A Determined New Clean Sweep/ New Broom?

Okay so many want to know what are genuine continuing issues and what are debatable side issues? I will also state that whilst I am talking off working life many of the elements can be applied whether at home or social life-many of the details are highly transferable.

So irrespective of the company you work for or what level of that company you work at you very likely followed a similar path and-or trail to the one that I myself have followed-so again you will have to forgive myself if I steer from what I intend as a generic kind of path into the realm of personal experience.

So we all very often start off going into some company or getting a job and our youthfulness and motivation is often enough to carry us through the early part of such experiences.

So that of course as a cycle can be repeated each time you go and find a new job-yet in truth you can well be adding and adding weights around your neck as you continue whether up a management path or from company to company.

For instance you will very often be asked to read training manuals and sign to say you understand and comply with the training manual.  You will likely or possibly also have a differing trainer or indeed manager and both these individuals could well also be demanding that you comply with they themselves-this can be where issues arise and things can become murky and so on which we will get to in a minute.

So you have an intention to stay congruent in your own mindset-at least most people do that I am aware of on a day to day basis-you also have a CONSCIOUS WINDOW of AWARENESS and a NON-CONSCIOUS WINDOW or AWARENESS and you might say this is where most of us who have had health complaints and so on difficulties arise.

So I joined a company and my health over the first 5 years of employment deteriorated rapidly and likewise so did the health of a number of colleagues who started around the same time-although the reasons from my own research very likely differs from what they themselves believe.

The next 5 years have been spent predominantly researching CAUSE and EFFECT and looking for ACTUAL WORKABLE SOLUTIONS for everyone not just myself and as I progressed more and more other folks joined forces and the effort (if you like) in the same manner wanting to know or have answers-predominantly deciding that pointing the finger of blame is generally quite lame and not a real answer for anyone.

So cause and effect relates HEAVILY to the conscious and non-conscious windows of awareness and how you yourself manage those windows or allow them to operate.

THE RESULT of my RESEACH is the topic of what mental health experts call COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

So I spoke earlier about being asked to SIGN in agreeing to COMPLY with processes in a training manual. I also spoke earlier about desiring to COMPLY with a given trainer or manager.

If both manual and trainer and manager are all in clear alignment with each other then you will likely be free of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and CONGRUENT in your TRUTH of how you see the World and work and operate and so on and so forth-however if any disparity exists between any of these elements then COGNITIVE DISSONANCE can set in and this is predominantly where most Health Issues have been caused.

So I will right an example-let us say you have a brand spanking new manager who is demanding compliance and this is where is your day-to-day CONSCIOUS WINDOW of AWARENESS is FOCUSSED

However your new manager in typical power mongering new manager style wants a new broom and to seize control of the mental attitudes of staff and so on and decides they are reinventing the wheel.

The reinvention is all well and good yet it causes COGNITIVE DISSONANCE with existing processes that continue to run in the greater non-conscious part of the brain.



You now have a mental health INCONGRUENCE whereby in order for your WHOLE BRAIN and YOU YOURSELF TO BE CONGRUENT SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE.

Whether it is over hours days weeks months years the PRESSURE or NEED FOR CONGRUENCE BUILDS AND BUILDS until it finds an itself an outlet whereby whether distracted or under pressure the non-dominant process kicks in and grabs control for however brief a period of time.

These outlets can be the most stupid of things such as forgetting your keys as you go out the door or leaving your wallet on a table or starting a fight after a couple of pints when your the most placid of persons normally and in the workplace scenario the outlet can be failing to comply with one or any of the normal day to day processes that your conscious intentioned focus is normally on and very often you are or can be through lack of awareness of how the brain operates not understand why you failed to follow the more regular routine.

So brand spanking new manager is boasting of having the perfect command and control record not like those past managers whilst at the same time all the staff start dropping like fly’s having HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES.

The failure to remove the old processes or allow any divergence from the COMPLY with me has caused the pressure to continue to build until the outlet is a more serious and life threatening serious condition.

Now clearly you cannot point the finger of blame at any one given individual because you can think of manager process 1 as anyone and everyone you presently have in your World and likewise process 2 as anyone from the past perhaps.

So Solutions are first recognising and identifying where COGNITIVE DISSONANCE exists in your OWN MENTAL LIFE AND WORLD whether at home work or where ever and then seeking to relieve yourself of the BUILD UP OF PRESSURE AND INCONGRUENCE in sensible measures and the first steps to that are of course through AWARENESS.

In a work environment scenario I really would go for a clean sweep, new broom, clear and precise actions to CLEARLY DELINEATE from the past in a know holds barred fashion-ensuring that you repetitively state we are having a clean sweep and a book burning session that everyone previously or potentially affected knows about-so if training manuals are clearly 20 years out of date the solution is not to say we will just change this little bit here and there in half hearted piecemeal fashion everyone clinging to the old process and story.  The Solution is to develop a completely new training procedure or manual  from the ground up relevant to now-this also enables people to gossip talk relieve built up or hidden pressure simply associated with seeing the old manuals and so on.

I can say that I have seen or witnessed some of these kinds of tactics being carried out successfully at some levels likewise I can also clearly state that I see areas of resistance among some old guard or people who have other considerations that I as a humble cleaner do not have to consider. 

So there is little value in blame and character assassination and greater value in looking for Solutions that everyone can consider themselves as being a stakeholder in.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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