marriage and setting out to start a new life and so on and found myself constantly under siege from all directions leaving myself with surround walling and no where to go but death-so that of course continued and whilst I have seen others adversely affected in similar fashion and apparently dead-here I am still alive and wondering how can I be still alive.

So is there or can there ever be an ANGEL ENLIGHTENMENT?

I think that from my own explorations such thinking can only ever come about from exploration of the assorted products and courses and peelings and adjustments to your own personal map and what you personally want that archive at the end of time and space to say about you yourself-no-one can deconstruct all your existing cognitive strategies and functions for you but you-the problem of course being very much about the herd model and generic unexamined and unquestioned assumption-there are of course many of these and some are indeed more popular than others-my own examination and questioning suggests that no matter how much you seek to reinforce any assumption eventually it can or will give way to better models when you yourself put the work in-many have yet many lifelong habits have default rush too broad and wide highway settings that are not very helpful in following or developing new cognitive insights and strategies and all the rest of these things.

Where else-well one area I have not I think mentioned is Epigenetics and that has come up on multiple occasions through my research I bought multiple books on a wide array of subject and they were all seemingly linked by this word as though it were some major thorough fair point in my research-much of it has been related to research into DNA and RNA that being the apparent sub-modality of DNA.

Anyway we want to look at it we are the result of thousands of years of development and for lack of a better word programming and anyone overtime can come to see how society as a whole has generally developed and fashioned itself accordingly-some helpful some not-so-helpful.

Another area I have found appearing in my mental maps and World are Nano-technologies and again I spoke of reviewing Ray Kurzweil and research into his work tends to lead towards the nano-technologies as he tends to reference that area quite a lot.

Thirdly I found myself looking at work surrounding “Abundance” whilst I have bought the odd course I have not purchased some of the related books-yet they have started appearing within my recommended for you lists on Amazon.

So EPIGENETICS/NANO-TECHNOLOGIES/ABUNDANCE are seemingly a point of RESOLUTION in my explorations-so I was exploring in multiple directions yet all roads are seemingly once again converging.

So what can this mean?  well if the NOW is a projection back from the future archive then clearly I had to buy and purchase and explore and question and develop the necessary skills and internal knowledge for the creation of cognitive machines and processes and engines and so on-and whilst I bought some courses several years ago that was in effect running before I could walk-so you might say the journey has been one of EMBRACING BEING FOOLISH and having realisations that nothing bad will necessarily happen and developing WISDOM that comes from those experiences-the difference between your very own EXPERIENTIAL and projected EXPERIENTAL based in “IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT COS THAT’S WHAT’LL HAPPEN” lectures from self appointed experts and opinionated peoples who very often have not put the work in or indeed adopted a HIGH RESISTANCE STRATEGY OF SABOTAGING all and anything and anyone who dissects and breaks down the ideas and theories that they hold most dear to themselves.

Of course the game of black and white is unavoidable in many an area of life yet the way out does seemingly come through the teaching of the game as from a witnessing style position as opposed to being locked into being centrally you are surrounded by you thinking and paranoia.

You can be the King or Queen of your castle without necessarily having to resort to victimhood roles and processes though of course we very often do cling to secondary and even tertiary behaviour’s that are habitual when confronted with folks who live for the thrill of wanting to punish others in the way they themselves feel punished.

Where else an I make comment upon-well of course many courses suggest that you listen to the music and become attuned to the music so a good basic knowledge of the makeup of orchestra’s and bands with instruments could be helpful-by that I mean knowing the difference between Woodwind and Strings and Brass and Percussion and so on.

Also the makeup of instruments and how they are constructed can also be quite instrumental in bringing ideas and knowledge together-so for instance knowing that a regular guitar has six strings held in position by pegs at the base whilst wrapped around turning cogs at the head or that a Piano is actually engineered like a drum in the sense that the ebony and ivory keys went pressed cause the respective strings to be drummed by a hammer.  Of course I have spoken on music before yet it can always be helpful to go back and give yourself those little reinterpretations of engineering and design and construction and so on-anything really to break existing patterns or familiarise yourself with new cognitions and so on and so forth.

The more non-conscious relationships that you can shine your searchlight upon and examine the more easy you may find to let go of those issues that no longer serve or can be seen in a new light based in new learnings and so on.

So that is four areas that anyone can go and research for themselves-I really would like to see if anyone such as Bill Harris or Paul Scheele has managed to bring the elements of EPIGENETICS/NANO-TECHNOLOGY/ABUNDANCE/INSTRUMENTATION into one all-encompassing modality yet in truth I think they can only ever signpost the way and cannot be expected to DO EVERYTHING that Dave demands and requests of them. 

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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