Peeling Back Fears Is Peeling Back Layers

So this is of course quite a blasé dichotomy to use and understanding of these things is again related to how far you have as an individual progressed with level of awareness and all the rest of those kinds of things.

So I used to work for the NHS and that really is a BOTTOMLESS PIT of expenditure that any business would be terrified to take on-and it is the terror or fear of the bottomless pit’s of non-profitable expenditure that bites way to hard into many a person or managers mind set.

We have all I am sure spent money at times on things that were personal projects or happiness floaters as opposed to needed and on those occasions we can consider ourselves to have bitten the bullet in some fashion-the problem of course is that in the business world a million and one examples are often cited of FAILED non-profitable expenditure that later resulted in dooming an entire company to failure.

However we do not want to buy into that side of the coin-we want to bite into the side of the coin where huge leaps and bounds were made through targeted and planned non-profitable expenditure-and that is where the disparity is often sold.

So managers often get into an undesirable habit of using a generic catch-all of saying non-profitable when they might well be better off using terms such-as targeted expenditure. 

The individual mind set and the company mind set can not be assumed to be running on the same channel.  So I spoke earlier of my former and present employers going through a courting ritual and you might say that all my earliest “working life” business mind set and so on came about through working for that company-I was still in the schooling/college system whilst initially working for them and prior to later going full-time.

When I moved on into the NHS that really was a terror/fear inducing experience because the department was autonomously managed by consultants who each and every April would spent and MISALLOCATE expenditure for they’re own pet projects and staff would spend year on year fretting and worrying and so on concerned for jobs that the budget seemingly no longer had a budget for-it came as a relief when the higher management negotiated the Consultants out of the budgetary management affairs part of the department operations-though in truth it was probably more fun operating under the “FIRE FIGHTING” mentality that such fear/terror can induce.

However I did reach a point where I was never experiencing the same level of adrenalin rush-the fire fighting was not fire fighting any more and looking back I can see how some of my own mind set was or had become one of self sabotaging whereby I would put off aspects of the work in order to make it seem like I was fire fighting later and part of my reason for leaving that job was because I went from helping and being part of a new start-up venture within the NHS to a mainstream running venture/department and the start-up activity and mind set was perhaps where my adrenaline rush came from and I as an individual was perhaps not best suited for the dullness of day-to-day normality and the boring that so many others seemingly want and chase.

So that brings us back again to EGO and you might say that you can have a MATURE EGO AND IMMATURE EGO and we very often find ourselves having too many IMMATURE EGO’s operating at high Levels of business’ and wondering how in the World did this person or that person of management manage to maintain that EGO level for so long and of course when we look at some Health statistics we find that they did not because the immature ego is where our many assorted health issues seemingly abide.  This perhaps comes back to having mastermind groups and so on or people around yourself that you interact with that you trust to be able to say “Hey wait a minute old chap” or however such things are done.

So my former employer once built a property with the plan that the investment would pay for itself over the next five years and what actually happened (through lack of local competition at that time) was that the investment was returned within one year-and those kinds of events can become self perpetuating in the sense that they can give you the confidence to repeat the same idea from town to town area to area-when the feedback statistics in any given area start to WOBBLE-you know that you once again require ADJUSTMENTS.

So where my present employer constantly fire fights is seemingly because of historical “FIRE FIGHTING” becoming the “coup de grace” mind set that has set in. My French could well be incorrect as it is many years since my regular training or thinking in the language. However as I said above return on investment CAN sometimes pay for itself-so what if a TARGETTED INVESTMENT into NON-PROFITABLE AREAS CAN PAY FOR ITSELF? This is in fact what is happening in part because the company has indeed made huge infrastructure investment-however the WOBBLE is happening and peoples at all levels are faced with some hard choices?

Can those be summed up yes but clearly not from myself-it is hard for myself because I am clearly not part of any given loop-you might in fact say that I chose that strategy from the beginning of joining the company-one because I was quickly under fire from too many “divergent operatives” pulling in to many directions and or empires and as my own history demonstrates-I did not as a person fit neatly into any of those empires-becoming a somewhat isolated out cast within the greater organisation-and of course my incompatibility with the established order and empires meant zero advancement opportunities would be given or taken seriously. I would still like advancement or opportunity to move within the Organisation yet identifying my best attributes and/or skillset when I have through experience and the years developed all round skills means that opportunities for broader based talent are confused or generally given to persons who advanced within already established lines of progress structures and so on-by that I mean someone starts on a line-they become trainer or manager-a year or two for each job in rotation around factory or departments and then they go to higher over view positions and again are rotated around those positions (those advancements are of course choice of the personal themselves applying for those advancement and of course given associated pressures of some areas and not others are seemingly highly coordinated despite outward appearances).  Someone somewhere knows what they are doing.

So one cannot begrudge others advancement because they too are justified in saying they have actual hand on experience and worked for there own cause within established organisational boundaries-all I would say in my own defence is that many battles came about through inheritance of mind sets within the organisation and clearly that is because unlike the PARENT CORPORATION and my FORMER EMPLOYER the HEAD TO TOE investment IN PEOPLE has not fully set in-by that I mean that huge strides (In my witnessed opinion) have been made yet some OLD STORY EXCUSES (for not investing HEAD TO TOE) have not systematically been fully routed out (you might say that some areas are better than others yes it sometimes seems that a HEAD TO KNEE strategy exists or a HEAD TO TORSO strategy exists.  I am also of course aware that many colleagues within the organisation have also experienced working elsewhere and it is the foolish individual who thinks they are the only one to who can write all this kind of stuff and not experienced they’re own level of suffering within some ANTI-HERO LONE WOLF RETURNING KING MENTAL HEALTH COMPLEX. lol 🙂

So I would like to repeat that this blog whilst it can be read by anyone is INTENTED PREDOMINANTLY for people or persons using some of the recommended technologies on my website and your understanding of what I say and do comes from your shared usage of those technologies and not face value interpretation of what may seem like damaging or unfair or condescending materials written here. 

Words that have appeared recently are THRIVE Arianne Huffington’s book perhaps? and what else now escapes me yet I did return to looking at BIOLOGY OF BELIEF (Bruce Lipton) also and have strangely found that the Worlds around myself have come more into alignment with myself than the other way-so maybe whilst I might seem a stick in the mud the overtime effect seemingly has been one with a purpose that originated somewhere in the non-conscious or from an earlier part of my life perhaps-who knows I need change also yet getting an appropriate outlet and knowing that Dave this is your appropriate outlet are of course issues-I am willing to listen and or be directed yet a non fire fighting and genuinely motivating experience and language continues to allude.

and I have still not spoken on all the many compatibilities between companies yet the list grows in my mind so perhaps it will continue to conjugate and coagulate before coming into a more precise series of WOWs and OH YEAH’s and so on and so forth.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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