When Needs Must Is Lost In Translation

Todays post has been sectioned a little bit so those that want more funny or humorous material need to scroll down rather than plough through all the earlier section material-though of course you can choose to think this is quite a diverse catch-up and the title section is down below where I have a chat with my mate Brad.

So I have not spent time writing this blog this week and you might say that once again the inspirations were beginning to dry up and so I decided to step back a little and see what areas of life the Universe and everything came to my attention.  Of course in truth we all of us have multiple aspects of attention and management of those aspects is carried out by many people in what might be regarded as juggling fire fighter modes that developed naturally over time with out any thought as to having a process or strategy and even those of us who have been through management courses and so on can often find that the optimum strategy at any given moment of our life can disappear out of the Window when enough distress or distractions are circulating in the environments in which we find ourselves.

So I did write a piece earlier in the week and I mentioned Heart attacks and strokes and of course because of my knowledge of real reality as opposed to most folk’s “lacking in awareness” reality that pretty much meant that some or any of us might have had incidents containing those health conditions appear more in our World Focus-and of course that is also true today because I have referenced the same material-however what I previously failed to mention or deleted as an aspect of the information was that the last couple of weeks for myself has seen a rather large amount of stress or distress circulating-and I have effectively if you like seemingly had an extremely slow or slow motion stroke or heart attack whereby the causes or however have worked there way out of my bodily system or energy field.  can such things occur-I think that they can yes and again it comes down to your level of awareness and perhaps understanding of how these things work-I also spoke of cognitive dissonance and that of course can be both an explanation and a crux-in calling anything a crux I mean simply that it can be all to easy to say that is it-this is the peg that I am hanging my theory on-as opposed to developing an understanding that multiple theories and indeed Solutions can all at surface level seem to be different or diverse yet in reality be very much the same.  I also have to be sure that I am not experiencing “WARNING SIGNS” as that too could be an interpretation-dependant on how well you know your own body-as many blokes do-I tend to ignore or not have as strong an understanding of the physical body and feelings that might be acting as triggers.

So where else-well I will of course at some point come to the title yet I have multiple tid-bits to work through so please be patient-so what else?

Well going back a week or two some will recall that I ranted-and in those scenario’s it can be very easy to think “he’s making it up” yet in truth those rants are genuine responses to particular individuals that like it or not I find in my World and the traditional reason that faces all blokes when they complain about such issues such-as persistant long term baiting is that management have an “you are being oversensitive” policy of dealing with these matters or Man-up keep your hair on and so on-the downside of course that they then further to that complain of a drop in your standard of work CAUSE AND EFFECT-you in effect are in a trap whereby complaint of part of the (CAUSE) is dismissed by the same individual (MANAGER) who is then complaining about overall (EFFECT).

So I recently found myself being disciplined for what might be considered a repetition of a non-compliance of current working practice and further to that managers were able to demonstrate a History because they NOW have to keep diaries-whether that is just for myself or for everyone I am unsure-yet I think again that is an EXCELLENT STRATEGY because it can help keep both the managers and staff on the so-called “straight and narrow” and if any future baiting occurs I have to be able to assume that Manager has to place said complaint in diary whilst telling myself to man-up or whatever-so I am familiar with the pattern and he/she/they will become familiar with the pattern also and that pattern IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE and not genuinely specific to myself-my zero tolerance is because of  “AWARENESS” there are fine lines in differing peoples sensibilities and in an environment that “allegedly” welcomes all-comers as employees the PATTERN will lead to folks seeing who the real TROUBLE MAKERS (or people with issues) are as opposed to letting Dave continuously take the rap-we can all experience thoughts and feelings that need or require dissipating out of our systems-yet it is not good for that to take place in the oldest of fashions-baiting colleagues who have asked you to stop.

I can of course also state that things have vastly improved over the years though like most places and environments many a hidden corner of dark ages mentalities  still exist that have seemingly not caught up with today’s demanded working life rules and regulations and best practice and that is where I think I will go next.

So I was recently chatting with a long time day time manager and the thought occurred that had I started on days my experience would likely have been very differing-in the sense that whilst many of the troubles were apparent-day time practice and so on had already taken steps in better dealing with some difficult or troublesome topics-by that I mean that out of say 5 daytime crews 2 or 3 were seemingly chugging along quite happily without any problems-despite underlying rivalries-so I had opted for one of the dark hidden away corners of the place and then went into a downward spiral.



Dave: Hey Brad look Angelina’s looking at you why not ask her out on a date?

Brad: I cant Dave

Dave: Why ever not?

Brad: Well Dave you see to expect to date a women like that means that I would have to spend money on areas of my life that are non-profitable and according to all my managers anywhere and everywhere ever that I have ever worked for that is bad for business.

Dave: What would you have to spend money on Brad? 

Brad:  Well first of all I might have to spend money on a toothbrush (Hygiene) and Toothpaste (Hygiene)

Dave: and?

Brad: Well she might want me to spend money on soap /shower gel (Hygiene) and wash my hair with shampoo (Hygiene)

Dave: and?

Brad: She might want me to shave regularly with shaving foam (Hygiene) and a razor (Hygiene) and cut my nails with nail clippers (Hygiene) 

Dave: and?

Brad : well I could use the foam and razor to shave my pits so that is a shared one but what about deodorant (Hygiene) and that anti-perspiring stuff (Hygiene)  

So I could of course carry this interaction on forever and ever yet the reason I bring it up is because of what I regard as a translatable topic that needs translating-and whilst I have used Hygiene as an example you can also say that areas such-as engineering and infrastructure and health and safety and so on are also non-profitable.

So my current employer is currently going through what might be regarded as a courting ritual with one of my former employers (one that told myself I was leaving a job I could have had for life when I left)  and having worked for BOTH companies I personally think they are a good fit in many areas-however in order for the date to actually happen some major re-evaluations are perhaps required in thinking strategies as to spending and though it is not my pain (having been rejected multiple times when applying for advancement) I do think that this is where breakthroughs or strategy changes are potentially not being looked at enough-I also think that you have to regard one company (Current employer) as having a male oriented or dominating  fashion (oh the pain) and the other (former employer) a female oriented fashion and that we need to pretend we are lesbians or at least have the ability to understand mind sets where we need to make changes in our game plan for our desired outcome-a date or stepping up to the next level of growth or however you want to describe these things.

So where do I see commonalities and differences?

Well one ( current employer) is funded and paid for by a sugar daddy corporation who expect great things from its funding and a return on the investment-the other (former employer) has vast reserves of wealth and can take or leave any advancement approaches made although in mind set terms they can seem demanding-bridging the differences is only as big a hurdle as bridging mind sets and both Sugar daddy corporation and former employer are proven users of so-called win/win strategy and planning so any disparity that arises-arises from present or current strategies employed within my present company and how much they are in alignment with the sugar daddy mind-set.

So I spoke of mind set and in fact we have 3 mind sets and not just 2 mind sets to deal with.  I think that over the years my employer mind set has moved into greater alignment with parent corporation and that alignment has brought them more into alignment again into possibly making a step up and dealing with companies that previously might have invoked  those SHE’S OUTTA MY LEAGUE kind of responses from Brad.

I think I will pause here and perhaps write more later as I still have not listed as I said I would all the commonalities and they are actually many.  TTFN


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