Collateral Damage

Dear Dave

If I see anyone anywhere using the slogan “Head To Toe With Silvertoe” I will set my MOB on you so be warned GRRR and if your former employer was so fantastic why did you leave?


Hi Mongo

Okay if you see anyone promoting “HEAD TO TOE WITH SILVERTOE” you can rest assured that it is someone stealing from myself and I am unaware of a need for any advertising as the path once you have bitten the bullet and made those initial steps or personal expenditure or however you wish to describe such things-the path or way does start to broaden and become more obvious as you proceed and as I and countless others have discovered there is always  new dimension of some description that has not been explored or considered. 

As to my departure from my previous employer it was for myself a huge tragedy as I grew up with the firm in many ways and they too used rotational management and learning training schemes combined with paperwork and associated learning systems etc.  I had started part time in one role and capacity and gradually learned the ropes around multiple areas and departments-they then introduced an “OFFICIAL” or “PLANNED” and “STRUCTURED” IN-HOUSE TRAINING SYSTEM and invited myself to become one of the participants within that scheme-it meant giving up on intended further Education plans (Finishing college-going to University) yet circumstances had already conspired to sabotage much of those plans anyway-so I made an official commitment to the company that I had already made in many ways simply through working for them and the OFFICIAL scheme was a more REGIMENTED or DISCIPLINED version of the things I had already been doing. So I went through those courses and so on repeating what I had already done and learnt and adding other aspects that were in the courses that were not included in so-called Hands-on experience work.

As to my leaving well this is for some a big issue as to whether I am telling truth or not yet I can only describe events from my own actual experience and knowledge of the things that went on-and much of what I learnt came in what for myself was hindsight.


Unbeknown to myself a group a colleagues some immediate and others unknown were all regular socializers with each other as a collective-this quite obviously happens with collectives of young peoples & work colleagues everywhere-I at that time still had many former school /college friends and whilst I knew many colleagues to meet and greet as I went about drinking and pub crawling and so on it was perhaps one area of my life where I had not become part of any Company culture-I had if you recall a “major accident” during these years and because of recuperation and so on literally was the odd person out in some of these scenario’s

what scenario’s?

Well if you think of things in cycles then groups and relationships generally come together through shared experience over given measurements of time-I being unable to socialize was not necessarily in peoples thoughts when it came time to say “hey coming out for a pint on the weekend?” so effectively there was a disjunction whereby I was like the additional C-list guest at a wedding rather than a planned and invited A-list.  I hope that makes sense I simply had missed out on the building and forming of social groups and collectives.

So anyway a WORK HARD/PLAY HARD work group collective has formed-socializing and drinking and becoming known as regulars around local pubs and clubs and so on and this group has started dabbling and dealing in class A and B drugs and they apparently were not particularly discrete because they came to the attention of the POLICE who began monitoring them-(late 80’s early nineties-amphetamines and so on had become all the rage alongside more traditional illegals such-as cannabis and so on).

I am unaware of how long they were monitored for yet they were identified and traced back to the place of work and eventually some decision was taken by the POLICE FORCE that they were going to have themselves some bang to rights scalps and convictions.

So they the Police swoop in and arrest and question all there primary targets one of whom as I understood it shared my common forename David  and my own name seemingly got confused into the mix whereby under pressured questioning an immediate work colleague within that group named myself and not this other David and following all leads the Police then cautioned arrested and questioned myself.

They (The Police) made a big deal of the arrests in public press releases and my FORMER EMPLOYER went into damage limitation mode (A regional manager issued a GET RID command to local management) because the Police were strongly associating the crimes with employees of the company.  Having been one of those arrested and questioned I was then effectively sacked for bringing the name of the Company into disrepute-and before anyone claims otherwise EVERY COMPANY HAS WAYS AND MEANS THAT THEY CAN REMOVE PERSONS OR PEOPLE they decide are unwanted or undesirable.  That is where give and take comes in on a day-to-day basis and why managers have to learn good or effective strategies in some of these games of black and white issues.

So gotten rid of by a Company and having that Company at the top of your CV whilst the police via the press are promoting A major Crime Bust associated with the company employees-as much as I have spent a life time protesting and trying to explain innocence the simple acts of having been arrested & sacked serves as “If it’s good enough for them (meaning previous employer), it’s good enough for me” objection in interview and so on-so effectively being truthful and honest on my CV’s and in interview has seriously damaged my ability to get jobs when in reality you would think it should be the other way around-TRUST, TRUST, TRUST, are the words that spring to mind and you might say that my inability to progress within current employment says the same thing-however I would also point out that I did find work after those events and can demonstrate good references so ANY FEAR THAT MATERIAL BRINGS UP IS FOR THE READER OF THE MATERIAL and not myself-that is perhaps one of those double-bind issues perhaps whereby an illegitimate objection exists in my CV and far to many folks over the years have bitten that objection effectively demonstrating some level of GUILT perhaps within they’re own mind set.

Yes Psychology can be a highly difficult area-though the TECHNOLOGIES and so on that I promote demonstrate that anyone in any walk of life wants TRANPARENCY and many of the seeming wisdom teachings lead again to wanting TRANSPARENCY and I do know or am aware that many of the HIGHER LEVEL EXPERIENCED managers within my current employer have also learned the SO CALLED HARD WAY that TRUST TRANSPARENCY and so on as well as ability to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY and have PRESSURE RELEASNG mechanisms et al are important factors in they themselves having steadily worked up towards the posts that they now find themselves in.

Anyway this post is INFORMATION that is not relevant NOW and is effectively some 23 TWENTY-THREE years out of date-I am not holding onto it so why do OBJECTORS in interview-I learned some huge life lessons from the fallout of those events yet those that come into contact with my CV’s and so on have perhaps not learned theirs is the best that I can think of.

Well enough for today.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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